found in a project gutenberg file: "Updateŕs note: This file has been recoded to UTF8." (yes, that is LATIN SMALL LETTER R WITH ACUTE)

I can't tell if this is supposed to be a joke or not

actually I love this hypothetical conlang that is English where the dative case is marked by putting an acute accent over the last letter of a word and adding -s

@darius wouldn't that imply that the text "Updater's note: This file has been recoded to UTF8" was in the *physical* copy?

@aparrish My thought was:

physical -> some other encoding via OCR -> UTF8, and the error happened in first conversion

@aparrish although that wouldn't account for it either

maybe it is just a clever joke

@aparrish oh maybe it went

physical -> OCR to ASCII -> UTF-8 -> physical -> OCR to UTF-8

@darius that would be really weird in this case I think—this is the file it came from

@aparrish oh yeah now I'm just imagining extremely implausible reasons that could account for it to amuse myself

@darius @aparrish I’m expecting a random re-encoding path bot for common memes any minute now.

@darius @aparrish my guess is that it’s visible proof of the Unicode being correct

@aparrish If it was from an old text, it could have been just bad OCR, but given that it's such a rarely used symbol in English and it's really hard to compose that symbol on most keyboards on Earth (save perhaps for those used in Eastern Europe) it's probably, most likely bad transcoding.

I can compose it on a Linux GUI: ŕ
By pressing tilde and then R on a Spanish keyboard, but that's not available on Mac or Windows.

@aparrish More likely that someone had their ' key mapped as a "dead key" for ´

@aparrish I guess someone is really anal about indicating stresses

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