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There are still a few Geiger Counter kits left in the Hardware Hacking Area. If you missed the workshops, come by and pick up a kit to build at Camp or at home.

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Just starting with a Workshop about @cryptpad@twitter.com at Librehosters village (1Komona) at

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I've noticed that everybody can connect to your badge via BLE and drop a file without you knowing. So I wrote a little tool for this. Check your badge, maybe you've got a "message" from me. 😉 github.com/ikarus23/card10-fil

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Late night pen plotting at open village. Come round and grab some procedurally generated rockets :)

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Text transmission over light is coming with #card10 firmware v1.8 –
share contacts, notes or embed secret messages in your blinkenlights \o/


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Who the fsck decided to call them @c3cert@twitter.com and not "health‘s angels"?!

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... spending stressful long days setting up an LTE network at and then nobody uses it. 54 MByte (!) traffic in the last four hours. Seriously? Use more LTE :)

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I'm not exactly sure where this rocket is launching to, but it's surely got to be awesome.

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at night - having colored lighting at a mostly technical event was one of the major differences to comparable events from the very beginning

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