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Installing a 70-meter tunnel under a highway in a weekend

Although not having a self-safety button mechanism when out with friends might the reason.

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@futzle I just encountered this vintage style astronomy maps whilst reading on your profile you are a map nerd, hope you enjoy it!

Cycling London in summer nights is one of the most therapeutic and beautiful things that can be done in this city.

Which has transformed me on a creature similar to a zombie for the whole day.

My dog has kept barking all night to an imaginary enemy of his.

Just saw that Blink 182 and Sum 41 are going to release new albums and had to look at my calendar to make sure it wasn't 2001 all over again.

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De crío siempre decía que cuando fuese mayor tendría todos los videojuegos que quisiera pero nadie me dijo que no iba a tener tiempo para jugarlos

Changing topic. We need to share some more love to forest elephants. They are our allies against climate change:

I don't like the idea of a subscription service for Contacts, cloud storage, backups, etc when I can actually use my own servers/services. However, in regards with VPN, it is cheaper, and easier to maintain, a VPN subscription than having several personal VPSs around the world.

For the same matter, will be possible to add my own domain/mail to the Librem Mail app?

Does anyone know if Librem Tunnel will have several servers around the world like PrivateTunnel or ExpressVPN?

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While jogging through the park, you find a small token on the ground with 'F12' etched on the front. When you give it a small squeeze, words and numbers appear in your view. You have found the developer token for this reality, allowing you to view the source code and statistics of everything.

Is a hypothetical group of several cups of tea a Multeaverse?

Tonight is D&D game night. Recently discovered the game and very excited to keep exploring the world and rules much more.

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