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britpol but just barely; game 

If you're already finding the Tory leadership race somewhat boring before it's even started, I have built a Snes-style kart-racer game to liven it up a bit:

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This is the blog/video version of the ridiculous project I showed the audience at tonight.

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I have made a silly quiz, principally to bemuse Americans: Doctor Who Technobabble, or UK Government Term?

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Just seen the most obvious knock-off film for sale. Honestly, you can't just add "love Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb" to an existing film and expect us not to notice.

I made a tool to ruin your photos by repeatedly JPEG-compressing them, to make fun of the photos people post on the bad social networks.

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have you been hit by?
have you been struck by?
a smooth criminal?

you may be entitled to compensation

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The more silent letters you add to the word "magic," the more Real it is


Sometimes I could do with a reverse bi visibility day to remind me that some people *aren't* bi.

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If you want to democratize tech, don't start with people who are already into tech. Go to actual craft fairs and figure out what little old ladies need from tech that is either a) not being met or b) being met by super-expensive corporate shit.

Like. Why isn't there a raspberry pi workshop/booth at the county fair? Why are you relying on normal people to seek you out instead of meeting them where they are?

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Hegemony is what you keep in a hedge fund.

what if pianos were weird???

i mean, they so are, but like what if they really went to town with it? build a batshit piano and play cursed music on it!

this is what happens when i start writing code at midnight

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What tech Bros don't understand is that programming is fundamentally an art form not a science, so all this petty arguing about what is the "Correct way" to do it is just...

*aide whispers in ear about art communities*

... really true to that spirit.

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I feel like this logo is supposed to be a microphone but I mean—

very slightly britpol; mostly just silly nerd stuff 

Important analysis of the day's news

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I have made a version of Minesweeper where if you're forced to guess you'll always be safe — but if you guess when you didn't have to you'll always hit a mine.

LGBT strictly stands for "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender" but is broadly used as an umbrella term for all kinds of queer identities.

LGBTQI makes this more explicit by adding letters for (usually) queer and intersex.

LGBTQIXL is the same but 15 minutes longer.

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When The Rock runs for president, is slogan should be "Dwayne The Swamp"

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