bet: the link to this tweet won't work in two years

Sample Life in the UK test going around. Gave it a try and turns out as even though I'm British I don't score enough to pass.

Remember when Twitter was first coming out and people were like "this site is stupid, nobody cares what you're eating for lunch"

I just made the connection between the trans flag and the most frequently used CGA palette...

when the boss tells us to deprioritize fixing tech debt "so we can ship more product features"

Don't eat the rich. Humans contain a lot of toxins that are harmful to humans, and eating them doubles up on that. Also they contain (obviously enough) human vector diseases that you can catch in a way eating another species you wouldn't necessarily; Compost the rich and use them to grow other crops instead.

Fireworks are nice an all but maybe not in a residential area. Loads being let off in gardens and now house dogs are barking crazy

Was able to watch the fireworks from the race course from the balcony. These are some long exposure experiments (2 - 4 seconds).

Out on the balcony waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Good view of the race course so can see theirs for free.

@andybroomfield not actually been using Flickr the last year, was going to let it go, now need to think what to do.

Big changes at Flickr.
Their limiting free account to 1000 photos and going to start deleting photos.

This means if I stop paying for pro a lot of photos are going to get binned.

Its a very British warning... Please watch out for Hedgehogs on Bonfire night.

Announcement for people celebrating bonfire night / fireworks night / Guy Fawkes night Show more

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