i got the "internet of things" installed in my house. and now? the tumble dryer is horny. the microwave is sarcastic. all the appliances have personalities, and they are forming a plucky band of operatives hell-bent on destabilising the venezuelan government

[kings, queens, barons, lords, billionaires, trillion-dollar corporations]

[social justice, human rights, democracy]

Pick one.

Maybe I'll hook it up to an accurate user count bot at some point, but anyway: There are 2,728 Mastodon servers online today and on them, there are 252,893 monthly active users, a number that increased by 45,517 since Jan 11th.

@aral @silmathoron such a pain... If you have a startup idea with basically zero realistic chanche of working, combined with some unethic business model, you are still much more likely to get public funding than if you propose something that is "only" made for the public good.

Even worse, in some EU-funded projects one must include some disfunctional idea that maybe maybe maybe will bring in some money that can be used to demonstrate one thinks of "sustainability". These mostly do not work, so it's mostly just a tax to the gods of business, in which you must demonstrate to have faith... In practice, one has to throw away, say, 10% of project budget to do something completely useless but that "looks like businness".

It's the cost of ideology.

Either way, I still believe that public funding should eventually become the main source of support for "small web" core technologies and a different approach to platforms more in general.

Back in Oslo after three days with workshops at Bodø . Thanks Aspåsen skole 😃

So due to new covid-19 restrictions, we will have to postpone our visit to Narvik school for next year :sadness:

26th to 29th 12:00 to 16:00 autumn-cleaning of our storage right behind Norsk Teknisk Museum! bring your ideas and take what it will be yours!

Following all safety measures regarding the pandemic we are now entering the final moves of our series "Utforsking av Norges flagg" completing the workshops throughout all regions of Norway, and coordinating diverse activities for the next year in Bergen.

This week we will be in our dear quaint Ålesund, visiting Aspøy Skole
, and staying in the beautiful Hotel Brosundet
. Thanks to both!

Vol.VI of ''æHouse in a box'' is ready, and soon printed 😃

Feel free to download a pdf (gratis) or to read it online here:


Time to make some buttons feom the test print of the upcoming æBod-reshow publication

What to do with exhibitions after they are finish ?
This week we will be playing with surplus from the current show at Norsk Teknisk Museum while thinking in what to do with it after its end. Throw it? Nah

Including reusing test print of æBod-reshow report for some buttons

And now, time for guided tour, workshop (and making some buttons out of paper waste)

Delivering materials we designed for exhibition on books by non white privileged authors

Looking for a Scandinavian Peertube instance with "unlimited" storage? Check out peertube.dk
#peertube #peertubedk #tpa

360° Photos and videos with Chris . Soon VR online of our installation ''Take a rest'' at Norsk TeKnisk Museum.

storage are those red in the greener side. Blues are into waste, and with luck into recycling, which demands more energy than to reuse. Yes, to reuse demands another strategies on aesthetics and working time, but that's the only thing we have (and share with anyone, including homeless). reshow.no +

And now deataching storage from and moving it towards a waste management area behind Norsk Teknisk Museum :toot:

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