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Hello I am a D&D dungeon master and one time I led my players to a quaint Bed & Breakfast that was actually a giant hotel mimic.

Today I've finally backed Nighthawks, which looks absolutely awesome. A proper vampire RPG with a good writing team behind it. Demo makes it feel a little old-school text adventure like. It's so close to its goal with only 18 hours left! Do it do it.

me: I talk too much
new friend: haha don't worry it's fine
me: *talking for three hours straight about the archetypal value of DC comics heroes*
new friend: ...oh

Recently joined Tinder and I am DISGUSTED by the number of people who enjoy the outdoors. Shut yourselves in, cowards!

This wasn't supposed to be quite so long but it is about fun failures and breaking word counts is my favourite rebel activity. A piece on games that make losing enjoyable:

If exercise is so good for you, why do I vomit afterwards every time? Checkmate, health.

Not to be all PROMOTIONAL or anything, but if you like video games and you can stand my loop-de-loop wordsmithing then I have been working on my VG analysis stuff all over again. Wrote this today about Final Fantasy XV and how it creates empathy and experience through its pacing tricks:

I was gone because my kid was sick. I'm back now.

EXCLUSIVE shots from today's necromancy test. Combat this time, hence the chalk outlines. Wound system works pretty well as long as the GM keeps it descriptive.

Banning myself from buying Dead Cells until I can finish Bloodborne.

Hey all! What's your lazysona? Mine is... eh whatever I'm done with this idea goodnight.

If you kill capitalism how will people write proper nouns correctly?

Having a nice shower is better than almost every other activity human society has invented.

Just going to do a tiny little bit of research on what volcanic ash and lava do to buildings for this content. Oh I probably also need to know about the fluid dynamics so I can tell how it will look.

Oh, I probably also need to know about how long it takes for plants to grow in cooled volcanic soil/rock.

Oh I also need to know what plants appear in this part of the world.


Ever think about how each time you get itchy it's probably just your brain straight-up lying?

Super weird how we basically perfected breakfast food but other meals continue to exist.

I will never delete any of my old social media posts because I am fuelled entirely by the anxiety and shame they produce.

Don't remember why I have the Beyblade Wiki open in two tabs.

Teen Titans Go! is the only good version of the Teen Titans.

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