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Hello I am a D&D dungeon master and one time I led my players to a quaint Bed & Breakfast that was actually a giant hotel mimic.

Please don't verify me on Mastodon, I'm hiding from a lot of very powerful people.

I can't help but wonder how many reposts masto social -alone- has gotten purely over furry content. :blob_gnikniht:

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"You see, it used to be that if you wanted to watch a TV show you had to be on the right channel (?) at the right time (?) or you might never see it again. Also they would stop you watching every 10 minutes or so to make you watch half a dozen ads for random products instead."

Never felt older than when I tried to explain the concepts of scheduled TV broadcasts and televised ad breaks to my 6-year-old son.

Guinness and RPG writing on a Friday night. Not bad.

Mastodon seems like a good place to forge lifelong bonds with the people who will eventually participate in your most decadent of occult rituals to plunge the world into unending chaos.

Young people in new relationships talking about how they will always feel this way and that nothing can ever tear them apart are the most adorable time bombs.

If I get to 800 followers I promise that I will finally have my revenge.

Would you rather bone a robot or a ghost? Robot ghost is not available.

Anyway the end of this story is that I bought Ultra SF4 and Ultimate MVC3 so fuck me, right?

She-Hulk is the best Hulk because she also practices law.

I'm not flirting with you I just get really excited about ludonarrative.

Kingdom Hearts is my favourite game series that I hate.

Please subscribe to my non-euclidean series of video-adjacent neurological experiences only visible during the third phase of the angular spectrum alignment.

It's really dumb to buy a bunch of fighting games just because you like the character designs, I tell myself, as the mouse cursor hovers over the checkout button.

A few sessions back I realised one of my NPCs would be too emotional to kill a hostile NPC the party was fighting so he tried to trap the enemy instead, then I realised the enemy had legendary actions to auto-succeed spell saves and LET ME TELL YOU I don't ever want to hear that as the DM I set up fights in my favour.

If a millionaire wants to pay me to just write video game analysis and TTRPG content all day then that would be super good, yeah?

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