Time for adding some soil in the entrance. .. soon power and open 😃

And now nice metallic debris from past show at National museum appeared, which soon will be available on reshow.no

Tourism industry in its peak. EL-motorhomes for 2020 = just 1! Burning down the house

Last 2 days of open in Grev Wedels plass 1b . tomorrow 7pm we move it to Jordal

So confirmed its new location today and Friday we start the move :-)

Today dozens of materials where collected at for upcoming Factory Light Festival, including this never used pedestal –for exhibiting a moon stone that couldn't arrive to Norway –for moon stone reasons we don't know. We delivered quite a bit of materials this past months, and the storage has few things on it now, but pretty soon will be packed again with debris from exhibitions at Teknisk museum and other places. Check reshow.no

@libreoffice hi, we installed and now all text documents shows content very pixelated even if anti-aliasing is on. Any idea ?

@Mastodon @switchingsocial Hello, do you know why some of our shared images are hidden, and is not possible to see them anywhere, when are not featuring nothing to be worried about?

Today 11am to 4pm , will be open and celebrating car free city program. But first a coffee.

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