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since the dawn of the written word people have made amulets and talismans from holy texts and in this sense a pinned toot is like a horseshoe you hang over a barn door

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inevitably at extremely inopportune times

is it just me or does firefox have like... catastrophic memory leaks? like once every few days firefox will just start causing macos to start thrashing/uncompress ram until everything freezes

three of them are about gertrude stein though, I can probably narrow that down a bit

in related news the "read these books this summer!" list that I started making for myself over winter break now contains like... a dozen different academic monographs

insert recurring toot here about the frustration of trying hard to learn new things every day but still feel like you don't know anything about anythinggggg

Follow Friday! #FF

@aparrish for the horribly wonderful things she does to text and language using computers, and her words that will tickle your brainmeats

@lattera for experiments in OS hardening, privacy-enancing tech, and other infosec topics

@WelshPixie for super nice detailed art

@technomancy Come for the PL snark, stay for the Emacs In Space

@nolan Knows some shit about the web

(higher temperatures in this case just seems to increase the amount that the pretrained corpus leaks through I guess!)

I turned the temperature up to 1.5 and expanded the range of human moods beyond any reasonable limit

list of new human moods, trained on this list after just one epoch (!) tag yourself, I'm "discrementificant"

oh wow, this library that includes a pretrained model ( makes it super easy to experiment with RNN-generated text... here are fourteen lines from five epochs of training on shakespeare's sonnets, temperature 0.8...

follow up on this. to read a poem is to "fix" it, maybe in two senses of the term (both to pin it down and to make it work again). particular hermeneutics of poetry should be called "fixations"; imagine a book on poetry interpretation called "poetry: a repair manual"; you look at a particularly difficult poem and think to yourself "well this is quite the fixer-upper"

this PDF of an article about gertrude stein has weird password protection so I'm using tesseract to OCR passages and it transcribed the phrase "Making of Americans" as "Making qumm'cans" and "This is a form of writing" as "This is a form of Wl'itiI-lg" and it's making me think that the OCR model must have been trained on like... Klingon slashfic or something

also being at gdc made me realize that I should probably make another game at some point. hmm

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update: everything worked out fine, I'm back in my apartment safe and sound and warm

"the big snow day" i meant to type

made it all the way from sfo to jfk on the big day only to get stuck in the plane on the tarmac because the jetway is frozen 🛩❄️

I published:

: Perspective from a platform that doesn’t put democracy in peril