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Hi fediverse!

I'm a developer from , trying to rediscover my online voice. I've been away from social media since I quit Facebook some six years ago. Feels like I forgot how to post online. πŸ˜†

You can check out a blog that I'm starting at I'd also like to hear of exciting books you've come across lately. Or you can just toot your thought on the latest Star Trek trailer at me.

that JSch ( implementation of ssh) doesn't support the new OpenSSH private key format. This is unfortunate because that is the default for some versions of the ssh-keygen tool (mine included).

This was an interesting debugging session.

What I feel like while teaching new hires about our in-house frameworks and tools:

Brewing coffee at 7:25 PM. A good idea or recipe for a sleepless night? β˜•

A friend, on joining session on time:
"When I logged in the domain was still"

you accidentally open SoapUI instead of Spotify.

My day is ruined.

Review of Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi: 

Score: ⭐⭐⭐❔❔

Worthwhile read for Scalzi fans, quality work for a self-published debut novel.

* Humor is on point
* Strong opening with the reveal of the aliens & main protagonist's reaction
* Good balance of goofiness, pop culture references & high Sci-Fi concepts

* Plot gets overcomplicated by the end
* Characters feel more like caricatures than human beings with believable emotional reactions, leading to confusing motives

One could argue that Star Fleet selects for individuals with such passion for work. However, that's the same thing our present-day startups have become notorious for.

I find it noteworthy that is the first trek that offered an alternative view on the "overachieving" crew of the Enterprise. But even here, the message was more "this [Cerritos'] crew has their limits" instead of "human connections and personal lives are equally, if not more, important than professional careers".

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While TNG placed families onboard the Enterprise, it rarely spoke of work-life balance implications of that. With hindsight of 2020 and raise in work from home that it brought, this feels like a missed opportunity.

Add to that the fact that protagonists have been shown many times over to choose their careers over personal relationships. Both Picard and Janeway famously decided to stay away from romantic relationships. In fact, main characters in general are predominantly single.

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It's interesting that , while set in an utopian society that abandoned capitalism, still depicts many of its protagonists as workaholics.

I'm not saying that this depiction necessarily contradicts Picard's self-professed motivation of bettering himself and the humanity. But it's kinda funny to think that his total of ~2 vacations (if I recall correctly) in ~7 years would be literally illegal in many of today's capitalist countries.

Got hit in the back of my head by a low flying crow today. So that was new.

Just received a totally random utilities bill in my old Gmail inbox. I don't normally check that email, so it's a wounder I caught it. Sent them a GDPR erasure request in response.

Playing around with from within my application. I'm tempted to reuse the project's own .git dir in my tests. This will end badly. 🀫

I'm becoming convinced that any programming problem can be, with enough overanalyzing, be shown to contain within itself a tree shaking sub-problem.

Just overhead my spouse (an English teacher) explain to a student the meaning of resentment by using our old marital spat as an example.

Not sure if I'm in trouble again or if it's just the first thing that comes to mind.

Not sure what's worse. πŸ˜…

Spent half a day trying to get working on freshly upgraded 20.10 before finally finding this:

It's not that I'm against cleaning up fishy CAs. And Mozilla's wright-up (link in the ticket) on the reasoning behind distrusting Symantec is convincing. But I can't share the feeling that this is not the kind of troubleshooting that users should go through.

Lazy, rainy, Saturday morning; just the time to catch up with .

I started playing . Let's see if an MMO can help with this year feel a little bit better.

Having a cold in 2020 -> paranoia levels are through the roof.

I had a entirely from perspective of my character. It was surprisingly authentic.

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