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I was born in USSR. There were no votes in USSR. I remember Perestroika. When I was just a teen, my parents were seriously discussing going off the grid to sit out the civil war if the 1991 KGB putsch against Gorbachev succeeded. Everybody was surprised when it failed. What followed was very confusing time, people had no idea how democracy is supposed to work, including the people who somehow made it work anyway, for a few years.

I haven't been writing for the blog for some time. This is connected with quite some exhaustion in recent months. Getting slowly back on feet from this huge fucking defeat in Belarus. Wrote some thoughts on this great "left unity" concept -

Wow. A company caught in just one of the dozens of incidents revealed in this BuzzFeed article would be in trouble. The fact that Facebook can keep leaning in with zero repercussions is a clear indication of abuse of monopoly power. Zuckerberg's aspiration is for Facebook to supercede world governments, and lately he's been acting as if it already has.

The firings will continue until diversity improves.

<Upon clicking "Add new VM", the first option was Ubuntu 18.04, according to Bongiorni, which he selected in order to get his Linux kicks. Shortly after, however, a message turned up from an Enterprise Development representative at Ubuntu with the ominous phrase: "I saw that you spun up an Ubuntu image in Azure," and offering to be a point of contact.>

This, too, is why I'm working on (

"...a more transmissible variant is terribly worrisome—more so than one that was lethal at a similar percentage, because lethality is a linear measure, while transmissibility is an exponential threat."

Why You Should Take Any #Vaccine


Important and timely: “By building a model of the energy market for the entire US, the researchers explored what it will take to get the country to the point where its energy use has no net emissions in 2050. They found that, as you'd expect, the costs drop dramatically—to less than 1 percent of the GDP, even before counting the costs avoided by preventing the worst impacts of climate change. And, as an added bonus, we would pay less for our power.”


Google have suspended Element in the Play Store without notifying us; we're reaching out to find out what's going on. Apologies for the inconvenience; in the interim there's but it's a few versions behind. We'll post updates here.


TIL: (via

Bork became AG during Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre and followed Nixon's order to fire Cox. This should have disqualified Bork from public service for life, but instead Reagan appointed him to the DC Court of Appeals, and tried to put him on the Supreme Court.

After that failed, Bork spent the rest of his career dismantling US antitrust law.

This is what happens when you let Republicans get away with undermining the rule of law.

#Poland had the second highest (in Europe) excess deaths per million in 2020 compared to the mean for 2015-2019. Figure from #OKOpress [1] for educational purposes only.

Most deaths happened during Oct, Nov, Dec 2020 [1].

=> Direct+indirect #COVID19 deaths were undercounted by about a factor of two.

Only Bulgaria had a higher 2020 excess death rate in 2020.

A PiS member of parliament described the COVID-19 deaths as "not an exceptionally bad result"....


stonks, reddit 

1. it's wild to me that people are acting like /r/wsb is, like, the common folk rising up against the Man. they're essentially 4chan - doing it for the lulz.

2. this is absolutely not the first time the stocks platform Robin Hood has had to institute changes due to /r/wsb exploiting some loophole or feature, though I think the last time it was because a wsb member accidentally fucked *themself* over, because they don't know what they're doing.

The Case Against Tablets

As I hunt for new computing hardware, I’m coming to the conclusion that tablets are simply a mistake. And yes, strongly informed by using one as a primary device for 5 years.

An ultra-light laptop has better utility and vastly superior privacy.

The one killer function, reading documents, seems better served by an e-book reader. ...

I'm exploring this question on Diaspora, with some good suggestions. Upshot is that tablets do most things poorly and virtually nothing well. And the landscape fully sucks.

Text reading and possibly notetaking is the major exception. And for that, an e-ink reader is the preferred option.

I'm surveying what uses people have, multi-response, with a goal more of completeness than representation. Please explain "Other".

#Tablets #Devices #Laptops #Desktops #Servers #Embedded #Mobile #Android #iOS #TheCaseAgainstTablets

Big protests all around #Russia in support of Navalny and against #Putin. Minor clashes with police here and there. Over 2500 people detained.

why are so many people saying "the fediverse has done way more than w3c. screw them" ... folks *waves hands around* this shit works because a bunch of people volunteered their time to standardize things. you can hate the policies of one such working group, but it's not magic. those people deserve credit and not such erasure.

A good way to fight against 's anti-privacy ways is to ditch today.

This is already happening in droves since there is a "share data with Facebook or else" in play.

There are better solutions. They don't need to be perfect, but they should be encrypted as a start and weigh your options for other needs.

One thing to avoid is texting over SMS as an alternative, as this is not secure.

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