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ɔnɹʇs∀ ʎpu∀ @andyAstruc@mastodon.social

Forgetting which tab you're on and accidentally shitposting all over Twitter.

Apparently migraines are like tiny strokes so I think by now I must have had at least one whole stroke if you add them all up.

It's cool having facial hair because I can make my face better looking just by being too lazy to shave.

Apparently most people can actually recognise flirting when they see or experience it. This is witchcraft and they shall be punished accordingly.

Your D&D persona is the name of your third pet plus the worst thing you ever did that nobody knows about.

Just saw @andyAstruc's toot and thought "damn! If I could hire a DM I'm #London I would!" What an interesting idea.

GOALS 2018!!!

- Set up and grow my pro-DMing business so I can take over the world with storytelling.
- Buy more shoes.
- Publish my spooky TRPG.
- Write one of the many novels I've drafted exactly one chapter for.
- Make rad friends, high five existing rad friends.

Looking for people, organisations, companies, schools, etc. who may be interested in having me run games of D&D (or other systems). In-person (Wellington/NZ area) and/or online.

If you're intrigued or know someone who might be, contact me here or via andy DOT astruc AT gmail.

A shower that I can wear around my daily life like a big bubble coat.

Real life needs a free roam mode with no enemies like "money" and "starvation".

Don't be fooled, the Golden Globes is NOT, as I anticipated, a show about the butts, boobs or balls of spray-painted celebrities who need to participate in a perverse Asian game show.

Just FYI, if you're ever in need of character names, pick up Xanathar's Guide to Everything. It's got Rolla blessed tables full of real names of different real-life cultural origins. Great for Dnd players, but fantasy authors might find it helpful as well.

Only 4 followers from 700, at which point I will pick one at random to get a real big punch in the butt.

The existence of doll houses suggests that we are living inside an even larger doll house nested in ever more giant doll houses.

God damn Janet nobody cares if you're neurotypical we all have neurons GOD.

An app where you think it's a friendly Cleverbot-style AI but it's just me typing at the other end because I'm desperate for human contact.

If eating a whole packet of biscuits in one go is wrong then I don't w- *enters a diabetic coma*