Jonas was helping me understand the code we wrote last week, and then we had a little chat about Ruma, and even how its macros work.

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I totally forgot to announce it, but I just streamed with @jplatte coding some code and talking about Ruma[1].

The recording will be on Diode Zone soon! [2]


UnifiedPush support has been merged into Element Android!

Element is the flagship @matrix client and one of the biggest apps that will soon support UnifiedPush!

#UnifiedPush #element #matrix #pushnotifications #fdroid

For anyone who worries that they have to look things up:

Last night I fixed a bug in my Graph-theoretic algorithm to calculate Hamiltonian Paths that I built based on a scientific paper from 1973.

This morning I looked up how to find a substring in JavaScript.

(Hopefully the first one sounds impressive?)

Difficult to know whether we should be worrying about the climate, the war, or whether we are worrying too much. If we can move on from the weird misinterpretations, can we get some kind of ancient wisdom from this weird book?

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Matt on Crisis and Revelation | Justice Worriers Episode 32
Can a fantastical vision written down for the victims of a brutal empire offer some hope to anyone now?

How do virtual functions find the correct version to call at runtime? I explain, as always, with my cats 🐈🐈

@geekgonecrazy I self-host RustDesk and it's a very pleasant experience

I think them being full open source is fairly recent; the clients have always been open but the server was closed and they were selling subscriptions. I heard it mentioned on a podcast recently and they said it was fully open source which surprised me lol. Looked into it again and quickly set it up on all of mine and my family's machines. Highly recommend it :flan_thumbs:

Hey so. If you're an artist, or you know an artist who might be interested, I'm working on a thing to make commissions easier, safer, and just generally nicer. It would be really helpful at the stage I'm in to have some artists to show what I have to and get early feedback. RT+

I am deeply ashamed of this UK policy of deporting refugees.

I'll be coding live on stream in 40 minutes: writing a Redis back-end for matrix-rust-sdk. Trying to get my tests working with a mock Redis.


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