Does anybody use or know of a service for getting more control over Github Issues notification emails? For example, a daily digest of newly opened and closed issues?

Still unsure how to vote in Vancouver? I’ve added three example Council ballots to the election guide. Polls are open until 8pm.

Some updates to my election guide based on new polling and feedback:
- Noted that it’s safe to vote for Shauna Sylvester
- Refined my blurb on ProVancouver, whose supporters are not pleased with this guide and would like to argue on Twitter about it

Vancouver Election Guide, 2018: Why next week’s election is interesting, and how each party may (or may not) tackle the housing crisis.

Of course, what is horrifying is subjective from person to person. Not everybody would be horrified by a baby mobile decorated with a skull, a detached ear, and an ominous pulsing blackness

With so many tech brands using generic illustration styles, you've gotta give credit to Mailchimp for instead choosing one that is straight-up horrifying

So am I the new owner of a prototype, or what

White Guys Are the Worst: Wherein I see a birdsite locust swarm up close.

*Castro announces alternate app icons feature* Yawn, how is that a critical feature

*Castro launches alternative app icons feature* I’ve stopped accidentally tapping on Spotify when I want Castro! This is amazing and a critical feature!

Good news: We're working on a new design for the Steamclock website and it's nice.
Bad news: Looking at the existing website now causes me physical pain.

I’ve been angsty about how little work we’ve done on our spy game this spring, but tonight I fixed a bug that’s been plaguing my dreams, so 💯

Hypothetically, if we had a Mac menu bar app that listed Github issues and PRs assigned to you, is that something you would find useful?

Any time I find myself thinking romantically about the idea of decentralized companies that operate without top-down authority, I open up the Steam UI a little bit and sober up pretty quickly

"In other news, Vancouver native Allen Pike was banned from the Mastodon network today, due to posting a Very Wrong Opinion"

Chocolate is extremely overrated!

*runs away*

Oh hey, I have no followers here yet so I should post something authentic and vulnerable, something that I would never feel comfortable saying on Twitter or Facebook, highlighting the electricity of a new social platform.

The Big Deal: What happens when when a giant wooden horse rolls up to your consulting company’s gates.


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