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Command 'udo' not found, but can be installed with:

sudo apt install udo

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Wow! #PeerTube funding campaign just raised to 42%! \o/
Only 15 days left to meet our goal, so keep on sharing and #JoinPeertube

What is the best horror movie of the 20th Century? The Good Robot Andys season 5 will be a countdown from 30 to 1.

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Texture Haven, the secret project of @gregzaal is out !
Incredibly exciting times ahead for CG artists (especially Blender artists)

I was reminded this weekend seeing leaflets like this that sometimes people can be just plain wrong. (Source: )

Can we the Internets suggest a platform for @Gargron to use for blog posts instead of a proprietary system controlled by a single company?

When I get time I will be looking at putting my videos on PeerTube.

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Hey, you can get @viTekiM 's R-COIL for $2 right now.

R-COIL is "what if Asteroids were 870% cooler and had particle effects?". It's really fun.

It also has a mode where you don't have to worry about lives or scoreboards, you can just shoot asteroids and alien ships to your heart's content. It's great stress relief.

#gameing #gaming

Connecting to Slack from an IRC client take 2, it works! (Thanks to Colin Watson and Daniel Beer)

If your friend leaves their Firefox window unattended, go to the address bar (or a text field) and type Ctrl-Shift-x

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By all means, #movingtogitlab-dot-com does not solve the problem GitHub has (centralization), and moving to a privately hosted GitLab re-introduces the problem GitHub mostly solved (separation).

#GitPub is trying to solve this problem by defining a federation protocol for git services:

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@bob @bumi Unfortunately, the core issue for OSS projects remains the network for people finding your stuff and becoming contributors without friction. Private projects are a non-issue imo. I think we need to solve federated forking and merge requests, including code comments etc., unless we all want to lose valuable contributions.

Clever Things People Do In Groovy So You Have To Know About Them

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I heard people use fingerprints to login, so i tattooed my password on my arm.

Ctrl-X Ctrl-E in bash lets you use your editor to write commands. Thanks to @freebsdfrau@twitter for the tip!