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We've had this box since Christmas, but we can't recycle it bcs the cat sits in it whenever someone is at the kitchen table and makes whatever this face is

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Today I mostly reviewed, tested and sent PRs for code, to two excellent co-workers. Today was a good day.

Related, did you see this yet?

Goddammit it literally took 3 days before I was replying to Twitter notifications. Not so much on the Don.

If you’re watching Star Trek Picard, I recommend the comic book series Star Track Picard Countdown, and the new novel Star Trek Picard Last Best Hope. Very good. Very good!

So far, 3 of 4 restaurants / bars / “casual dining” places in St Helier won’t serve between 3 and 6pm. Really disappointing trip. Don’t try to have a late lunch in Jersey.

“the economically irresponsible concept of a universal basic income” is a great way to start an article

I just joked to my wife “what would you do if I said I forgot my keys”. And then I realised I really did forget my keys. And she is 30 miles away. FML.

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Why use a frontend when you could read and manually type out all of the HTTP requests to the API?

Don’t really care if I’ve been up all night.

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Looking for TypeScript gurus to help me TypeScript harder. Can anyone help?
Has anyone implemented a custom Readable Node.js stream in @typescript? It doesn't seem to be a generic and I can't find a way to type what type of data the chunk is on the "data" event that is being emitted.
Can someone help @philnash and me? :)

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