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OSS can be really thankless, and this tiny note can make a world of difference.

"What is ActivityPub and how will it change the Internet?". Nice post by @jdormit!


(The only thing I'd challenge is the bit about needing lots more users to compete with Facebook and Twitter - I think most active users here would say that the fediverse is doing well already & it doesn't have to become a wholesale Facebook/Twitter-slayer for it to be good and useful! I think in general we - I'm guilty of it too - spend too much time focusing on & comparing with them!)

Questions for y'all:
1. What's been the best thing about using WordPress? Feature/plugin/anything
2. What's the worst thing about using WordPress?

Thank you!

Just published a short guide for finding stuff on #PeerTube, along with how you actually subscribe to channels.

I have a number of channel recommendations for anyone that's wondering "Where the heck do I watch stuff?"


(eternal apologies to everyone that might gripe, I'm still working on a Medium replacement)

Genuine, undoctored shot of AndyC during the recording of the last Good Robot Andys podcast.

I just realised peer tube is an offshoot of mastodon (or at very least, compatible). I can add peer tube accounts to mastodon and they appear in my time line..that's pretty cool

My experience upgrading to Elm 0.19
Elm is unstable, so upgrading to the next version can be painful. Here's what I needed to do to upgrade from 0.18 to 0.19. Replace elm-package.json and tests/elm-package.json with elm.json - e06f5a1728 Switch to the new elm-test - b964b7c7a Re-arrange Main, and how we call it from JavaScript - 0c118c49f Stop using eeue56/elm-all-dict (since it's…[...]

The #EU Parliament votes on the Copyright Directive, including Articles 11 & 13, are due this Wednesday. If the EU were to vote for 11 & 13 in their original forms, it would have a chilling effect on political discourse, curtail freedom of speech & endanger the #Fediverse .

If you live in the EU (that still includes the UK) get in touch with your MEPs and say to them you oppose 11 & 13. Include your name & address to prove you are a constituent.


There's an interesting community project on here called #Trunk:


It's a list of people to follow on the #Fediverse, organised by category. You can follow people individually, or follow entire category lists.

You can add yourself to the list by sending a message to one of the site admins. Remember to include which category/categories you want to be listed in.

(via @eloisa )

#Mastodon #NewHere #Federation

Just found out about Trunk, a tool that helps you find Masto users with specific interests: communitywiki.org/trunk
You can add yourself there (other people cannot add you).

It's also cool because it seems to be by the creator(s)? of Oddmuse, a wiki engine. I started making a website in it a good year ago. Very slow progress on that one, though...

Starting an Elm 0.19 project. The docs at guide.elm-lang.org/ are better than ever, and the language is starting to cover everything you would need. Single-page apps are part of the standard library!

In Rabbit Escape, one climbing token makes you a climber forever

Bulk adding items to Wunderlist using wunderline on Ubuntu MATE
If you use Wunderlist and want to be able to bulk-add tasks from a text file, first install and set up wunderline. Now, to be able to right-click a text file containing one task per line on Ubuntu MATE, create a file called "wunderlist-bulk-add" in ~/.config/caja/scripts/ and make it executable. Paste the code be[...]

I had an 11-year old, verified account with over 30,000 followers, I’ve been to the Twitter offices twice, once when they were a 30-people company for a meeting with Ev Williams.

I pulled the plug.


Writing a new Flarum extension on Ubuntu
In a previous post I described how to install Flarum locally on Ubuntu. Here is how I set up my development environment on top of that setup so I was able to write a new Flarum extension and test it on my local machine. Recap: I installed Apache and PHP and enabled mod_rewrite, installed MariaDB…[...]

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