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Hi fediverse!

I'm a developer from , trying to rediscover my online voice. I've been away from social media since I quit Facebook some six years ago. Feels like I forgot how to post online. πŸ˜†

You can check out a blog that I'm starting at I'd also like to hear of exciting books you've come across lately. Or you can just toot your thought on the latest Star Trek trailer at me.

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@antolius Easy to read and gets over the good points. Nicely done.

Suggestion #1: . re images/videos, change "but they cannot intermingle with them" to "are only loaded on request".

#2. rename the "Alternative Introduction" to something like "Gemini: an extended introduction, and setting up your own site".

Otherwise a reader might not bother to explore "gemini://", missing out on a good on lots more detail, e.g. more browsers/platforms, getting started with hosting ...

I'm running on coffee and goodwill today. Luckily I have a reserve of both.

I put together a little intro to which I'll use as documentation for my browser:


What do you think of it?

Pet sitting for a friend, which is to say that the world cutest Pomeranian is going to hang with us for the next two weeks. I love it.

Time for a road trip; for the first time ever with yours truly behind the wheel!

It's July 23rd now. There ia a disembodied face mask sitting in my mailbox.

Watching a 90's sitcom; I'm older than the characters. This did not use to happen.

Review of Radiance by Catherynne M. Valente 

Score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐❔(4/5)

It's uniquely beautiful.

* I liked the mash-up of styles & the film making theme nicely ties them together.
* Different story-lines are all interesting, I enjoyed how they each centered on a mystery.
* The vision of Solar System / alternate history is stunning.

* The callowhale exposition at the end was superfluous & took the magic away.
* It went a little bit over my novelty budget (your millage may vary).

Watching (latest show) with my spouse. We are both enjoying it so much, which makes me extra excited.

Tabletop RPGs used to be my thing, but that's changing. These days we are playing together in an campaign, and are now watching a Critical Roll show! I hope this turns into a shared hobby for us, those are so much more enjoyable that individual pastimes.

A plummer came today, 6 days after our shower drain plugged. He unplugged it, but then he broke the bathroom sink pipe. Just snapped it in half. Now we can shower, but still have to wash hands and brush teeth in the kitchen.

Then I attempted to install a new washing machine to the unplugged drain. But I couldn't unscrew the rubber feet needed to level the damn thing. And now my hands are full of blisters from tugging at them.

It's been one of those 1 step forward and 2 steps back kind of days.

Just accidentally signed an email with "Hind regards, ...".

I should really get that autocorrect syndrome of mine looked at.

COVID +, venturing out again 

I'm vaccinated and case rate in my country is low. πŸ‘Œ

I go out to watch a movie with some friends. 😍

It's VI: The Undiscovered Country. 🀯

I implemented file downloads in (a browser I'm building). Then I rewarded myself by downloading and listening to some Gemini Radio from gemini:// .

It feels really rewarding when implementing features gives me access to stuff I like! On a downside, since I went off to listen to the gemcast, I left my download UI looking like a mess. πŸ˜…

It's an hour and a half until my session. Time for a cup of extra strong coffee to get those mad Barbarian combat jitters going.

So... I (finally?) updated to Big Sur on my work laptop the other day, and it's a total πŸ’©show.

Apps straight up refuse to launch, the OS can't shut down / restart itself properly (I have to force it with a long press on a power button) and it's generally sluggish. Entire desktop freezes up when closing apps, dock gets stuck and unresponsive, launchpad is rendering at ~1/2 a frame per second...

And now the App Store is stuck updating Microsoft Office apps. πŸ˜‘ This is hell.

I've reached peak low motivation / energy today. 😐

There's a government maintained web page with info on health insurance in my country (we all have it, so that's good).

But this page uses a captcha. 😐
A Google captcha. 😟
With language hard-coded to English. 😀

All inconvenience & big tech spyware concerns aside, this restrict access to insurance information to folks who know enough English to understand what a "fire hydrant" is & how they typically look in the US (e.g. red color, not widely used over here).

life in a .

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Young mathematicians love practicing radical sports, such as square root of surf or cubic root of bungee jumping.

With an exception of complaining about said notification on . That might break the flow a bit more. πŸ€”

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