@andybalaam they’re pretty neato, but favour small fingers and keen eyes. Pixels very smol. Also Linux on them can be frustrating at times.

Random idea for a Mastodon tool you never realised you needed:

You've clicked on a user and you want to check out their timeline and it's 90% boosts and 10% of their own toots. So you click the magic *hide boosts* button under their profile menu and bam, now you can see what they actually have to say when they aren't supporting everyone else.

Finally this happened!

#Friendica 2019.01 release now officially supports #activitypub out of the gate.


From their #changelong:

''The AP functionality was tested with Hubzilla, #Mastodon, #NextcloudSocial, #Osada, #PeerTube, with #Pixelfed and #Pleroma.''

Another bunch of users to interact with... a more viable alternative to FB and #Diaspora, because #activitypub (and #zot) is the future of decentralised social net.

Thank you guys,

2 hours' sleep, and not very good sleep at that.

no. 6: Night of the Living Dead. AndyB's 1-word review: "life-changing"

Thanks to EVERYONE for helping meet our most ambitious fundraising challenge ever this year. We really appreciate all your support and commitment to a diverse, community-driven free software future! 💚💚💚 sfconservancy.org/blog/2019/ja

Any advice on how to live-stream a podcast? I am thinking use Mixxx to stream to a free icecast-hosting server, but am having trouble getting the sound from my speaker mixed in with the sound from my mic.

If you looked through all my toots you might be able to figure out what I'm actually working on, but I figure I ought to actually state it.
Currently I have three projects, but the only one I've worked on recently is a marble game similar to Marble Blast. I kinda don't have a plan for it right now other than "make the camera not be inside the ball all the time"
Here's a screenshot of how it currently looks. Dan is now the ball instead of the floor. How the tables have turned...

It's possible we will live stream an episode on 2019-01-28 20:00 UTC - watch this space for details (if we manage it).

why wouldnt you use java. 3 billion devices run java. it even says it in the java installer. 3 billion devices can't be wrong!! there's just 1 of you, vs 3 billion devices. who am i going to believe?? thats right, the 3 billion devices. 3 billion devices run java. and they can't all be wrong, can they?

Total servers: 2031
Total active last week: 171402
Total joined last week: 21830

Just discovered this article about the band called Lorenzo's Music which is a #opensource and #creativecommons band that decided as a challenge to create their album using only open source with the OS @ubuntustudio

Pretty great stuff. Here is the article: forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelh

I've also decided to mirror these guys on share.tube so that we can have their creative commons stuff on #peertube too. @lorenzosmirror
#linux #ubuntustudio #music

My new website is up!


check it out! 😁

Still very simple but in time it will be much more developed and I'm getting help from a friend designing the page.

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