Nice! The sensor even fits into the existing cable management under the power supply!

I have a headache and need to write a conference talk proposal. Oh well

Maybe when I get done with uni, I’ll get to do my project of a camera recording AV1 onto microcassetes

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Thought about reviving my first camera phone and doing like a pixelfed with images of the city with it, but it’s like a 2011 Samsung Galaxy and the image quality is way too good

The sea was a nice shade of green today. We almost got a logo with exactly these hues, but then they chose brown.

Spent the last few days on a boat using a very expensive sonar to capture a very large amount of not very good data. Hopefully we can clean it up with some processing.
At least the weather was nice!

Finished my final run for the week (2.5k, really damn slow) and damn was that strenuous with all the wind

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what can be soldered, by age 

0-12: we are not old enough to handle a soldering iron, that's dangerous!!
12-18: we can solder anything as long as it's thin wire that we can twist.
18-22: we can solder anything metal if we can get it to heat up to tinning temp with a soldering iron, which means it's gotta be small and probably flat.
23-onward: we can solder anything even vaguely metallic if you give us a way to make a big fire and an abundant supply of a reducing agent

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My plan is for an email header that will be like sand in the gears of hostile government agencies, tempting them down a path that will lead to a complete collapse in productivity

Ffs, if you go to the trouble of recording a podcast, put a damn dynamics compressor on it. Your content is not interesting enough for me to hit the damn volume knob every time the speaker changes.
If you don't know how, go ahead and ask.

Apexys boosted anyhow, here's the code. "Works" for files up to 600 bytes in reasonable time.

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Turns out Range Encoding ( doesn't really work if you use fractions. Whipped up a quick demo in Rust and it's both slow as std::fuck::Fuck as well as produces files that are about 1000x larger than the input.

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(yeah I know advanced search already does that, but it's tedious)

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Billion dollar idea: arXiv search engine that specifically does not display anything that even ~mentions~ machine learning or other shit like that.

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This is the PineTime. A companion for your Linux smartphone, and new side-project of ours. More news coming in the future...

(If you have experience with FreeRTOS or mbed, and are interested, please get in touch!)

Space chicken idea:
Redo mongo db so that everytime someone tries to use it, horseback archers come by and raze everything to the ground. Call it mongol db.
Although, on second thought, that pretty close to what's already happening.

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