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ɔnɹʇs∀ ʎpu∀ @andyAstruc

I spied a fly just flying by
He spied me too, I don't know why
Our passion stoked a mighty blaze
But flies only live for 28 days.

"Oh ho ho I thought you said come MEAT my parents!" laughed Hannibal, bloody steak knife in hand. *freeze frame, credits theme*

@rizzn I guess it's ASMR if someone gets ASMR from it! I'm a fan but I don't think bees would be my relaxation jam.

@SarcasmKid You can only play the demos of Flower and Beatles Rock Band.

Communism is living with dirty people in a field while knitting hats and democracy is only ever playing the demo versions of games and they both sound pretty awful tbh.

The word "prerogative" reads like English tripped over and tried to make it look deliberate.

Hello I'm a male donkey and welcome to Jackass.

@rizzn The audio has been swapped out for a ten second loop of buzzing bees.

@chr Oh you do things in order? I guess that's cool if you like being ordinary.

You arrive in town atop a large horse, which is how you insist people describe your fat horse. There is a noticeboard in front of you, littered with scraps of paper and propped up against what appears to be an iron well. It's Tuesday, and you haven't seen the wizard since you left Balfagan.

I put all my money in avocados and then I lost the avocados. If you find a bag of avocados with cash stuffed inside it's mine do not touch.

You know that feeling when the hair stands up on your arms and you sense something behind you? That's me. Sorry.

Nobody has ever seen Bruce Wayne and Darkwing Duck in the same room at the same time.

@viciousviscosity It's very NSFW. Nice, sweet, fabulous and wonderful.

I love me some of that sweet T&A. Aw yeah, that time and appreciation. A real turn-on.