So am I the new owner of a prototype, or what

White Guys Are the Worst: Wherein I see a birdsite locust swarm up close.

*Castro announces alternate app icons feature* Yawn, how is that a critical feature

*Castro launches alternative app icons feature* I’ve stopped accidentally tapping on Spotify when I want Castro! This is amazing and a critical feature!

Good news: We're working on a new design for the Steamclock website and it's nice.
Bad news: Looking at the existing website now causes me physical pain.

I’ve been angsty about how little work we’ve done on our spy game this spring, but tonight I fixed a bug that’s been plaguing my dreams, so 💯

Hypothetically, if we had a Mac menu bar app that listed Github issues and PRs assigned to you, is that something you would find useful?

Any time I find myself thinking romantically about the idea of decentralized companies that operate without top-down authority, I open up the Steam UI a little bit and sober up pretty quickly

"In other news, Vancouver native Allen Pike was banned from the Mastodon network today, due to posting a Very Wrong Opinion"

Chocolate is extremely overrated!

*runs away*

Oh hey, I have no followers here yet so I should post something authentic and vulnerable, something that I would never feel comfortable saying on Twitter or Facebook, highlighting the electricity of a new social platform.

The Big Deal: What happens when when a giant wooden horse rolls up to your consulting company’s gates.


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