s08e07 Relic – The Good Robot Andys


Discussion (with spoilers) of Relic. Andy B thinks it's a rollicking Disney adventure about some mice who can breathe under water, which is an interesting commentary on religion, but Andy C explains it's a subtle horror that explores generational trauma and the pain of caring for someone with dementia.

The Good Robot Andys podcasts and web

The computer built to last 50 years | ploum.net

How to create the long-lasting computer that will save your attention, your wallet, your creativity, your soul and the planet. Killing monopolies will only be a byproduct.

I'm moving Smolpxl's community towards Lemmy. It seems a nice platform with a good community. First up is the feature requests: lemmy.ml/post/55625

We're looking for a senior dev. Lots of code, good people, Java (and hopefully gradually Kotlin). DM me or look at careers-openmarket.icims.com/j

Yes, the tab order of this web page _is_ affected by the position of your mouse pointer.

Playing R-Type to try and figure out what collides with what. Wow, it's a hard game. archive.org/details/arcade_rty

My work desktop (in the office) has been up for 359 days. What are the chances I will get back to the office (if I ever do) and find it still running?

If you would like to feel very happy about UTF-8 and a little cross about UTF-16, this is the session for you.

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RT ACCUConf@twitter.com:

for their session on 11.03.21

For more info on this session visit: bit.ly/3u6kDxX

Click here to book your place! cvent.me/rM0BR0

In an effort to promote the use of open and FOSS platforms rather than proprietary and locked down ones, as postmarketOS we created our own community on Lemmy!
Please join us in making it an awesome FOSS and federated alternative to our subreddit!


"I will slaughter you" - some emails penetrate even my thick open source maintainer skin. Like this threat.

I'd really love to see applications from a diverse range of people. If you'd like to chat about this job, DM me and I can let you know what our culture is like.

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Heads up

@k9mail is looking for funding to maintain their popular mail app. hopes to raise €1,000 p/w on to be able to work fulltime on the project.


s08e06 Encryption – The Good Robot Andys


Discussion of what that little padlock symbol next to a web address means, and some vague suggestions as to how it works. Andy C questions Andy B, who fails to understand and effectively communicates that failure.

For further reading, check out these Wikipedia links:

Diffie–Hellman key exchange
Double Ratchet Algorithm

Not sure I understood this well enough to explain, but it is what it is :-)

The key skill of surviving Maths lectures "...crucially also the confidence to push through discussions that don’t make any sense..." math.jhu.edu/~eriehl/context/

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