### [2006.14979] The Sci-hub Effect: Sci-hub downloads lead to more article citations


### Space Jam


This is Space Jam site from the past - 1996, and it's alive!

### (3) Don 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 urspace.io on Twitter: "LinkedIn is copying the contents of my clipboard every keystroke. IOS 14 allows users to see each paste notification. I’m on an IPad Pro and it’s copying from the clipboard of my MacBook Pro. Tik tok just got called out for this exact reason. t.co/l6NIT8ixEF" / Twitter


### Estonian Electronic Identity Card: Security Flaws in Key Management | USENIX

> The Estonian electronic identity card (ID card) is considered to be one of the most successful deployments of smart card-based national ID card systems in the world. The public-key cryptography and private keys stored on the card enable Estonian ID card holders to access e-services, give legally binding digital signatures and even cast an i-vote in national elections.


### Crooked to the millimetre | ETH Zurich

> The tech­no­logy pi­on­eered by the ETH spin-​off in­con.ai al­lows blocks to be po­si­tioned with pin­point ac­cur­acy, cre­at­ing struc­tures with aes­thetic designs and aug­men­ted acous­tics.


The new masonry.

### Japan auto companies triple Mexican pay rather than move to US - Nikkei Asian Review

> The new North American free trade agreement that goes into effect Wednesday was touted by U.S. President Donald Trump as an engine of American job creation. But Japan's automakers are largely opting instead to keep operations in place and pay Mexican workers more or even just pay tariffs.


### Moldova Shuts Down Bootleg Helicopter Factory | Balkan Insight

> The Moldovan Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Organised Crime and Special Cases and investigators from the Police General Inspectorate closed a clandestine factory in the Criuleni area near the Dniester river in the east of the country on Tuesday that was producing copies of Kamov KA-26 Soviet-type helicopters.


### Norwegian Air Cancels Order for 97 Boeing Aircraft, Sues Boeing

> Norwegian Air Shuttle sent a notification to the Boeing, stating that the airline had terminated the purchase agreements of the remaining five Boeing 787 Dreamliners and 92 Boeing 737 MAX. The airline also ended the GoldCare service agreement, Boeing’s largest-ever commercial services contract, related to the 787 and MAX aircraft.


### Turkey determined to control social media platforms, Erdogan says - Reuters

> Turkey will introduce regulations to control social media platforms or shut them down, President Tayyip Erdogan announced on Wednesday, pressing ahead with government plans after he said his family was insulted online.


### All Domains visited get leaked to DDG servers · Issue #527 · duckduckgo/Android

> Domains visited get leaked to DDG servers

DDG says they need it to display favicon...


### Hong Kong: UK makes citizenship offer to residents - BBC News

> Up to three million Hong Kong residents are to be offered the chance to settle in the UK and ultimately apply for citizenship, Boris Johnson has said.
> The PM said Hong Kong's freedoms were being violated by a new security law and those affected would be offered a "route" out of the former UK colony.


### 400 TB Storage Drives In Our Future: Fujifilm

> One of the two leading manufacturers of tape cartridge storage, FujiFilm, claims that they have a technology roadmap through to 2030 which builds on the current magnetic tape paradigm to enable 400 TB per tape.


### Declining eyesight improved by looking at deep red light -- ScienceDaily

> Researchers found the 670nm light had no impact in younger individuals, but in those around 40 years and over, significant improvements were obtained.


EFF & Heavyweight Legal Team Will Defend Internet Archive's Digital Library Against Publishers

> EFF has revealed it is teaming up with law firm Durie Tangri to defend the Internet Archive against a lawsuit targeting its Open Library. According to court filings, the impending storm is shaping up to be a battle of the giants, with opposing attorneys having previously defended Google in book scanning cases and won a $1bn verdict for the RIAA against ISP Cox.


### India bans TikTok, dozens of other Chinese apps | TechCrunch

> The Indian government on Monday evening said it was banning 59 apps developed by Chinese firms over concerns that these apps were engaging in activities that threatened “national security and defence of India, which ultimately impinges upon the sovereignty and integrity of India” in what is the latest standoff between the world’s two most populated nations.


Almost 1 in 3 pilots in Pakistan have fake licenses, aviation minister says - CNN

> More than 30% of civilian pilots in Pakistan have fake licenses and are not qualified to fly, the country's aviation minister revealed Wednesday.
> Addressing Pakistan's National Assembly, Ghulam Sarwar Khan said 262 pilots in the country "did not take the exam themselves" and had paid someone else to sit it on their behalf.
> "They don't have flying experience," he said.


### Text-only websites

> This is a directory of websites that primarily stick with simple, marked up, hyperlinked text. I appreciate these sites because they load quickly, scroll smoothly, spare my battery, are more compact, and lack the usual nonsense that infects many websites.


### Elevator.js

> Elevator.js fixes those awkward "scroll to top" moments the old fashioned way.


### Teach Yourself Computer Science

> If you’re a self-taught engineer or bootcamp grad, you owe it to yourself to learn computer science. Thankfully, you can give yourself a world-class CS education without investing years and a small fortune in a degree program


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