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This is what a lone humpback whale swimming into a huge school of herring looks like from a plane buff.ly/2PKs7B6

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Protip: when playing Monopoly, if you work together as a team and agree to not charge rent, all the players can become wealthy and successful by going around the board forever.

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“Guten Tag, ich bin Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.”
“Auf Wiedersehen.”

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@MainKiez@twitter.com @der_handwerk@twitter.com @Curi0us@twitter.com "Wenn jetzt noch irgendeiner kommt und denkt er könnte mich veralbern..."
"Hallo ich bin Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Buhl-Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg"

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Schild wörtlich genommen

Am Bahnübergang in Dörfles-Ebrach, Lkr. , legte ein Unbekannter, unter dem Schild „Bei geschlossener Schranke: Bitte Motor abstellen. Danke!“, einen ausrangierten Automotor ab.
--> t1p.de/wtur

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Solche lässigen Fingerübungen kann man sich besonders gut leisten,wenn man nicht als Sanitäterin und Feuerwehrmann in die mit 230 km/h zerschmetterten Autos steigt,um nur noch Tote zu bergen. Ich habe keinen Einzigen vergessen in all den Jahren meiner Dienste. twitter.com/ulfposh/status/107

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I’ll do you one better: I have a friend who works on product at Facebook, and several dozen people *in her organization* communicate with each other about the company via burner phones because they feel pretty confident Facebook is surveilling them.

This is a true fucking story. twitter.com/joshtpm/status/107

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"What these millions of digital artifacts do show, when taken together, is just how much planning and coordination went into the IRA’s scheme." wired.com/story/russia-ira-pro via @nxthompson@twitter.com @issielapowsky@twitter.com @brbarrett@twitter.com

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Finally first good news for voters:

The Brexit saves military jobs!

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The U.K. defense secretary says 3,500 military personnel will be on standby in the event of a no-deal Brexit politi.co/2rKmSbg

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Today we prevented an instant remote Linux machine kill with a single ICMP packet. You won't get pager alarms about it tonight, nor will read bold headlines later b/c we killed it before it reached any releases. So all we've got is a humble email thread:

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When you hire a professional, you pay a lot now.

When you hire an amateur, you pay a lot later.

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