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Dat good boi face.

(But more than that, the caption in the photography of this news piece. Somehow I cannot stop giggling at it.)

@solene @_xhr_ @ogmaconnect @basepr1me @bcallah this was btw. the hardest lesson to learn for me, that OpenBSD contains good documentation. It was so hard stopping to google for shit and just go through the man pages coming from linux. I think I kept the amount of stupid^W uninformed questions to a minimum.

You probably heard @RIAA used #DMCA to get @microsoft's @GitHub to remove youtube-dl, but did you know Microsoft funds RIAA as a member? We call on Microsoft (& any organizations who purports to support #FOSS) to resign from RIAA in protest.


Only a couple of days after, here's the “fancy indexes” module version 0.5.1:

I highly recommend skipping 0.5.0 and going ahead with 0.5.1 if you are planning to move to the new release series.

Ouch, I screwed up that release a bit, so here's a brown paper bag release which is what 0.5.0 should have been:

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Someone made a PR on GitHub that merges youtube-dl's history into the DMCA repo.

Which means the source and history of youtube-dl is now mirrored at


“No matter what code you're writing, be assured that someone in the Amiga demo scene has written it first, and theirs ran faster.”

True story.

Last thing I have to say on this: cloning the yt-dl doesn't affect these bad actors in the industry. They frankly don't give a shit if you have the code. They aren't stupid, they know how git works. They want to send a message.

So if it makes you feel great, clone it. But don't deceive yourself into thinking it's "sticking it to the man" or "activism". That comes from hitting them where it really hurts: pushing for copyright reform.

Write to your congresspeople.

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@aperezdc @kepstin @piggo @cassidyjames Additionally, signing into Chrome signs you into Google websites... and vice versa.

It's also unexpected and a dark pattern. blog.cryptographyengineering.c

You know what I would love for Mastodon client, an option follow whole instances at the instance level, to create a "neighborhood" feed between local and federated, made of these instances' local feeds.

Alternatively, a way to whitelist instances that shows up in the Federated feed, it would have the same effect.

@neauoire thismakesme wish i could have custom timelines and follow whole servers

This is the most thing I have heard of this week. Perhaps even this month.

> Russian cosmonauts trace air leak aboard orbital outpost with tea bag
> The tea bag’s sway in zero gravity conditions towards the air leak was registered by cameras

Difficult/dangerous issue? ✅
Space exploration involved? ✅
Simple, effective solution? ✅ ✅
Tea involved? ✅ ✅

(two check marks for 🍵 because you can bet your бабушка they had celebratory tea afterwards)

Multi-touch swipe to go back/forward in Epiphany and Ephemeral (thanks to WebKitGTK) single-handedly keeps me using these browsers more often than Firefox. It’s so smooth and handy!

"ethflop is a DOS TSR that emulates a floppy disk drive. The emulated (virtual) floppy disk is, in fact, stored on a Linux server as a floppy image. All the communication between ethflop (the TSR) and ethflopd (the Linux daemon) is exchanged over raw Ethernet."

I highly recommend anyone getting started with GTK/GNOME app development starts with GTK4 at this point. GTK4 performs better, makes it easier to make custom widgets, and simplifies a lot of things that were more complex before.

If you start with GTK4, you also won't need to worry about porting later :)

Slightly updated my guide for nanotodon (CLI mastodon client) on #OpenBSD , to fit recent nanotodon changes. Enjoy, terminal lovers!

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