With some calling for a polygraph dragnet for the leaker, it is worth recalling just how spectacularly bad such efforts have gone in the past. As the late psychologist David T. Lykken observed:

Today, some are calling for a polygraph dragnet to determine who leaked a draft decision. This is a bad idea because polygraphy 1) has no scientific basis, 2) is inherently biased against the truthful, and 3) is easily confounded using simple countermeasures.

We have a new chat server with expanded capabilities, including the ability to send private messages with end-to-end encryption. 🙂 Please drop by! chat.antipolygraph.org

We wish Apple had listened to more voices before deciding to scan our phones. We’ve brought some groups together that need to be heard. Join us on Oct. 12: eff.org/event/perspectives-enc

We're winning.

Apple has announced delays to its intended phone scanning tools while it conducts more research. But the company must go further, and drop its plans to put a backdoor into its encryption entirely. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/09/dela

We've got 24,000 signatures to give Apple, asking them not to implement their new phone scanning plan. Help us get to 25,000 by sharing with your friends: act.eff.org/action/tell-apple-

Apple is going to install a scanning system on its phones that reduces user privacy and security. That’s not something we should stay quiet about. act.eff.org/action/tell-apple-

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