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since the dawn of the written word people have made amulets and talismans from holy texts and in this sense a pinned toot is like a horseshoe you hang over a barn door

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folks i'm gonna be real honest with you...

i NEED this Mastodon thing to take off because i just ordered 80,000 of these bumper stickers from the printer, and i can't afford to be caught holdin' my junk if this whole thing fizzles.

please consider my personal commercial interests when choosing a social media platform, thk u!

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if I'm missing yours or you want to add good songs you know of, say so!

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the cmu pronouncing dictionary is literally one of my favorite things in the world and I owe surprisingly large portions of my livelihood to it but boy howdy does it have a lot of trivial errors in it that are revealed with even the smallest amount of scrutiny

I guess one serious post I will make is this: there is a real movement to threaten, endanger, and literally kill journalists for doing their jobs. The tactics (doxing, stalking, calls for doxing and stalking, death threats, lies or misleading statements in order to stir people up) are replicable and are being replicated. This is now part of the job description. It shouldn’t have to be. The only allies we have are members of the public who can discern and call out dishonesty.

if I could have just one wish it would be that artists and humanities researchers stop mythologizing and romanticizing artificial intelligence, thank you

@aparrish And, honestly, if you can write an email subject line, you can write a CW. Just have to be willing to pick up a new habit that’s a little more empathetic than, “Re: Friday’s meeting”.

whoops, that should read "in an asynchronous medium (like mastodon) where you *can't* change your speech in real time"

trying to think of any conversation I've ever had where I walked away thinking "wow the other person in that conversation was just TOO attentive and considerate about what they were saying"

I'm not seeing any of the content-warning meta in my feed but it's like... you know when you're having a conversation with someone and you bring up a topic and a few words in you can see that they're annoyed or uncomfortable or just uninterested so you switch to talking about something else? CWs are a way of doing that same thing in an asynchronous medium (like mastodon) where you change your speech in real time in response to how people are reacting—you have to anticipate that reaction instead

I fed the ML Algo that generates pictures from descriptions short stories generated by Magic Realism Bot (by Chris and Adi Rodley) and you wont believe how good it works. we need a third bot that pipes one through the other 🔁

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What are the best examples of hypertextual storytelling? There's this idea I've had for maybe 15 years of converting a novel to "native" hypertext such that it doesn't have any linear structure, but I don't really have the words for what that would mean

is it rude for an american to conspicuously read scott pilgrim in public in canada, asking for a friend

to paraphrase Cortázar, what good is a programmer if not to destroy software? (, quote brought to our attention in Rui Torres' plenary talk yesterday at )

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