Google AMP is dead! You no longer need to follow any artificial restrictions set by the adtech giant in order to rank

Spaces are here!! Come read all about MSC1772 and its various friends, children and ancestors and the shape of things to come :) 🎉🍾🚀🛰🔭🦑

i feel like linux distributions are really missing something vital in not keeping an idea of separation between base system components and installable user packages, the way bsd systems do

Tired: web search results.
Wired: web search results with Pinterest removed.

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How about web page search results, but without Pinterest entries?

(Side note: the diff I'm looking at is not even *that* long, but GitLab is dog slow on it nevertheless.)

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TFW adding the “.patch” suffix to a merge request URL to display the diff directly because is painfully slow to read a long set of changes.

“Traversing the list to find the corresponding watch descriptor makes this algorithm O(n * m/2) on average, with ’n’ being the number of inotify_event read, and ‘m’ the amount of file paths being watched. While not great, in practice it's reasonable for keeping tabs on a small number of files.”

On the other hand, this code makes zero allocations, so that's neat. It does so by adding a pointer to link structs which reside in BSS or the stack to each other without involving the heap.

This is the ideal scroll bars. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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@jens @mike @Nikolai_Kingsley i always think about, like, how many computers are in your computer? the graphics card is its own computer. the network adapter. everything! i mean, type "lspci | grep controller" on linux and it gives you a list of additional computers inside your computer

@pyredrid I can send examples later if required, but for now here's a short explanation:
When writing a description, consider what message your image is trying to convey. If you're posting a pic of the amazing cake you made, you'll obviously want to focus on what type of cake is it and how tasty it looks, rather than the bit of wall you accidentally captured in the background. With a painting, you'd focus on its contents, mentioning the type of paint used only briefly -- unless the paint and style were the focus. So on.
Don't be afraid to be less than objective. You aren't writing these descriptions for newspapers. The Fediverse is humans interacting with humans. Trust me, we not only don't mind, but genuinely want to read about how cute that thing your pet does is. :ms_grin:
But if objective descriptions are more your thing, those obviously work well, too. Write what you know and enjoy.

This is one small thing, but pile up many small annoyances and there you have one of the many reasons why so many software sucks.

When I used MacOS X for a few years around 2002-2006 this shit would not have happened.

Companies are so focused on cloud shit that maintenance for basic interactions like ejecting an USB drive are decaying every year. But hey, if you can use $service and get your data stolen or snooped upon, why does one even need USB driver, huh?

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My partner said their USB drive would not eject. I checked: Finder complained that some program is using it, but everything but the Finder was apparently closed. One quick trip through “lsof” in the terminal showed that a fee “Quicklook” processes were jammed trying to parse files, so I did a quick “kill -9” and ejected the drive was.

Now, question: given that Quicklook is something that Finder uses, and that it never writes to files, why would Finder not handle this itself?

COBOL - Built to Last

In this sense, COBOL and its scapegoating show us an important aspect of high tech that few in Silicon Valley, or in government, seem to understand. Older systems have value, and constantly building new technological systems for short-term profit at the expense of existing infrastructure is not progress. In fact, it is among the most regressive paths a society can take.

One satisfying thing to see while rebuilding is running “watch -d ccache -s” and seeing the counter for cache hits go up ➕

one realizes their ears have been trained for so long on 80s italodisco music coming from the UK that it's possible to spot a Linn LM-1 drum machine from just a few bars of any song.

It was a great sample-based drum machines, one of the first, and the preset samples are iconic by now:

oh i did not realize that Antmicros ARVSOM Risc-V SOM is open source hardware! This means we will be able to derive a RISC-V SOM for MNT Reform from it:

MNT Reform CPU modules:

- Nitrogen8M_SOM, NXP i.MX8MQ (shipping, A53, GC7000L, 4GB)
- RBZ LS1028A SOM, NXP LS1028A (in bringup, A72, GC7000L, 8/16GB)
- MNT Kintex-7 SOM (in design, Xilinx FPGA, 2GB)
- RPi CM4 (in design, A72, VC4, 4/8GB)
- StarFive 71x0 (TBD, RISC-V, via ARVSOM)

Yesterday I got tired of manually patching and making current versions of VTE work for it, so I decoded to fork and start maintaining it more thoroughly. So far I did a round of cleanups, merged a few interesting pull requests which were stagnating in the upstream repository, switched the build system to Meson, and made it use VTE 0.64.1 (the current stable version).

For those interested, the code is here:

There is also an AUR package:

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