One of the many problems you can encounter on projects with overly long view controllers is that – if neglected long enough – they can reach 2,147,483,647 lines long and summon the soul of notorious viking warlord “Ivar, Destroyer”

I’m loving the little idle animations in

A Guide to the Cold-Industrial Complex: I attempt to make sense of the wild world of cold meds.

*First thing Christmas morning, 3 year old approaches our bedroom door*
“Mama, Dada, I kept some of the throwup in my tummy, so it’s safe!” 😐

Now that Spotify finally has an Apple TV app you can use as a Spotify Connect destination, they have one final mission to hit 100% Customer Sat: get a crack team of lawyers to somehow add’s “Bustin’” to the Spotify catalogue

Fun Fact: Two Spies got more downloads this weekend than Party Monster had in its entire lifetime. My favourite review so far: “Please add 3D” 😅

I’m looking forward to writing down some of the little stories and moments from Two Spies’ development. Like the time of Desert Golfing fame tried an early demo and his only feedback was, “Ship it.” He was probably right! But I am cursed with a deep drive to polish 😅

Like many side projects, Two Spies came together in a weird and wonderful way. I’m so proud of the work our team did to polish up a weird little idea for a game, and indebted to the many testers and other folks who have offered thoughts and feedback on it over the years. ❤️

Two Spies is now live! 🚀 The servers are humming along, the crash reports are few, and in app purchase actually works. I’m not much of a martini person, but just may make an exception tonight.

Ellie, 3: “I LOOVE mama because she snuggles me.”

Me: “Hey I love mama too! Is there anybody else you love?”

Ellie: “No. Well, I like you. And pink rocks.”

The Coming Supremacy of AR: Why augmented reality will be disappointing, weird, and completely indispensable.

Fun Fact about grand theatres: they periodically renovate over the years, but rarely update the green rooms and halls below. So when it’s time, you go up some janky old stairwell and are teleported to a beautifully lit and well appointed theatre, compounding the magic of it all.

Felt v lucky to present at the Vancouver Playhouse today – thanks to for running a great show, and most importantly for introing me to Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”

I’ve updated my Canada Election Guide in preparation for Monday’s vote using the latest polls, and added a section on the unpredictable race in Vancouver Granville.

Canada Election Guide, 2019: Our political landscape, the issues, strategic voting, and why you might want to vote for each party (except for one). Because apparently this is a thing I do now?

“Dada, why is the goose up to no good?”

Google Maps when walking: “I refuse to label this street no matter what you do.”
Google Maps when driving straight for hundreds of kilometers: “You are on the 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5”

Multiply Your Time: Four things worth looking for when deciding what to do next.

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