Banksy sold another mural. When someone buys one, and its painted on a buildings wall, who is actully making the sale? Can the buyer chisel out the artwork or do the buidlings owners get a say so?

As in I know power cables get hot, but this is like touching a boiling kettle hot.

any people know if its normal for a magsafe2 connector to get really really super hot?

My passwords are in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying "Beware of the Leopard"

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Love listening to the Shipping forecast even though I have no ships.

Hi folks. Please CW brexit stuff if you can.
And use that word not a misspelling or ppl with filters can’t filter it.

-a tired British queer with bad anxiety.

Outside the HOC mess, currently in the Bath Arms for the pub meetup.

Happy Birthday Drupal

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Got told off for taking photos (on phone, not SLR).

My plan to recreate the Pavilion and take revenue is foiled.

that didn't work for the Romans and it won't work for you

Not that keen on the new line up. Maybe it will grow. Up too late to listen to all of Lauren Laverne and miss Rad Mac and Tea Time Themetime.

Took a day but my dev environment is now back set up as part of the OS reinstall.
Bonus is all my web dev stack is now managed with homebrew and services so easier to manage now.

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