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Andy Broomfield

12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech
- by Anil Dash
1. Tech is not neutral.
2. Tech is not inevitable.
3. Most people in tech sincerely want to do good.
4. Tech history is poorly documented and poorly understood.
5. Most tech education doesn’t include ethical training.
6. Tech is often built with surprising ignorance about its users.
7. There is never just one single genius creator of technology.
8. Most tech isn’t from startups or by startups.
9. Most big tech companies make money in just one of three ways.
10. The economic model of big companies skews all of tech.
11. Tech is as much about fashion as function.
12. No institution has the power to rein in tech’s abuses.

Some photographs from my trip to last year.

Really liked the city and hope to be back soon.

I have prints for sale on Redbubble,

More BN2 4/10

Doesn't look like it will settle.

Odd grading system we have for snow, anything above a few flakes is a blizzard.

Information wants to be free.

But potable water, nutritious food, clean air, habitable shelter, elements-protective clothing, life saving and improving medicine, and time, precious, precious time want to be just as free.

Farewell Steven Hawking. Such a huge contribution to science.

Next he will be playing poker with Newton, Einstein and Data on the holodeck.

So uh… if anyone knows of any UX Design job openings, I really need work right now.

My friend and her female co-founder (just the two of them) run a clothing partnership that only makes with . I'm sure they would also appreciate a shout-out.

@Gargron thanks for supporting & , and for all the hard work you put into @Mastodon

‪Hi London Friends and followers. I’m in London for event this weekend. Don’t have anywhere to stay and trains a bit messed up. Anyone able to offer me somewhere to stay?‬

At Drupal Camp London today.

Learning about paragraphs module and symfony routing amongst other things.

On my way to Drupal Camp London (). Looks like I will miss the opening keynote. (Ryan Drupal Commerce) but hopefully in time for first sessions.

Anyway, on bus to Uckfield hoping it doesn’t get jammed.

Wow, it really is a bit of a (small) blizzard in right now.