We’ve been doing this using docs, Slack, and elbow grease, but are evaluating tools to help make it more automatic.

Has anybody had good experiences with any of the many “meeting glue” tools like Fellow, Hugo, and Soapbox? They seem interesting, but also kind of A Lot™

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Like many teams, we’ve been making our meetings shorter and more effective by doing things like:
- collecting agendas and pre-reads
- recording decisions
- sharing out next actions

Basically we’re moving things that don’t need to be done in-meeting out of meetings.

A month ago Spotify started rolling out new “For You” mixes by genre, decade, and artist. They’re pretty great, but for some reason not all users can navigate to them yet in the Spotify UI. (Geography? A/B tests?) Anyhow, you can jump right to them here: open.spotify.com/genre/made-fo

Books Are a Seed You Can Plant: Why books are slow, low density, and a part of any balanced diet.


Now let’s be clear: I really really want to be jabbed. But only to become immune! That’s why governments promote a “Federal Immunization Plan” and not a “National Program for Jabbing”

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Branding tip: if you want to promote vaccination, it may be more compelling for folks on the fence to see talk of getting immunized than hear about getting “jabbed”. Who wants to be jabbed?

I’ve lost track of how many times Google News has shown me “my daily horoscope” and I’ve tapped “Show fewer stories like this”.

Today it finally got the message – I want my *lookahead* horoscope. Obviously. No sense living in the past.

April 2020: Wow it’s cool that they’re letting us renew our ICBC insurance over the phone now, this is great

April 2021: Wow it’s dumb that they’re not letting us renew our ICBC insurance online yet, this is terrible

The presentation I gave at @LearnOmniFocus@twitter.com this week is now live! In it I go through some of the time management principles from this week’s article, and go into much more detail on my workflow, and how my OmniFocus is set up to support it. youtu.be/mIwV3FK-omI?t=417

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An Iterative Workflow for Attention: An approach for putting your time into what’s important, and how I’m using OmniFocus to do that these days.


Letting users tone down the frequency of “smart” notifications is great. Giving users only occasional notifications about the really great stuff is so much better than having people turn notifications off entirely.

Do Great Work, Then Tell People About It: What to do when you’re not marketing detergent.


2021 Ioniq EV: “I’m basically a Prius”
2022 Ioniq EV: “I’m a cyberpunk crossover concept come to life”

For a short week, it’s been a long week. But today my wife Karen got vaccinated, and our wee Thomas said his first word. So today’s a good day for this “dada”. 😊

A better headline would be “Canada vows to be *first* country to make Facebook pay for news” 🙄 cbc.ca/news/politics/canada-ne As @benthompson@twitter.com has put well, taxing social media to subsidize news could work, but Australia’s scheme is ridiculous. Canada replicating it would be ridiculous.

AI-hallucinated rotoscoping demos have existed for a little while now, but today I learned:
a) There’s now a pretty slick free tool for doing it: ebsynth.com/
b) People are embracing the style’s limits to create new art, which is pretty rad: youtube.com/watch?v=iP468OEln4

Clubhouse certainly has some problems. But today I stumbled in to an “Office Hours” Q&A with @jasonfried@twitter.com, and it was effectively the most useful podcast I’ve listened to in months. But also it could have just been a podcast, and that would have been even better? 🤔

*browsing nintendo switch e-shop with daughter*

me: This one’s interesting... but $80? For a 2D game?
4yo: Does Mario need to toot in that game?
me: What? I don’t think so.
4yo: Are there... other butts?
me: ...what? In Mario?
4yo: You said it was a *tooty* game?

This week’s productivity is brought to you by @LofiLiaMusic@twitter.com’s two-hour album “Season One”, featuring chill lofi covers of ALL the hits:

- K.K. Bossa
- Mario 64 File Select
- The song from Persona 5 when it’s raining at nighttime
- The Wii Shop Song


Streaming Stories and Troubling Tales: A search for streamable kids’ stories, from royalty to racism to royalties.


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