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Have tried, good thing — robacarp/mosquito: A generic background task runner for crystal applications supporting periodic (CRON) and manually queued jobs github.com/robacarp/mosquito

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What kind of system allows "5f" to be a valid password? 🤔

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In 1988, engineers began designing the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. Along the way, 35 nations have split the $23.7 billion price tag to construct its 10 million parts. Now the 25,000-ton machine is set to be flipped on in 2025.

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Breathtakingly-Detailed Tibetan Book Printed 40 Years Before the Gutenberg 📜

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Der Rigaer IKEA-Parkplatz ist genau so groß wie 2 Blocks im Stadtzentrum mit 40 Gebäuden. Interessant, dass die Leute bei großen Geschäften problemlos mehrere 100 m laufen können, kleine Läden aber gefälligst Parkplätze direkt vor der Tür haben müssen. twitter.com/otucis/status/1176

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Thank you @jitsinews@twitter.com for allowing us to perform a wedding in the middle of a pandemic with our loved ones 😊. More than 50 connections!

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If you think about it, you're way closer to being a millionaire than Jeff Bezos is

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If you have 10 bad cops and 1,000 good cops, but those 1,000 good cops don’t turn in the 10 bad cops, you have 1,010 bad cops.

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first draft of ODaM - object detection and monitoring tool for Darknet's YOLO neural network in Go ecosystem.

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Love helping people use Linux? Our support team is growing! Join an incredible group of helpful and caring people. Assist brilliant customers working on the world’s most challenging issues. twitter.com/fishfulpenguin/sta

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Someone dropped this link as a comment in ⁦@LeaVerou@twitter.com⁩’s recent JS article (which was spot on) and I think it’s a great reminder or intro into how we got to where we are in JS land. I know I share some of the same frustrations but this is useful. 🦖 medium.com/the-node-js-collect

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Wissenschaftler der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt haben erstmals die komplette Entwicklung einer Honigbiene im Bienenstock aufgezeichnet youtube.com/watch?v=uUFr3qLL5h /ub @goetheuni@twitter.com @Dlf@twitter.com

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