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Allison Parrish @aparrish

wow, I really don't like d3js :( :( :( I mean it's all very well-engineered and internally consistent and solves known problems in scalable ways but every time I try to use it I'm just like "I have to do what now to draw a scatter plot"

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@aparrish this sounds familiar... i think there's things built on top of d3 that are meant to address this? or there used to be anyway?

@bea yeah probably. I know that d3 isn't *just* for data visualization but coming from the world of matplotlib (where you can get pretty far just by calling the right function with your dataframe or whatever) it seems singularly unsuitable for that task to someone who's just starting out

@aparrish yeah i feel you

and it SEEMS like a good place to start...

@aparrish @bea you might give Vega-lite a look. It’s a higher level grammar for generating common plots. D3 is more flexible, but operates at a lower level of abstraction.

@aparrish have you tried plotly.js? It was much nicer to use than vanilla d3.

@aparrish I have the same feeling. Not very inclined towards using any library that requires a deep involvement or doctoral level to just put together some data on a graph.
It only makes sense to place that investment of energies elsewhere.

@aparrish I've had a similar experience. D3's API is just too baroque for me.

My go-to for analysis is Seaborn (preferably in a Jupyter notebook).