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Hi fediverse!

I'm a developer from , trying to rediscover my online voice. I've been away from social media since I quit Facebook some six years ago. Feels like I forgot how to post online. 😆

You can check out a blog that I'm starting at I'd also like to hear of exciting books you've come across lately. Or you can just toot your thought on the latest Star Trek trailer at me.

Was doing some gardening on the terrace, & was reminded of an ancient Fremen chant: "Ima trava okolo! I korenja okolo!"

I feel disconnected, and not in a good way.

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Out of these options, what would you like to see from us next?

Loving my new laptop. just flies on this thing! Plus, I can play my games again! And it's portable.

Am I the only one who dislikes the new 43 quick settings?

I have a problem with its use of colored buttons in place of toggles & drop-down buttons. did something similar in one of their recent releases & it still confuses me on a daily bases.

Button color is already used to indicate states such as clickable, highlighted & unclickable. Reusing it for toggle active / inactive states is too much for me. On top of that some of them open drop-down menus..

It's been a busy week or so. I'm really looking forward to getting back to my routine.

Critical role, campaign 3 epizode 33 

Just finished watching, I'm completely numb.

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why do people always want to have a video call regarding software when everything can be answered by text with examples etc. :blobwhat:

I'm getting myself a new laptop!

It will replace my current one, which is 10 years old, for which mobility is nothing but a distant memory, snappiness is lost in spinning grooves of its HDD, & its thermal output puts many a tea kettle to shame.

Excitement is palpable. 🤓

You know you're past your prime if the 1st thing to check after vacation is the issue tracker and not the git repo.

Staying for a few days at the old communist-era presidential resort island now turned into a national park / turist attraction. They gave us a map of the island to explore. Far Cry vibes are strong.

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"Our goal is to explain tensor networks and some associated methods as quickly and as painlessly as possible." Sounds like the perfect starting point! Here is the paper I will now be reading if anybody wants to follow along.

And here some hashtags so that if by some miracle there are some people on the fediverse also interested in this topic have a chance of finding this thread:
#TensorNetworks #physicsposting #Physics #QuantumPhysics #QuantumMechanics #EmergentSpacetime #TheoreticalPhysics #Math #Science #JournalCub #FediJournalClub #NicheInterest #WhatIsATensorNetwork #WhatIfWeCombinedTensorsWithNetworks #WhyWouldYouCareAboutTensorNetworks #ThisListOfHashtagsIsIncompleteYouCanHelpByExpandingIt #StopProcrastinatingAndStartReadingThePaperAlready #arxiv
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Damn. Looks like I messed up my back again. I can't stand straight, let alone walk.

Going on a week long vacation, leaving my laptop behind. Makes me a little anxious.

Granted, I have my phone, a retro gaming handheld & an e-book reader.

And spouse is bringing a work laptop.

So, I'm covered. But still, a little anxious.

Between regular meetings, new employee onboarding lectures and rehearsing my upcoming conference talk, I've been speaking non-stop for the last 3 days. Now my throat is sore.

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Warble v2.0.0 is here! 🥳

✨Updated to GTK4
✨Cleaner UI
✨New (barely modified) icon
✨Same fun gameplay!

Get the update soon on
, or on !

It's interesting how hobby coding and blogging scratch the same creative itch for me.

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I've been made intimately aware just how integral YouTube has become in public education, these past few weeks. believe it or not, there is not a program - to the educators I've spoken to's knowledge, anyway - that removes advertising from YouTube playback in this case.

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