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Allison Parrish

Richard Aldington explains Imagism, Egoist 1 vol 11, June 1914: "We do not say 'O how I admire that exquisite, that beautiful, that—25 more adjectives—woman" or "O exquisite, O beautiful, O 25 more adjectives woman, you are cosmic, let us spoon for ever..."

...when in reality I think any imagist poem could be improved by adding

you are cosmic
let us spoon forever

to the end of it

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@aparrish I'm gonna say this to my roommate the next time he brings me a soda on the couch and see how he reacts, thanks

@nuhn O womanly woman, you are cosmic, let us spoon forever!

@aparrish Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and 25 more adjectives