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Bad idea of the day:
An asymmetric card game (think Netrunner) where one party plays with Tarot cards and the other one plays with Zener cards.

Some rules involve getting instructions via planchette + spirit board & looking up their meanings in a Dee-inspired enochian-like encoding.

"A GoFundMe Campaign Is Not Health Insurance. My friend died $50 short. It doesn’t have to be that way."
A really touching web comic about (or lack thereof) system

did anyone else just get... kinda sick of breath of the wild? I loved it for the first dozen hours or so, maybe up to the second divine beast, but now it's starting to feel really same-y. the extra-heart potions are really overpowered and basically turn every encounter into a grind (if the death isn't one-hit, just eat a radish and save). it's fun to wander around but now that I've covered the whole map, none of the topography really feels structurally unique... meh?

mastodon: a great place to workshop your philosophy/sesame street jokes

boswell: "samuel johnson, what do you think of berkeley's immaterialism?"
johnson: "I refute it thus!" *falls out of the capital I, plummets thousands of feet to the desert below*

someone who is good at the philosophy please help me think about this, my family etc. I see people reading this as a celebration of/warning against solipsistic egocentrism but given that the I is "in the middle of the desert" we can assume that there are no other observers of the I, so the labor involved in polishing the I suggests that there is some sort of objective criterion for aesthetics that transcends the self—in essence that beauty is not in the "I" of the beholder. makes you think

uh anyway, Today I Am Proud Of My Cat

during the trip she kept on exchanging meaningful glances with me, which I prefer to interpret as "I know you are making me do this unpleasant thing only because it is your necessary responsibility" and spent the bus ride there aggressively nuzzling my hand through the mesh of the carrier. but on the way home she was perky and alert and looking at the world around her from inside the carrier, almost like she was enjoying herself! (she's an indoors-only cat normally)

I had been dreading the idea of taking Althea (this one to the vet, since she had bad vet experiences before we adopted her and for many years was unwilling to be handled. but she was so good and brave today! I had no trouble getting her into her carrier, she only yowled once on the bus (when I was out of her sight for a second), and let the vet examine her with no problems. (just a routine checkup, she's apparently quite healthy!)

finally hit my out of network deductible and you know what that means... 60% off therapy for the rest of the year. aw yeah 😎

another earlier not-quite-word-vector system is Kircher's polygraphy which associates numbers with words in an attempt at universal translation. again, words with closer numbers aren't necessarily closer in meaning, so I don't think these count as "vectors." but it's interesting how this system prefigures word vector-based machine translation systems!

I was surprised to discover that Soundex was patented in 1918(!)

since becoming more familiar with word vectors I've become really interested in pre-digital word vector-alikes like this. I don't think that Soundex counts as a word vectorization procedure because it doesn't work on distance (only identity)—e.g., numerically identical Soundexes indicate similarity, but numerically close Soundexes aren't necessarily close in pronunciation

it never stops being amazing how different working with a subset of your data is from working with *all* of your data.

kinda wish macos had the decency to tell me I'm out of memory instead of grinding CPUs at 100% trying to compress memory so I can fit more stuff in 😐

nyc weather is utter misery for me between june and september, I just hate it so much, ugh ugh ugh

when it gets about 90° like this I basically spend the entire day wondering why I choose to live here

@aparrish Sounds like something Kate Sicchio would be into! Have you met her? She presented at SFPC.