We are celebrating the new year with some new tor exit relays :)

A happy new year!

thanks to the person who sent us a 3 digit donation last week! 🤩
if you would like some stickers let us know.

At the end of this month we will publish our first donation stats.

Last month our tor relays crossed the 1 petabyte / month traffic level for the first time!

We aim to help make the torproject network faster, more robust and more diverse with our contribution.

With the start of the 3rd @PrivacyWeek Edition we launched our 3rd fast Tor exit relay today! Let's make private web browsing faster together!


We are excited to talk about our project & progress! You can meet us on Wednesday of the PrivacyWeek

tor bandwidth - power consumption ratio: on our main server, we provide more than 10 Mbit/s of @torproject bandwidth for each watt

Hello World!
Today we are officially launching the Foundation for Applied Privacy
- a non-profit privacy infrastructure provider


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