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Okay so according to github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube it is available in Pre-Release v1.3.0-rc.1 so might have to wait untill the next update to do that ?
There is information in the docs about playlists here: docs.joinpeertube.org/#/use-vi

hope that helps :D

@andybalaam @rgggn You should be able to follow the account's channel via your peertube account. They appenrently have four different channels, one for each year. See here: conf.tube/accounts/foss_north/

Unfortunately that means (I think) you will not get updates if you follow foss_north_2019 for next years edition. Maybe the uploader should think about using playlists instead of channels ?

Lego is trying to find a replacement for petroleum based plastic for the past 7 years, so far with little success:


This is one of the holy grails of the eco friendly industry. Whoever manages to solve this will be swimming in Lego monies, and others.

Also it's great to see a corporation actually taking this issue seriously for a change.

So I've spent the past couple of hours messing around with #Scheme ( #racket ).
And while #lisp is super interesting, they *really* bother me for readability.

Never mind the insane amount of parentheses - that's fine, we can do indents and figure it.

The thing that really bothers me is that the operation that happens first, is the operation that is read last. That is so horribly unintuitive.

Readable FP really needs to have a forward pipe operator like F# has. I hear Haskell has a nice one.


This is impressive, and concerning. This is only going to get more convincing.

A method like watermarking doesn't make sense---someone will just develop a system for their own use that _doesn't_ use watermarking. There's no choice but to develop better forensic tools.

Inevitably, one day, those too will fail. If you want to know that something legitimately originated from someone, we need to do so cryptographically. If you want to know that something was legitimately recorded and unaltered by the legitimate source of the video, well, there'll always be a way around that.

#Announcement: check out #ConfTube, a #PeerTube instance dedicated to conference and community events videos.


If you are a conference organizer or speaker, feel free to contact me to get an account.

The @kde has done an absolutely incredible job creating a truly world class user experience. We at GNOME appreciate everything you have done to push the #FOSS desktop forward, and we continue to be inspired by your community and vision! 🤗


Your friendly reminder that slack once had an IRC bridge and they tore it down. The reason was that they could not afford to maintain it. If so, why didn't they opensource it for the community to maintain? Now we have split communities and one more walled garden. And a growing generation that thinks a centralized system owned by a single company is normal. Thanks, slack.

re: Firing Zuckerberg 

Today my computer is contributing to make an open Go AI modelled on AlphaGo Zero. Yours can too! zero.sjeng.org/

The fediverse has won. Now it's just a case of helping as many people as possible enjoy it. Also, last year was the year of the Linux Desktop.

I am prototyping a multi-player Tron game in Rust. I only like games with discrete space and time. You?

Firefox 67 Is Here, And It's "Faster Than Ever" - OMG! Ubuntu!

Mozilla Firefox 67 is the latest version of the popular web-browser — and it's been dubbed the 'fastest yet'. Read to learn more about Firefox 67 features.


The FOSS world is amazing.

I'm apt updating Ubuntu on my laptop. Hundreds of new packages!

I've only contributed financially (or otherwise) to a handful of projects, but I keep getting all this other stuff for free. It's amazing.

Thank you, community.

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