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Hello I am a D&D dungeon master and one time I led my players to a quaint Bed & Breakfast that was actually a giant hotel mimic.

i'm just showing someone how mastodon works 


"Hey Andy how's your new dating life going?" Well tonight I made dinner for the kids and comforted my ex about breaking up with her boyfriend thanks for asking.

The Salvation Army kicked my grandfather out of their local army band because he won a charity raffle and they have strict rules about gambling. That's my overriding view of them. Petty, hypocritical moralisers who believe rules are more important than human beings.

Sometimes I forget what website I was looking for and just type "that site" into the address bar and because technology is BULLSHIT it doesn't work.

The new She-Ra cartoon makes me wish I was, in fact, a gay lady.

I'm an adult so I pick a lawyer based on which one has the friendliest lady appear in their Google search result.

So, if Donatello DOES machines, Raphael is cool but crude and Michelangelo is, and I quote, a "party dude" while Leonardo simply leads, we can infer that all the turtles fuck apart from Leo, who is asexual. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

I was a kind of shitty person when I was younger. Many people were. But there's good news: the bar for being good is much lower now than it used to be!

How lucky was it that we realised trees were full of paper?

And if you like that sort of thing, I have a whole website and a Patreon by which it is (hopefully) supported.

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Guess what?! I wrote a whole article about being scared of imaginary whales in video games. And how games allow people to face and deconstruct their fears, I guess.

Guys I'm starting to think capitalism isn't so good after all.

Disappointed to discover that Taylor Swift actually travels at relatively normal speeds.

Today I've finally backed Nighthawks, which looks absolutely awesome. A proper vampire RPG with a good writing team behind it. Demo makes it feel a little old-school text adventure like. It's so close to its goal with only 18 hours left! Do it do it.

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