ok well here's an extraordinarily detailed old school web page about the history of chain letters silcom.com/~barnowl/chain-lett


open source licenses, as texts that advocate for their own propagation ("The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software"), is a kind of chain letter and maybe by extension could be considered a kind of himmelsbrief, a "letter from heaven," granting protection to those who possess them (and, per the upthread link, "divine punishment for disbelief of their claims")

*are a kind. I know I keep saying this but I really need to start proofreading before I post these things. something about the length and shape of toots in the edit window makes proofreading them seem like a chore though I think

@aparrish Seeing as they are apparently unenforceable you might be incredibly right.

@aparrish that is an interesting perspective I had never considered! As long as it doesn't have a "fwd this in 2 minutes or else" clause, I think I'm ok with this type of chain letter.

@aparrish Back when the idea of open source software was just taking off, some people freaked out about that very attribute. They viewed OSS as pernicious, even virus-like. The GPL was seen as particularly odious. We just laughed.

"honor your mistake as a hidden intention."

(especially for poets)

@aparrish I always rely on a note-taking tool and/or clipboarding app to check if there are any errors or make edits before copy/paste. It's useful to have that layer. I learned that strategy 10 years ago and has never failed me.

@aparrish Are you using the web UI? Firefox ordinarily provides squiggly "you entered a word not in my dictionary" underlines in textareas on web pages. Just not in Mastodon's UI, for what I'm sure are reasons. That's the secret to my prolific typo output on here, anyway.

@catseye I see the squiggly lines, but they wouldn't have helped in this case (problem with subject/verb agreement). I also tend to intentionally write a lot of things that aren't in whatever dictionary firefox/macos uses to decide what gets the squiggly so I tend to ignore it

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