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Up and Atom! @anw@mastodon.social

Where's a good place to buy breadboards, DIP/SMDs? I want to get back into playing with , but don't know who's reputable

I haven't watched Game of Thrones since Season 2. Is it even worth it to watch the rest? The show only seemed like it was nudity and dragons

What's the best Web UI you've seen lately?

Hello, Tooters! What are you working on this ?

I'm coding an oekaki board where random people can join a room and draw together. I eventually want the ability for users to limit whose art they see, in case of trolls. The end result will be like a shared photoshop.

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The best version of this meme I've seen so far. 😂


I don't come to Mastodon to read Retweets. I come here to read Toots

It's hard to expand a status by clicking if the content is only a link (and I want to read comments instead of clicking the link)

I need to make dessert for a party. Which do you think is better?
* Cheese Cake & Strawberry
* Apple Pie & Vanilla Ice Cream

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Hello, Tooters! 🐘 What should you be working on right now that you're putting off?

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Why train wheels have conical geometry

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Good night, world. I love you ❤️

Cool Tip! Google has a 1 GB download containing fonts for any written language you can imagine. google.com/get/noto/

For those of us who love and not seeing

@Gargron any thoughts on making the Toot box / search box / etc. on the left collapsible? They take up a lot of screen real estate when I have a few pinned timelines and searches 😄

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Coated Strawberries! ゴールデンいちご 😋🍴💕 mastodon.social/media/Iff0kCuK

Xiao Long Bao is the best food to forget about life's worries! 😋