I think being a cyclist and a motorbike rider tends to teach you more awareness. It certainly transitions to the car. Because you try and pay attention because you've been more at risk outside the car. That empathy for other road users.
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The third issue of This Week in @gnome is out!

Check out what our great community has been up to 🚀


- Karateka on the Apple II
- Amiga Workbench
- QNX on a floppy
- FastTracker II on MS-DOS
- Bryce 3D on Windows 95

I'm struggling to think of anything from the past 20 years...

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what software made you gasp with amazement and excitement when you first saw it?

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I still receive Urbit's newsletter, even tho I have long lost interest(tiel/crypto/javascript 3 strikes 🙅 ), I clicked through their latest email to see what they were up to, where they were going.

Their current focus is building an electron wrapper for their system. And even tho I have no sympathy for the project - it makes me feel a bit of despair as there are so few people trying to build new stacks, and I wonder why/how you can even go from "let's make a clean slate OS", to "on Electron"..

We have started landing the first patches to support in the GTK and WPE ports. After trac.webkit.org/changeset/2803 the JSCOnly port can now be built. For now using only the CLoop interpreter—so no JIT yet.

Merck has a deal with the U.S. government to supply 1.7 million treatment courses of its drug, called molnupiravir, for $1.2 billion if the drug is authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. That suggests a price of about $700 a patient.

Only 30x the price paid for the vaccine.


Hello from luakit on OpenBSD/macppc powered by WebKitGTK 3.2.3 that has just been committed in ports today!

I guess if it can load mastodon without issues, javascript runtime must be OK for now @aperezdc :)

There, I forgot yesterday to also post a pic with the groceries. The cargo box would have managed a couple of big bags more without a problem. The ride was quite smooth, and literally didn't break the eggs even when I had to pass through some cobblestone paved streets.

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The new bicycle arrived, time for a test ride for groceries.

TIL tang ping (lying flat) is a social protest in China where young people refuse the capitalist #overwork rat race, and instead scale down their income to meet only the essential needs.

I'm in full support with this protest against #overconsumption.


What's the goal for this, you may wonder? Well, I want to write some really bare metal code for my board while learning all the low level details but I don't have the time to write my own full assembler. I've found naken_asm to work but it's quite inconvenient because it does not support pseudoinstructions, so it gets annoying quickly. Specially when it comes to things that can expand to more than one instruction and do bit fiddling (like “li” or “la”).

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I like appliances that are just two wires and a heating element. There's not much to break, no drm, no shitty app.

New post on my gemlog:

On traditional Turkish furniture, and dedicated space vs. dynamic space



But with these "older" ways, if you're not eating anything, the floor table and the sini are laid against a wall in the kitchen or in the back room. You only have as many beds as you need, and you can easily roll it up and tuck it away if need be. Sehpas sit beside the sofas or the sedir, covering only as large a volume as the largest one. Sofas or the sedir are at the edges of the room so all the space in the centre is free.

I think dynamic space where you can easily add / remove the furniture is superior to furniture that requires dedicated space, in the ways I list in my last two paragraphs. There are of course exceptions for different types of spaces (e.g. an atelier cannot productively be a fully 'dynamic' space) and these traditional ways should be combined with modern improvements and with orthopedic considerations and the effects of disabilities in mind, but the gist of it is, I guess, making our spaces more dynamic could be a goal worth pursuing.

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Remember I mentioned a while ago about using customasm to generate code? Well, I have put up a repository with most of rv32i and some of rv32m here: git.sr.ht/~aperezdc/customasm-

It can only output flat binaries, and I have not yet checked that all possible inputs generate correct code, but it can already be used to assemble simple code.

Tired: Akamai brings down half of the Internet with their outage.

Wired: Federated applications (like @Mastodon) and distributed ones (like @matrix) chug along without a flinch.

How the hell does anyone get anything done in the 3 hours preceding a meeting?

When life gives you lemons, you’re clearly not living under capitalism or you’d have to buy the damn lemons yourself.


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