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I have made a silly quiz, principally to bemuse Americans: Doctor Who Technobabble, or UK Government Term?

u were so preoccupied browsing wikihow u never stopped to think if u should browse wikishould

You think America is bad now, wait until the first generation taught by armed guards reaches voting age.

Don't know how anyone thinks Boris is going to fit the "no Mad Max-style dystopia" slogan on the side of his bus once all the spears and gun turrets have been fitted.

"To be clear, Brexit won't be a Mad Max-style dystopia."
"If you will, Mr Davis, what kind of dystopia will it be?"
"Well, of course we're looking at a number of options, but there's a lot of support at the moment for a Hunger Games scenario."

This is an astonishingly hard to parse headline.

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I don't fully understand how scrapping tuition fees, which clearly wouldn't be a disaster and people definitely seem to want, is not on the table while Brexit, which clearly *is* a disaster and people at best *maybe* want, is now mandatory.

The whole of Ukip loves Henry Bolton, their new leader! *5 seconds later* Well, I suppose we should have seen this coming.

"it was *sooo* good for me, what about you"
"oh yeah i *loved* it"
- a couple after achieving simultaneous sarcasm

Techies: It's awful how Apple don't let me install my own software on my own device.

Also techies: It's awful how millions of people will install a spying VPN just because Facebook tells them to.

Wait, Facebook is literally pushing a VPN solution that claims to "protect" you?

A VPN that sends all your traffic through facebook's servers

How dumb do they thin... 33 million installs... Okay they might be right about how dumb people are

I just downloaded a CSV file which formats numbers with commas between digit groups. Parsing it would actually be quite an interesting exercise.