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Allison Parrish

discovering the work of jake fried thanks to a post on kottke. amazing

what's the scrappy open source alternative nosql db that actually needs users/support/tutorials now that mongodb has gone IPO? (to be clear, I like mongodb and have friends that work there and would continue to suggest it to clients, but I'd rather spend my own time supporting smaller, more radical, less cash-rich projects)

today i learned about flower clocks which for some reason seem like a very good metaphor for computer programming. an elaborate plan based on exacting data that immediately falls apart when meeting the contingencies of the real world (though is still often beautiful)

geez destiny 2 pvp is way easier with the mida multi-tool

I went to this yesterday and while they didn't really get around to discussing anything of real substance (only so much you can do with a public Q&A panel format in 90mins), I wanted to say that delaney himself was just like... a luminous presence. could have kept listening to him talk about whatever for hours

trying to make my notebooks more useful in the long-term by adding a TOC (even if it's provisional, incomplete, out of order)

whoa I just went back to my rss reader for the first time in like three years and I assumed it'd be a wasteland but it's actually full of all the cool shit I was subscribed to three years ago

(I mean, there's pretty significant attrition of feeds that no longer exist, but it's by and large intact! why did I let myself believe that rss is dead)

in what I will assume is a rare moment of corporate introspection, target bought ads against "trash furniture" for some reason and if you click through will happily list the trash furniture available for sale there

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there were more slashes in that sentence than I had originally intended. it's INTERDISCIPLINARY is what I mean I guess

I am presenting/performing this thursday at WordHack, NYC's premier talk/performance series for people working around/with/between language and technology if you're local I'd love to see you there!

re words and food, here are claire donato's "material studies" which I love

momentarily forgot that words aren't literally a liquid that you can boil

also learned that damask roses have nothing to do with damask textiles (except that both originate in damascus according to tradition) and that this looks really delicious (rose is one of my favorite flavors)

til about the difference between damask and brocade i am a grown person and know pretty much nothing about textiles and that makes me sad

soooo is there no way to export your toots? I checked the github and there's a thread about this but it's all tied up with account migration. I don't want to migrate my account, I just want a copy of my stuff. any good way to do this right now without scraping? can you just keep paging back through the atom feed?

mainly I just don't remember if I ever posted an introductions toot and don't want to post one if I already did but I would have done so months ago and there's no way to search

Also if you're into #gamedev stuff and procedural generation, my tutorial for this year's PROCJAM is out: