Just set up my personal Mastodon at

Follow me there:

You can mention me there using @aral

When/if you can, I would highly urge you to set up your own Mastodon instance. Currently requires tech knowledge/isn’t seamless (and getting it there will be a big challenge) but this is a great start and a very good step in the right direction.

Lots of love to @eugen and the dev team :)

@aral @aral @eugen So will you want to open it to the public or do you think every user (or small group) should have its own instance?

@leo No, I have no interest in curating a community. I’d love to see federation/decentralisation at the scale of one. Where the community becomes the social graph between the instances :) + @aral @Gargron

@aral @aral @Gargron Interesting idea. Does that create a lot of overhead for the Federation? I have docker support on my Synology NAS and I'm sure it has enough oomph to run an instance of one (or, say, a family).

@leo Unless I’m missing something, it shouldn’t introduce any new scaling issues (thoughts @Gargron?)

Families are an interesting use case I was thinking of recently in the context of

(Do let us know how your experience is with administering one if you set one up – and I mean the social aspects, not just the technical ones.) ;)

@aral @Gargron @aral @leo for this I think that it would be much better to have a light weight server. I would imagine that in principle something like a raspberry pi could be a local server but from what I heard mastodon requires more power than that.

@leo @aral @aral @Gargron small (~5000 dau) communities seem fine to me. I'm sure I couldn't run the software as smooth as the instance.

@leo @aral @aral So, is TWIT going to set up or something?

Possibly @dredmorbius @aral @aral
There's definite interest in a TWiT Mastodon.

I set up an instance, The TWiT Army, in 2008 but it takes a lot of moderation and I'm not sure I have the bandwidth. It sure would be fun, though!

@leo @aral @aral Point is, you don't have to open it to anyone but yourselves -- the TwIT team. Peer to the rest of the network. You'd have instance admin and stuff, but no need to accept rabble such as, say, myself.

@leo @aral @aral @dredmorbius

I think that's a good approach. Anybody on the official TWiT Mastodon would be an employee (basically verifying that it is the actual TWiT host) and then people would follow them from there on their own instance (self hosted or a public one).

Since PMs only work between people on the same instance, that could also work for inter-team communication on the same platform as outside communication to fans.

@dredmorbius @aral @aral Oh maybe I misunderstood - are you asking if we'd set up an official @twit account? Probably not - I don't think brand spamming is a good idea for mastodon.

@leo @aral @aral Actually, your own instance. Not just an account. I'm suggesting you might do that. Just a thought.

@dredmorbius @leo @aral @aral Doesn't having multiple instance inherently cause a fracturing problem? I can only imagine having to log in and out of multiple instances much less keep track of them. This is google's problem with multiple accounts now and sounds like the early days of android. Would it be possible to manage all instances in one place?

@will @aral @aral @dredmorbius If that becomes an issue for you (similar to multiple email addresses) just make sure to create only one OSStatus account.

@will @leo @aral @aral I'm thinking that various forwarding / aggregation, and possibly disaggregation options would be available.

Remember, there's an API as well, you can talk through that. It would authenticat to the servers, but you wouldn't have to worry about that.

@aral id actually like to make my own instance, but I cant figure out how to get started or what tools ill need. can you fill me in?

@aral @aral @eugen So is the goal 1 user = 1 instance or will instances be more like hubs? The problem I see is 25 different @aral accounts on different instances. Confusing.

@bitcoinyuri @eugen @aral That's, unfortunately (fortunately?) unavoidable. Think of it like domain names: anyone can be (unfortunately, the petroleum company got there before me… but I beat them to Perhaps email is a closer example, anyone can also be (someone probably is). If that someone uses it to commit identity theft/fraud, we have a system of policing and justice to deal with it. Otherwise, it's cool.

@bitcoinyuri @eugen @aral (Decentralised systems model the tangible realm, with all of its complexities. Guaranteeing identity is not and should not be a goal of decentralised systems – trying to do so and to link it to biological identity cannot be done without a centralised map. Something to be avoided at all costs. We can, of course, use webs of trust & other social conventions we use in tangible space to voluntarily verify identity when/if we want to)

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