When cooking, remember to factor in an extra 30 minutes for the time it takes to scroll through the author's life story before getting to the freakin' recipe

(Ab)Using (via “zig cc”) to cross-compile static binaries of a small C program for a bunch of architectures I don't have access to is nothing but a joy.

The first thing I'm missing is the ability to set an object's prototype, though I may be able to get away with defining a class that has the properties I need in the environment for modules that are being loaded, and using an instance as evaluation context.

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Current quest: bending over the JSC GLib API to make it load some of Node's pure JS modules. Goal: “events.js” (for EventEmitter), first stop: the internal “primordials.js” module.

RISC OS coming to iMX8M (and thus MNT Reform) thanks to work by Michael Grunditz.

RISC OS was originally developed by Acorn Computers in Cambridge (UK). ARM was originally the “Acorn RISC Machine”.

…and people has been woerking on adding an emulator in OpenTTD to support playing music from the “adlib.cat” file. This seems to have the same (similar?) format as the “gm.cat” one, modulo the MIDI data is intended for OPL2/OPL3 playback.

Branch here: github.com/nielsmh/OpenTTD/com

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Okay, digging a bit in tt-forums.net it seems that people have already figured out that the “lapc1.pat” file contains the the sound patches (hopefully as some kind of SysEx data), and that the “roland.cat” file has the music and that it should be somewhat similar to the “gm.cat” one with the General MIDI version of the songs.

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The MT-32 version of the soundtrack sounds so warm, I very much prefer it to how other synths (Fluidsynth, Timidity) play the General MIDI version.

Now if I could find a way to dump the MIDI data from the DOS version of the game *and* the SysEx for the custom MT-32 patches I could make route the MT-32 version with a custom player command to Munt :thinkerguns:

A permanent move to a decentralized server model would pretty much eliminate this problem for Signal.

Bread, Baking 

Time for 🍞 🥖

My starter is back in business after being stored as dry chips for a month and a half. It took only a couples of days to get it back to full strength. This method is excellent for long term storage and I very much plan to use it again.

New tabs are in Epiphany master 🎉

Huge kudos to @exalm for making it happen!

If you haven't used Epiphany in a while I encourage you to check it out once 40 hits.


Back to work after a one month holiday… will I get the post-vacation blues? Let's find out!

...aaaand it's gone.

(Thanks to @piggo for the boost, that made a difference!)

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Does anybody have some use for an LG G2 (model d802) which has a busted screen? I can give it away for the cost of shipping only. It could be repaired or used as a parts donor, for example.

The screen shows image just fine, but the glass is broken and won't register touch input. The rest works fine. It has TWRP installed and the latest LineageOS 17.1 with microG.

After a few years living in Finland...

Text: “fingerprint reader support”
My brain: “Fingerpori reader support”

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