Looking for a Scandinavian Peertube instance with "unlimited" storage? Check out peertube.dk
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360° Photos and videos with Chris . Soon VR online of our installation ''Take a rest'' at Norsk TeKnisk Museum.

storage are those red in the greener side. Blues are into waste, and with luck into recycling, which demands more energy than to reuse. Yes, to reuse demands another strategies on aesthetics and working time, but that's the only thing we have (and share with anyone, including homeless). reshow.no +

And now deataching storage from and moving it towards a waste management area behind Norsk Teknisk Museum :toot:

"I also got a bad taste in my mouth from Twitter supporting kinds of speech that I don't particularly agree with, and I began to feel like putting my toys and art there was just adding value to the network. For a while I felt that the tradeoff was that the art I published there still enriched my life and the lives of my friends. At some point, though, I started to feel like the balance got out of whack, and I could do more good by putting my work on alternate networks and giving people a reason to get off Twitter. "

All cultural producers with some degree of audience and influence should really think about this: what structures do I validate by my presence? What and whose structures do I reinforce? What other places can I advantage?

@darius in logicmag.io/security/party-at-

Yesterday opened the exhibition klima2+ at norsk teknisk museum ... drop by and take a rest 😘

List of GNU Distros on Mastodon

Please help me share.

- Ubuntu @ubuntu
- Ubuntu MATE @ubuntumate
- Kubuntu @Kubuntu
- Xubuntu @xubuntu
- Lubuntu @lubuntu
- Ubuntu Studio @ubuntustudio - Mint @linuxmint
- Debian @debian
- openSUSE @opensuse
- PureOS @purism
- GuixSD @guix
- Manjaro @manjarolinux
- OpenMandriva @OpenMandriva
- elementary OS @elementary
- MX @mxlinux

Not joined yet:
- Fedora
- Red Hat
- CentOS
- Trisquel
- Mageia
- ...

#linux #gnu #freesw: I wish all join Mastodon.

Preparing the Fifth postcard of ...
[2016] and [2017-2020]
Soon at antipodes.cafe/souvenirs for you to support our doing 😘

Last move of right before its consummation. Today we placed in Nydalen. Thanks avantor! Soon we will share some info of next steps.

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