(Also: C++ is terrible, please don't use it if you can avoid it.)

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that it's kind of undefined behaviour to have a C++ program that uses “std::optional<Foo&>” to have an optional reference. As a matter of fact, both libstdc++ (the GNU standard library) and libc++ (Clang's) disallow such template instantiation.

On a related note, somehow “boost::optional<>” allows this and works, which is... surprising.

learning how to write linux kernel modules and its vastly more simple than frontend web development

I wrote an article on how to set up a VPN on using the new, native implementation.


Chapter 99 in The Tech Industry Is Broken With Problems It Has No Desire To Fix.

Rust is the only major programming language to allow you to put a cow in a box

hi 👋🏼 today I got an ADHD diagnosis and I think I have to say I am now 100% confident that either you, or someone you know, probably needs to read this article: gekk.info/articles/adhd.html


I’m so sick of every digital product trying to be everything for everyone—mostly by copying major features from competitors. Perhaps I’m old and this is my “back in my day/get off my lawn!” moment. But it keeps happening and invariably makes the core experience of the app worse.

It's kind of wild that hardware on will usually work perfectly if supported or not at all, but there's no middle ground—which is fine, of course.

Meanwhile in Linux everything is a bit wonky and each device may (or may not) need a number of odds and ends all held together with chewing gum and paper clips.

Hot take: maybe this is how Linux jobs are created and perpetuated. Nobody really wants to get things to work well.

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My laptop has one of those built-in Sierra Wireless 3G/LTE modems:

- : Kind of usually works with NetworkManager + ModemManager, device won't work out of the box and is not recognized as a modem, and it needs to be reset with usb_modeswitch every frigging time that the computer boots or comes back from suspend-to-RAM.

- : “Hey, I see you have a modem, by the way it's supported by the ‘umb’ driver… Me: “ifconfig umb0 apn internet up” — I can't believe this may work out of the box!

As expected, the DC boost converter works much better with the solar panel installation at the cottage. In the middle of the day it even manages to charge the battery.

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the US prison system is legalised slavery 

"But we need the police! They've always existed!"

Modern policing didn't exist before the mid-19th century. In the US, this is around the time of the 13th Amendment, which outlaws slavery and involuntary servitude "except as punishment for crime."

Prior to this, the origins of the US police force were as slave patrols (sometimes known as Plantation Police).

Plantations became prisons. Today 2.1 million people in the USA (around 0.6% of the total population) are currently in prison. The largest prison population in the world.

The current US law enforcement system is itself a product of white supremacy.

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The #OpenStreetMap point for the statue of #Colston in Bristol has been updated, to be in the river & underwater.
🤣 Awesome. 👍

Watching the recently made TV Series for The Name of the Rose. If you are not familiar, it's a post modern genre mixup novel by Umberto Eco, which is essentially a Sherlock Holmes style story but set in a 14th century Abbey.
Lesser known is that in 1987 a videogame was made based on this book, but released only in Spain, named La Abadia Del Crimen. Apparently it is excellent, but I couldn't play a bright orange spanish nightmare. but I found this english remake! abadiadelcrimenextensum.com/en

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