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“However, in a Marxist revolution, the proletariat will come together to overthrow the bourgeoisie and ultimately, win the class conflict by taking control over their work, or striking. And if such a revolution occured in Brunt’s classroom, his students would overthrow him as a teacher — and the principal, the superintendent, and so on.”

Note that I just want it to save the data in some way to files on disk, for later retrieval, and I won't be having more than half a dozen machines sending data to it. I don't mind the storage format as long as there is no need to run a separate database process and it's possible to retrieve the data back.

Question: does the fediverse know whether a small/simple Open Source daemon for ingesting and storing data from statsd/statsite exists? Something like RRDTool, but that gets the data using the statsd protocol and has lightweight dependencies — which means it's written in something that compiles to native code.

Google has this annyoing internal engineering ethos of "Google knows better" wherein they discard a whole bunch of established industry practices in favor of their own stupid ideas

So after a couple meetings and going through more of the links, including the GPG response, etc.

My thoughts on the #efail vuln:

1) The core requirement is that an attacker needs to get ahold of an encrypted email first. This is axiomatic. This is the thing that they need to decrypt.

The attacker can do either by:
a) Sniffing the encrypted email in transit
b) Stealing the encrypted email at rest.

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Gnome-class now supports signals for both classes and interfaces. Next up: properties.

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There's this thing for public transport in Wuppertal (Germany) called the , in operation since 1901, which is quite awesome. Beware, I may get excited tooting about it, so I'll continue with CWs 🛤👌

Seen in the source code:

KEY_COFFEE 152 /* AL Terminal Lock/Screensaver */

Have you heard of StreetComplete? It's an Android app that shows you open questions/issues with OpenStreetMap in your area, and asks you to answer them.

It's made for people with no experience with #OpenStreetMap, so it shows only very simple questions that can be answered very clearly. ("What is printed on this street sign?", "What's the number on this house?")

It's available on @fdroidorg, of course! #mapping #android #apps #recommendation