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ɔnɹʇs∀ ʎpu∀ @andyAstruc@mastodon.social

I had a dream about a fascinating person with dreams and flaws and ambitions and fears and they don't actually exist and it is physically painful for me to think about it.

Spent way too long on this (7 minutes)

god: So you'll be turned on by fat.
humans: Nice!
god: But you'll be upset if the fat is in the wrong place-
humans: Oh dear.
god: And the places you consider wrong will change over time and for arbitrary and complex cultural and social reasons.
humans: This sounds confusing.
god: Now, moving on to skin tone...

You know what I kinda wanna do? I wanna do 2-person Let's Plays, but then at the end we do an analysis/summary video about the game, based on our experience.

If you didn't want to hear my five best arguments for the existence of a sixth MGS "Snake" persona then you should never have sat at the restaurant table next to mine.

"I really admire the detail he put into every visible aspect of the piece so much that I barely notice that it's only 30% finished." - people talking about my creative work, probably.

I hope I don't end up on my death bed regretting that I didn't know enough famous people.

My birthday is coming up and I only have like 30 polyhedral dice. Just saying.

The kids have been watching Teletubbies for an hour, yet you tell me the Geneva Convention is still in effect.

Good news: I remember how to play Overwatch. Bad news: I remember how to play Overwatch.

I haven't been here because my dad was sick. He passed away last week. Anyway, here's Wonderwall.

Forgetting which tab you're on and accidentally shitposting all over Twitter.

Apparently migraines are like tiny strokes so I think by now I must have had at least one whole stroke if you add them all up.

It's cool having facial hair because I can make my face better looking just by being too lazy to shave.

Apparently most people can actually recognise flirting when they see or experience it. This is witchcraft and they shall be punished accordingly.

Your D&D persona is the name of your third pet plus the worst thing you ever did that nobody knows about.

Just saw @andyAstruc's toot and thought "damn! If I could hire a DM I'm #London I would!" What an interesting idea.