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it's EXTREMELY CONFUSING that df[x] gives you a column as a series but df[x:y] gives you a new dataframe from that slice of rows

unpopular opinion: pandas' weird index-operator overloading is bad and we would be better off with explicit methods to do those operations instead

holy SHIT why didn't someone tell me about the read_clipboard() function in pandas

a few days into my first trip to china and my attitude on poor english translations on signs etc. has completely changed from "how quaint and adorable" to "this is an incredible generosity I have done nothing to deserve"

@mykola descriptions like this are a sizable portion of constellation games by leonard richardson, if you haven't already read it...

"Not the fruit of experience, but experience itself, is the end... [t]o burn always with this hard, gem-like flame" — William Pater (as quoted in Wai-Lim Yip's introduction to Chinese Poetry: An Anthology of Major Modes and Genres)

(for later use when explaining to people why I write poetry and not stories)

@beadsland I try not to indulge this line of reasoning too often because of its fundamental pernicious misanthropy but yes, yes, they would be so much better, it would be so beautiful, I'm weeping

in conclusion, computers are actually bad, amen

so to explain why dictionary keys show up in the order that they do I have to explain "pretty printing" AND the concept of "insertion order" all while indicating that CONCEPTUALLY dictionaries aren't ordered, even if they seem to be so (in two different ways)

it used to be that explaining python dictionary order to my students was easy ("it's completely arbitrary!"). but in python 3.6+ dictionaries preserve insertion order, though this is considered an "implementation detail" and if you evaluate a dictionary in Jupyter Notebook it shows dictionary keys in alphabetical order, NOT the natural order of the dictionary. ugh

still a bit jet-lagged and feeling lonely here in shenzhen so take this with a grain of salt but the animal crossing movie is maybe my favorite movie of all time, I just watched it for the first time and cried basically all the way through, jeez. apollo and bianca!

this is some whiiiiite shit but a few former students invited me to teach a workshop in china next week and they're sending me e-mails with their non-romanized names and it's kind of wonderful to discover (via firefox extension) what the characters in their names actually mean

(ftr i'm 35, part of the generational cohort that invented facebook and other atrocities, so this isn't self-aggrandizement, at worst it's currying favor for when the revolution comes)

am i being too optimistic, maybe, i dunno but nearly everyone i meet who is in their late teens and early twenties is aware and compassionate and smart and i kinda wish we could just let them be in charge already

🎵 everybody wants a text to ponder every morning on 🎵

(not that I have any particular interest in saving honeywell, with any operating system)