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Whether you're looking for a way out of the Gulag or just a plan B for the next time you land in Facebook jail, moving from one centralized social network to another won't do you much good. Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, MeWe—they all have the same fundamental flaw. A for-profit corporation sustained by ads will always put growth and engagement above all else, from privacy and mental health of individual users to social cohesion and political stability of entire countries.

In case anyone has a misconception, twitter will never ever ever ever ever (willingly/intentionally) federate with the fediverse and/or use activitypub. That is antithetical to their business model.

Since a lot of people seem to not know:

Boycott: A call for consumers to cease purchase or use of a product or brand until a demand is met.

Walkout: A one day action where all of the workers at a company, during the day, suddenly all stop working and walk out to rally

Strike: A prolonged action where all of the workers at a company cease working until a demand is met. Which often involves...

Picket lines: When striking workers stand outside a business rallying and urging for a boycott

Jack Dorsey followed Mastodon on Twitter a month ago so it's not like he doesn't know Mastodon exists, take from that what you will

@adasauce yes, yes, yes. exactly this. and then there's no way to run a free desktop at all anymore, because of course you can't reliably run X or Wayland stuff on Windows, and anyway nobody will be using it as a daily driver so nobody will care to find or fix bugs

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While the outcome is different, the ranked poll in SC shows the same affinity between the three candidates favored by Russian bots: Yang, Tulsi, and Sanders. Good news is that only a small fraction of Sanders supporters have the other two in their second choice, most prefer Warren or Biden. Bad news is that it still puts my estimate of Democratic voters swayed by bots more than by policies at 5.3%.

Whether you like the outcome or not, ranked poll gives a more accurate estimate of what voters really want. In South Carolina, it's Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren, a clear winner of the September national ranked poll, in SC fell back to fourth place behind Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

I wrote an ode to personal websites for one of my faves,
24ways. Featuring inspiring (and rights-respecting) websites from people whose work I love and respect.

Apparently have my work cut out for me going the #HeadlessCMS / #Wordpress / #gatsbyjs route. Anybody have any input on this StackOverflow thread? Mad props to any #webdevs who boost this post and help me out. :) Learning!

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Sigh. Some day I will stop ranting about Twitter. I guess I'll be happy when some prominent writer covering the social media beat and constantly railing about how awful Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/etc are, concludes their podcast interview by saying, "Follow me on Mastodon/fediverse/my own damn blog." Either that, or they come up with a convincing argument as to why those platforms are so awful, but Twitter deserves hours of their attention every day.

You know what could reduce 's data charges? Ability to download offline maps. It is seriously annoying having to fall back to phone for navigation because you've lost cell signal and your car can't look up addresses anymore. apps could do this for years now, even Google has figured it out and tells you to download an offline map. Why is it that car manufacturers, even the one created in Silicon Valley, are so bad at using what already exists?

A more accessible coverage of the problem by Ars Technica: They mention that Keybase is promising easier reporting and, maybe at some point, rules for incoming contact requests.

The corporate incentives problem makes me sceptical of their ability to fix this, we'll have to see.

In the meanwhile, I am going to recommend the Mastodon's built-in rel=me links suggested by @wiktor as a simpler even if a more limited way to certify external accounts.

Seeing Like a Finite State Machine

There are two notable problems with machine learning. One ... it is not nearly as universally effective as the mythology suggests. The other is that it can serve as a magnifier for already existing biases in the data.... When this data is then used to make decisions that may plausibly reinforce those processes... the bias may feed upon itself.

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Daughter told me on the way to school that ice unicorns live at the south pole. By the time we got there, we'd decided they pull the sleigh for Anti-Santa, who gives gifts to all the naughty kids so they won't feel left out, and sabotages the global Santa surveillance network because kids shouldn't be monitored by a shady guy in a red suit.

40 hours work week made sense in 1840, at the dawn of industrialization. Over the past 180 years progress has increased labor productivity 60x (annual 2.3%; 1.023^180 = 60). A fraction of the labor force working 8 hours per week should be enough to support a decent standard of living for everyone. Whether we get there through universal basic income, increased minimum wage, or some combination of these and other soft redistribution of wealth measures, it is well within our grasp.

No, manufacturing electric cars is not creating more CO2 than driving gas cars. And when I charge my car, I get clean electricity from Monterey Bay Community Power.

"This new study puts the emissions at 61-106kg, depending on the energy sources and efficiencies of different manufacturing plants. That cuts the estimate in half and puts it much more in line with other studies."

I underestimated the problems with . This article by Normcore Tech explains why Keybase got overrun by fakes and harassers and how come the company isn't doing anything to address that:

Tl;dr: Their incentive system is compromised by the growth demands of venture capital and cryptocurrency, which means these problems are only going to get worse. I should have listened to my own advice about centralized corporate-owned social networks.

I did a detailed privacy check of the Tiktok app and website. You can read my article æt Süddeutsche Zeitung. Tiktok commits multiple breaches of law, trust, transparency and data protection. Here are the technical and legal details
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As somebody who signed this open letter, I note that I am entirely willing and able to move my projects off of @github if they continue to enable ICE keeping children in cages.

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