Reminder to help :peertube:#PeerTube attain their goal for live streaming

They are almost there and this feature could be a big one for getting people to move over from YouTube and Twitch. Every euro helps and will go towards making PeerTube better and better

We've been using video calls for several weeks for a weekly meetup. 5-10 people, no time limit. Participants are non-technical and there were no problems setting up. Everything has worked very well.

ripgrep is faster than {grep, ag, git grep, ucg, pt, sift}
There are good things about 's culture.

s08 Everybody Now (special)

Everybody Now - Climate Emergency and Sacred Duty

The Good Robot Andys are proud to share with you:

We’ve caused a turning point in the Earth’s natural history. Everybody Now is a podcast about what it means to be human on the threshold of a global climate emergency, in a time of systemic injustice and runaway pandemics. Scientists, activists, farmers

Grateful today that I have a decent computer, and I get to work on Linux, which is such a relatively pleasant environment for me.

If you're wondering how to encourage someone to learn coding, consider getting them to play games on and then learning how to make their own:

@href @rzr Also, should I expect to upload to multiple instance to get redundancy? I kind of thought PeerTube handled keeping videos available when the instance is down, but haven't looked into it.

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@href @rzr If so, any suggestions from anyone about a good PeerTube instance for my programming videos?

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I got a gold medal in Trials Rising's White Belt Ninja level. Feels so good.

ha, this is fun

"what would be the most minimal amount of code required to build an office suite?"

Alright, since general-purpose instances seem to be closed these days, and smaller-focused instances are flourishing, lets make a list of good instances people on can move to! Places with good moderation, relatively good uptime, open (or fill out an application) and nice communities.

Lets try:
What is the instance
Who is it for

(boosts encouraged)

Code your first game: Snake in JavaScript (on Raspberry Pi)

Will be on as soon as it's back up...

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