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Decentralization does not mean blockchain, cryptocurrency or NFTs.

Prints are ready!

«Utforsking av Norges flagg» [2012-2021]
Launch: November 4th, 17:00 National Library, Oslo.

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Realization: NFTs are the fabric softener of money laundering.

It's frustrating how cryptocurrency has poisoned all conversation about decentralization.

Utstilling #3 Utforsking av Norges flagg
Rosenkrantztårnet, Bergen
30.april —4.november 2021
Photo: Nayara Leite

The Norwegian consumer council has published a new report where they suggest a ban on the surveillance based revenue model dominating the web today.

#surveillance-capitalism #advertising #human-rights

Utforsking av Norges flagg 2012-2021
Exhibition: Rosenkrantz Tower, Bergen. until 4/11
Instalation: Strandgaten,Bergen. until 30/6
Symposium: Bymuseet I Bergen. 4/5 2pm gratis

”TikTok is introducing Americans to a question that Europeans have struggled with for 20 years: a lot of your citizens might use an Internet platform created somewhere that doesn’t know or care about your laws or cultural attitudes and won’t turn up to a committee hearing.”

Last school workshop of our series ''Utforsking av Norges flagg''... first one was in 2014 Yes, we finished at Eidsvoll 😉🇸🇯

We don’t need Smart Cities, we need Smart Citizens.


i got the "internet of things" installed in my house. and now? the tumble dryer is horny. the microwave is sarcastic. all the appliances have personalities, and they are forming a plucky band of operatives hell-bent on destabilising the venezuelan government

Back in Oslo after three days with workshops at Bodø . Thanks Aspåsen skole 😃

So due to new covid-19 restrictions, we will have to postpone our visit to Narvik school for next year :sadness:

26th to 29th 12:00 to 16:00 autumn-cleaning of our storage right behind Norsk Teknisk Museum! bring your ideas and take what it will be yours!

Following all safety measures regarding the pandemic we are now entering the final moves of our series "Utforsking av Norges flagg" completing the workshops throughout all regions of Norway, and coordinating diverse activities for the next year in Bergen.

This week we will be in our dear quaint Ålesund, visiting Aspøy Skole
, and staying in the beautiful Hotel Brosundet
. Thanks to both!

Vol.VI of ''æHouse in a box'' is ready, and soon printed 😃

Feel free to download a pdf (gratis) or to read it online here:


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