gofundme for a mace heist who's in fellas

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Watching the Muppets Christmas Carol on a street in Hove where their doing a street cinema I just stumbled on to.

Yorlang, a computer programming language written in Yoruba, a langugae used in Nigeria. I wonder how many other programming languages are non english? anoniscoding.github.io/yorlang

Virgin group are buying into a US train company.
So now people in Florida can experince the same ,ahem, Joy as those of us who have taken Virgin trains up from Euston.
Doesnt look like they will be using the coffin Pendolinos though.


and video

On the really really slow late night train back to Brighton.

They need to bring back the Brighton Belle train, so we can carry on the night out on the journey back.

Before heading to another London Xmas event popped into old friend who runs the Book and Record Bar in West Norwood. They have an open decks night on tonight, where you play your own records. If I wasn’t going to another Xmas thing I would so go to that.

In other news, nice the Whalebird is finally letting me add image descriptions.

Wondering how progress on Mac naitive Mastodon clients is going?

Well that was an interesting night at the get together at . Nice to here about new projects and bump into a couple of old friends.

Couldn't stay too late as have to travel. Hopefully will get to go to more events.

Does anyone know if 5.0 is being released today? Or has it slipped again?

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