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Install @opensuse on a of @PINE64


If the question is, ‘Can you install GNU/Linux on a phone?,’ the answer is yes. It is possible to install and enjoy on a Pinephone.

I try not to hate on technologies, but boy when you've tried Rust+Cargo and then you go back to the Java build tools ecosystem you see a difference.

dragongoserver.net is down :-( Brilliant, open source site that I use every day and don't give enough love to!

June was easily the best month of all time for Plausible Analytics. We added some large customers and had our biggest revenue growth ever, both in absolute ($) and relative (%) terms.

Update here plausible.io/blog/june-2020-re

Alternatives that are open-source and also have an official hosted instance that can be used gratis:

Jitsi - jitsi.org/

BigBlueButton - bigbluebutton.org/

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Commercial software using closed protocols is the reason we have to juggle a bunch of different apps like Discord, Slack, Hangouts and so on. Closed platforms fundamentally undermine the very spirit of how the internet is meant to work.

Here's how it works on sourcehut:

You pay us the subscription fee of your choice and you get access to our services. We spend it on maintaining and upgrading the hardware, and paying for staff to handle development, operations, support, and on-call.

Because we don't take money from investors, we're only accountable to users, and if we aren't working in your interests, we lose our revenue. We are incentivized to work for you, not to generate a return.

Because we're running 100% free software, we're held accountable because anyone can take our shit and run it on their own servers, or even bootstrap a competing company using our own software. We've made it easy to run out out of business if we lose your trust.

GitHub: 33 outages in 2020

GitLab: 28 outages in 2020

SourceHut: 1 outage in 2020

Only two pages were affected in our outage, by the way.

"We have recently released open source speech recognition library #Vosk 9 for Android ... It doesn’t require internet connection and Google services ... Supports 9 languages - English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Vietnamese. More to come."



Someone should make a management game about renationalising rail networks.

You have to take a (probably procedurally generated) rail network that's a total mess because it was run by 20 different companies all competing with each other and turn it into a working and functional rail network that can handle both cargo and passengers.

»There's is a pretty big announcement hidden in the latest Android security presentation by Google: #Rust is not only becoming a supported toolchain in Android, Google also wants to invest in it with the goal to rewrite certain system components«


I am trying to write an extremely simple client for my ListSync to-do list system. Android development is so hard now! Does anyone know a simpler way?

Btw, Instagram is totally not visible to people without an account now.

They've phased it out over time, hoping no one would notice.

Promote @pixelfed 🌈

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