I was able to find fixes for the roadblocks pretty quickly because I understand the moving parts – the final one being github.com/facebook/create-rea – but a newbie would have been stuck. It pains me that most web toolchains’ intro docs still lead to esoteric errors for most new users.

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Docs: “If you’re learning React or creating a new single-page app, use Create React App, a comfortable environment”

Me: seems pretty sus

*follows steps to make a React TypeScript app*

Terminal: *permission errors, language version incompatibilities, barfs, combusts*

Me: oh

We’ve been hearing about developers getting nastygrams about fonts that are still in their app bundle but are no longer actively used, or where they had a license but not the right one. Now is a good time to double-check exactly what you’re shipping, and what licenses you have.

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Recently font foundries have started using crawlers to determine what font files are embedded in published apps, and check if those developers have active licenses for app embedding those fonts. These are different, often more expensive licenses than the ones for web embedding.

Is PATRIOT CARE just the same socialist system every other country has? No, it’s better! Matthew 10:8 tells us to heal the sick, and freely give. So we’re not going to raise your taxes, we’re just going to print the money you need – because the US dollar should work for you. 🇺🇸

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American workers deserve freedom from unfair hospital bills! Don’t fall for the schemes of foreign drug megacorps. Punch pre-existing conditions in the face! PATRIOT CARE is way better than Obamacare. You get the same healthcare that your politicans get. It’s your right! 🦅

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So 70% of Americans like the idea of Medicare for all, but Democrats suck at branding so instead of the country just coming together to treat people, congress is still arguing about “Obamacare” and now folks are talking about “Bidencare”?

Stop. New plan. PATRIOT CARE.

Come for the considered discussion of product development challenges, stay for the top notch Sonic fanart

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How to Not Build a Social Network: How working on almost a dozen social networks has convinced me that you should not, under any circumstances, build a social network


Don’t click this link unless you want a font to stare deep into your soul, and compel it to prototype a whimsical fantasy video game alannamunro.com/fonts/avona-se

You’ll find a working number eventually, I believe in you MDNSResponder

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Of course, competent building managers around the world have been working on this problem, whether by upgrading HVAC capacity or installing filters, and hospitals have long taken this into account. But it’s a hard problem, especially in underfunded spaces.

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In a very hot or cold season though – Georgia in summer or Toronto in winter – it’s hard for HVAC to process a lot of outside air, so they can have a lower “air change rate”. So frustratingly, the more unpleasant it is outside, the safer it can be to socialize outside. 🤦‍♀️

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Interesting dilemma I learned about today: the easiest way for buildings’ HVAC to prevent COVID accumulation is to constantly pump in outside air. In a mild climate like Vancouver or New Zealand this can be easy – crank up the fresh air intake, the system heats or cools it.

Though if you’re a small team and don’t have a system yet for following up with applicants, now’s the time to set up something like @workable@twitter.com. It’s not a fun time to be looking for work, the least we can do is consistently get back to applicants and keep them in the loop.

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If you’re considering hiring somebody but are on the fence about it, now is a great time. Our open QA role has had far more applicants than we’ve ever received, many of them quite qualified. There are a lot of smart people out there available to work!

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