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This is the blog/video version of the ridiculous project I showed the audience at tonight.

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I have made a silly quiz, principally to bemuse Americans: Doctor Who Technobabble, or UK Government Term?

Although admittedly is clearly a disinfectant.

It's started.

There's still time to engineer our own, differently silly version of this nonsense at so do join in.

Anyone writing a fantasy book who's stuck for names could do worse than the Twitter World Cup hashtags.

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none of these are "traditional" sbubbys but I found them funny anyway

Genuinely assumed this was about Prince William and really couldn't work out what the banks could possibly be doing.

Every time the b3ta newsletter rolls round and there's an ad for I read it as "het bro co" and to be honest it delivers pretty well on either.

Why on Earth did Apple add Force Touch to the MacBook trackpad but not let you map it to right-click or double-click?

You know you can just sell things without necessarily having to be an international house of them, right?

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I love fractals so much and these are great

(CW: flashing lights and colours on some of these animations)

come on it’s right there

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boost if your gender is the USB logo

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Is there a good terminal-based text editor which:

• can be installed on most systems in one line
• has powerful features in a discoverable way
• ideally accepts mouse input

Only I have a nice computer and yet I'm lumbered with some 80s hacker app whenever I SSH into a server

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What do you call a group of atoms in a state of constant excitement? Show more

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DeltaV Conf uploaded their talk videos yesterday. They are all really amazing talks.

I was really proud of the talk I gave there on: CSS Grid, , the Web Animation API and Custom CSS Properties!

Is it like the modern equivalent of one of those magazines where the first issue is a normal magazine price but the rest are £9.99 an hour and build to a unique collection of tat that presumably aims to seem like it'll feel less like a waste of money if you buy all of it?

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