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Andrew Taylor

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I have made a silly quiz, principally to bemuse Americans: Doctor Who Technobabble, or UK Government Term?

I am very excited to publish this article!!

My last few months have been looking at some really cool Web technology which have really inspired me about the future of the Web.

“Oh, USB-C is so inconvenient” said someone once presumably who hasn’t just plugged a laptop charger into their phone.

Idea: a mod to replace the voice in Google Home or Alexa with Mr Meeseeks.

It is my contention that 90% of "validation rules" do nothing but stop thousands of users for a decade doing anything that couldn't be imagined by one developer in one hour, and we would be better off without them.

stuffrage, n. the soon-coming ability for your entire garage full of abandoned electronic devices to both hate you, and vote

join my new site, stochastic patreon, where we keep transaction fees low by every month just picking one of your supporters at random and billing the whole lot to them

I don’t even know how this would work.

hell yeah i ate the PLUMS IN YOUR ICEBOX


Apparently our test library subscribes to the “I ain’t done nothing” model of double negatives.

Idea: an HTTP logging module that fudges your latency stats to avoid ever using 404 or 503 milliseconds because it's really confusing.

Hey, your doodle says you need six instructions to solve this level but I did it in 4. Does that mean I get a cushy job?

Good news, apparently if we don't all get behind Theresa May there won't be any Brexit.

Wait, what are we calling Facebook here? "the f word"? "blue advert list"? "stupidmutesquarevideohell"?

This seems to have been going round on Facebook, it's just my kind of nonsense. Seems to be Chrome only though?

Hey people, I've made a thing where you can scroll (horizontally) through's slo-mo video of me and dropping's ring-and-chain toy. I'm not telling you how it works but if you're struggling, this will help:

I've been rather enjoying Mastodon so far, although I do feel like suddenly I'm expect to know what "birdsite milkshakeduck" means and apparently it's not the new character from the makers of Spongebob Squarepants.