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MATE Desktop​ developers have been talking to Mir developers about how Mir can be used as a Wayland compositor #snapsprint

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I inspired a poem. I guess my work here is complete.

3 nights in a row I've managed ~2 hours sleep. Going to try for 4.5 now. Wish me luck.

Poem over. If you wonder why I @ mentioned you, it was because I was trying to write a poem. It was supposed to be a short burst of love for all you people in my head. I wish it were more poetic, but hopefully it contained at least a tiny bit of love. If it annoyed you, it was to someone imaginary, so please ignore/forgive :-)

@Gargron if you ever look back with regrets remember what a great place and places you have made, and always with an intention to be kind. It worked.

@cphuntington97 maybe it's some subtle effect of your avatar picture

or maybe it's some profound effect that transcends the electrons

but I am always glad to see you tooted.

@zatnosk you speak in language I can understand, and in peacemaking that transcends. You are a giant astride the fediverse.

@rebound you once said you were not memorable. But just look at the detail that makes up you. It is subtle, and made of tiny things, and there is nothing like it.

@inurashii I feel like I haven't read your toots until now, even though I see them every day. They meant something (good) and now they mean something new and better. There should be a word for the process of your brain connecting an avatar with a selfie. Or something.

@Nine you make this place what it is, and it is something that is more than nothing. If you always slept would you be the same person? I wouldn't.

@gamehawk gives us so much.
And what have we done to deserve it?
And how can we hope to live up to it?
She wouldn't ask us to. The question is silly.

@bodil speaks the truth, and it's about ponies, and categories, and it sings, and it hurts my brain and my conscience and it's good even when it's over there.

@argumatronic like a hurricane of maths you talk sense and I am swept up and away through categories because a proper type system only makes me better able to express my own confusion. I should definitely read a book about it, although sometimes that is not enough.

@viTekiM your love makes you fight to make. What makes you make? Energy from what is you. Does it feel like it runs low? It's impossible to run out of self. May your self be itself wherever it makes sense.

@jk sometimes @Efi wishes you were real. But what is real? Wouldn't that be a bit limiting? Your toots spin me into reverie. But apparently I don't have time, so sometimes I miss them.

@inmysocks you fight robots, and you tell us stories. You fight robots, and you tell us stories! Who even fights robots? Someone amazing. Also, you inspired this poem.

@MOKKA you have made a thing so fluid and fluent that its pixels spill everywhere, and can be broken by a word from a child. You are not your pixels, but they come from the joy in you.