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Adrián Pérez

what naming scheme do you use for your computers (if any)?

(boost so more people can answer)

@jk I liked it way enough to buy a downloadable copy, actually.

Today I listened to @jk's album. And I liked it.

Also, I don't want huge monster tools like Packer or “docker-compose”, they reek of bloat. Of I need something complex to make my images, I would use Vagga for that anyway, which will happily output tarballs.

So, basically there is no standalone tool that takes a tarball and prepares a file system image contained in it to be pushed to Docker Hub. And no “docker import” is not standalone, because it requires the whole of Docker. Dear , I want something like “img” that takes a tarball as input.

For reference:

If nobody has done it before, maybe O should fork “img” and call the newfangled creature “omg”. Now that would be a cool name.

After some thinking, I'm going ahead with this Python → C rewrite. Sometimes lower-lower, tested and tried is better than doing weird contortions needed to bend around one's way around language bindings.

Tired: Rewriting C/C++/Go/Python projects in Rust.
Wired: Seriously considering rewriting a Python in C.

Beginning June 11, no more free API key for Google Maps (now Google Maps Platform) if you don't provide a credit card.

A lot of custom Google maps that have been created over the years will likely no longer work.

Time to use #leaflet and #openstreetmap


This thread is from the Birdsite, but super interesting with lots of facts about human vision:

Super recommended (and very civil, too!).

On a completely different note, I have installed a build of microG's LineageOS and now my phone does not run the big-G Store and Services anymore →

(There's still a couple of apps which use the Cloud Messaging service through microG, but this new setup makes me much happier 😉)

Trying out the Tootle

If you prefer native GTK+ apps, this one is for you! It is not as polished as the Corebird birdsite client, but works like a charm without needing to keep a tab around 😉

The zsh-notes hack I did the other day now works much more smoothly: — It would be still nice to have a small screencast showing its usage. For now I won't be touching it much more, unless I find bugs.

This last weekend I discovered the FeedReader application. Highly recommended if you still think feeds are the best thing since sliced break, and you use GNOME as your desktop, or you happen to favour GTK+ applications for some reason (in my case: good Wayland + HiDPI support) →