Hmm, doesn’t look like my personal instance is entirely working (seeing log output on follow requests, etc., but the interface is empty). Will look into it.

Just set up my personal Mastodon at

Follow me there:

You can mention me there using

When/if you can, I would highly urge you to set up your own Mastodon instance. Currently requires tech knowledge/isn’t seamless (and getting it there will be a big challenge) but this is a great start and a very good step in the right direction.

Lots of love to @eugen and the dev team :)

@aral thanks! By the way, open public timelines APIs are in master and live on .social, unless I'm misremembering because i just woke up at 5am

Ethical Design Manifesto


• Human rights
• Human effort
• Human experience

@aral I've defined about 50% of it in an OpenAPI v2 definition, and I'm able to generate a Swift and Node.js API for it, so both should be done in about a week.

@Gargron (…This would get Mastodon being used in training courses, sample code, etc., whenever a simple API call should be demonstrated and could act as another means of raising awareness of Mastodon.) :)

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@Gargron Hey man, what would you say to making the public timeline GET API call authorisation-free (GET /api/v1/timelines/public)

Use case: The Twitter public timeline was/is used in sample apps as it’s easy to get the public timeline with an unauthorised GET. I was using the API which had the same thing for samples on Set ( Would love to port those to show the public timeline instead but don't want to embed credentials in open source app.

PS. You can find out more about Better (and find links to the source code as well as the
iOS and Mac versions on the App Store) from

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Better for Mac v1.3 is now ready for download.

• New: Better now launches without a dock icon and doesn’t display in the task switcher when started automatically at login.

• Improvement: Completely revamped styles for the content for better readability and performance across devices and window sizes.

• Fix: A crash that could occur if you (or one of your other apps) was running a web server on a common port.

• Latest tracker blocking rules & content.

Excellent summary of the history of scientific research into the origin of life on Earth up to modern day.

Since he hasn't posted it here yet, you can see a talk by @aral about how systems like Mastodon are important here

In Copenhagen to give a talk on ethical technology to Danish engineers at

Currently listening to Felix Albert talking about “Things to do with a Blockchain” – he’s going to be talking about Ethereum (which he calls Blockchain 3.0)

Hey folks, @YourAnonNews have over 1.6 million followers on Twitter. Let’s show them some love here :)

Instapaper is joining the dark side (a short open letter by Juan Romero Abelleira)

“I’d rather you’d chosen to produce ethical design ( instead…”

Update: ORG updated their blog post (not their press release) after my posts and now they mention the Facebook patent in passing in what I can only describe as privacy washing:

‘It is sensible for Facebook to continue to restrict these activities, despite patents and rumours that they may themselves wish to monetise Facebook data in this kind of way.’

‘Patents and rumours’… are you serious?

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Facebook stops insurance company ( from doing what Facebook has patented (

Question: Why didn’t ORG point this out in their article, where they praise Facebook?

(If you want to see where this is all going, look up Sesame Credit in China.)

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