Gonna say this one time.

I don’t post this stuff because I am looking for someone to tell me there’s not a scholarly article, or a deeper dive. I post it because of trends I have seen in the reporting of day to day events, and emerging threats.

I didn’t get here on scholarly articles on emerging threats

As this one gets closer to being truly weaponized… You need to know that SPECTRE and Meltdown cannot be patched..


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Tired: startups using machine learning to detect cancer in scans with 90% accuracy.

Wired: startups using flocks of pigeons to detect cancer in scans, with 99% accuracy. journals.plos.org/plosone/arti

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Freaking Incredible: Agassi knew where Boris Becker was going to serve based on his tongue movements, but didn’t want to use it all the time because then Becker would find out

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is the only man who could play the piano incorrectly, but correctly, and nobody even noticed until he did it right😭 twitter.com/aliblahblah3/statu

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Wenn ich die ganze Computerkacke eines Tages hinschmeiße und endlich Gärtner werde

Nicht benannt aber klare Zeichen der :

✔ Spass mit Technik
✔ nachhaltige Wissensvermittlung
✔ wie ChaosMachtSchule auf unterrepräsentierte Zielgruppe mit Potential zur Wissensvermehrung in ihrer Peergroup fokussiert
✔ hilft der Gesellschaft als Ganzes

👍 guter Clip von DW.

Quelle: dw.com/de/aus-licht-mach-geld/

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Whenever I mess up an experiment I just think of what a pigeon considers a successful nest

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@E_Carlen@twitter.com Reminds me of that person whose pigeon laid an egg on their lap

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My cousin came home to find a pigeon built a nest* & LAID AN EGG on her bed.

Luckily, as of last week, I'm a pigeon "expert".

*Pigeons are notoriously terrible nest builders so this one stick constitutes her attempt at a nest.

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