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ɔnɹʇs∀ ʎpu∀ @andyAstruc

@aemarc SHUT UP.

I mean hi that sounds like it sucks. 🤗

@numimyon I think that was the name of the eighth "lost" day from before the seven day week. One story suggests it was called "Supday".

Buenos dias, meepazoids. Saturday was originally called "Sapper's Day" and was traditionally the day when villagers would collect tree sap from the nearby forests.

@Isaluini Doesn't everyone have hidden tentacles? very normal. 🙃

@Elizafox Feels normal I guess. This is the most followers I've ever had on anything ever!

I'm more of an omega tbh.

@carly_io A glorious future of this sort of eff up awaits me. No oblong spaniel, senior.

If I hit 600 followers here I will nod solemnly over the burned remains of everything I ever loved, a single tear running down my ash-stained cheek.

@awilfox *totally not visiting a translator for every word outside of la, una and huevo*

Yes, very true.

My Spanish is finally on track now I know how to say "egg."

@awilfox I sure do look like my dad in the old one. Which is odd because right now I look like my mum.

And if I had a dollar for every time someone said I made a cute girl...

@AndyC You have less variation than me... I don't know what this means... is my face high maintenance?!

@AndyC Come on, who doesn't have 300 hours or so to spare?