I've decided to move my primary account over to @andybroomfield@toot.cafe.

More about my own want in helping the fediverse along less than current drama, and find a (slightly) less crowded space to be part of.

BN2 4/10.
Looks like it’s settling so should be fun to go out on the downs tomorrow.

Tax Return done for another year. Each time I pledge to do it early and each year I end up like the people in the post office in that Simpsons episode.

Ultima Thule from New Horizons

Image Credit: NASA, JHU's APL, SwRI; Color Processing: Thomas Appéré

apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap190129.ht #APoD

Best answer is to disable FaceTime or now. Don’t think I’ve ever used it.

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Apple users, big FaceTime bug allows people to listen to your microphone before you pick up.


Wonder how this one slipped out, sloppy.


So now it turns out that unless Germany annexes the UK and helps us out of Brexit we are going to be rationing food and medicines. Which is certainly not what my grandfather ever expected


"The over-riding theme in all the no-deal planning is civil disobedience and the fear that it will lead to death in the event of food and medical shortages."
... So why are we doing this?

UKPol, Tony Blair 

Arrest Blair fund is closing, as its been five years since last arrest attempt. George Mobiot is asking for suggestions for where the money should be donated to. arrestblair.org


Interesting find from Birdsite.

David Davis : "As it stands, the Bill is an affront to those principles. It asks people to vote for proposals that are unspecified, untried and untested"
~ Talking about refferendums in November 2002

Pledgemusic is not paying artists on time.


Just recived an email from one of the artists I support on there about the non payment (she has £6k outstanding). Horrid situation, hope it gets sorted soon.

In a pub to learn about how to attack a medieval castle...

... since I believe this will be a useful skill post Brexit.

(Not medical castle... phone typos)

For brighton people, tech recycling 

The next Brighton & Hove Tech-Takeback Pop-up event
will be held between 7th and 9th February 2019 (10.00am to 4.30pm) at
Hove Museum, 19 New Church Road, Hove, BN3 4AB

"We will help you to declutter and dispose of your current tech safely and enable you to support those less able to purchase new tech by giving your old tech a second life and enabling Brighton & Hove charities to redistribute it."


RT @simongerman600@twitter.com

Amazing digital art installation on the Galata Tower in in . Hope nobody walked past the tower while on drugs...

🐦🔗: twitter.com/simongerman600/sta

Brexit, unsolicited pro Brexit mail 

Spotted this through the door yesterday. It’s Weatherspoons boss pro Brexit propaganda magazine.

Not a Weatherspoons customer and not been in one for a while, so don’t know why this is here. Not addressed to anyone in the house just shoved through letterbox.

Does this count as unsolicited advertising or election / referendum campaigning?

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