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Allison Parrish

more hershey font experimentation, every point in the font is a vector being attracted to the points made with clicks

video mirrors are like markov chain text generators: only amusing to the person making them

complainin' 'bout programmin' languages on the inn'rnet 🎢🎷

even just having a "const" keyword in python that prevents you from re-assigning to the same variable (at runtime, even, I'm not picky) would make my life much easier

(the above is not to be interpreted as a design document, there are obviously a lot of problems and inconveniences that would fall out of cell-level scope [or introducing block-level scope to python at all, for that matter]. I'm just frustrated at the moment and venting)

the only thing I really dislike about python is the lack of block-level scope. it's a bummer that you can (e.g.) accidentally wipe out a variable that happens to have the same name as your for-loop temp variable

(weirdly this makes python uniquely unsuited to jupyter notebook-style interfaces, where you can execute cells out-of-order and end up inadvertently wiping out all kinds of things. tbh if each jupyter cell had its own scope, I'd probably spend 50% less time puzzling over weird errors)

I think I neglected to post this here: a video of me reading an excerpt from "Articulations," my book of computer-generated poetry: (my section starts at ~4m10s, but you should listen to @nickmofo's reading too)

very cool visualization of snowfall in the US this winter as a relief map

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what I actually *meant* to make: varying line thickness with the angle of the line, then multiplying line lengths by a perlin noise value (controlling multipliers for both with mouseX/mouseY)

playing around with angles in the hershey sans font; here's a pleasing glitchy mistake

(seriously the number of times I've started a long-running cell in a jupyter notebook and switched to a different window to do something else while I waited and then get off-task for hours because I missed the little asterisk disappearing in the original window is too large to count) (or maybe not too large to count but large enough that I'd need a notification thingy like this to remind me to check the window again when the counting was complete)

tfw you should have done a web search for "jupyter notification" years ago and saved yourself a lot of time

free research idea for someone's linguistics honors thesis: discourse analysis of when players in real-play RPG podcasts refer to their characters' actions in first person and when they do so in third person ("I swing my axe" vs. "Garkarlak swings her axe")

"The 29 Stages Of A Twitterstorm In 2018"

This is so good I had to read it twice. /ht @colin_howells

I've updated my guide to setting up Mastodon with Digial Ocean and Docker:

I've updated some screenshots and added the caveat that it doesn't cover backups or upgrading, as well as some other minor changes.

Happy #mastodon everyone!