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Andy Broomfield

Today was a day of checking a Drupal site against GDPR compliance and getting webform to auto delete. website not loading for me (app ok). Says server dropped the connection.

I haven’t seen our entry but it’ll probably be terrible, making it an even more awesome statement. :D
RT #Europe, it's time to troll Britain.

Vote for #UK in #Eurovision tonight. Then next year, after Brexit day, the UK will be forced to host a massive celebration of European unity and diversity.

It'll be funnier than hell watching them bicker about it all year.

Currently on New Work Search.
If anyone needs a and .

based. Can do remote.

Msg me for examples.

VLC actually stands for Very Large Cone.

Comic Sans isn't actually a bad font. People just use it in inappropriate contexts, then blame the font for it sucking in those contexts.

If you need a box of vintage doll hands, this is the auction for you

Bids at $90, so some people must really want it.

> ./
>>> Welcome back to Mastodon!
>>> You are [yomimono]. You are in some sort of wandering shop.
>>> Behind you is a weirder earth (closed), just beyond which is a famous town of witches (also closed).

> inventory

>>> You have:
>>> a computer
>>> regrets

> order coffee

>>> β˜•

> program computer

>>> You make a #unikernel in #ocaml using #mirageos .

> program computer

>>> You work on a #secretProject ! it involves #crossStitch and #embroidery.

> look cat

>>> which #cat?


I'm seeing scans for the recent #Drupal vulns in various logs now.

BTW there was another vulnerability related to the first that was announced last week:

If you didn't update, consider your site(s) compromised now. 😬


The old Astoria cinema / theatre is being demolished.

There going to replace this part of the towns history with flats and cafes.

can we get a feature where the timeline won't move if you are currently or have recently moved your mouse over it

im real tired of going to click thing a and then thing b slides in under it

Working on a JavaScript file named dealer-locator.js.

Drupal sites i look after patched, and looks like I’ll be helping patch a few more...