Remember when there were operating systems that only allowed you to have 8-character filenames (plus a 3-character extension)? And "character" meant "ASCII letters, Arabic numbers, and a handful of punctuation".

@wikihow may be one of the more surreal accounts on here: no links to articles, and the images are unrelated to the title.

During the pandemic, I've been dusting off the less-frequented corners of my music collection. I'm down to < 5000 songs that I haven't listened to in 5 years.

Dear web designers: please stop making lists of checkboxes of the form
☐ A
☐ B
☐ C
☐ None of the above

I'm just waiting for AI to grow smart enough to delete all of my bullshit email for me.

Rather than wait in line at a gas station, I got some of the toilet paper left over from my last round of panic buying, and put it in my gas tank.

Oh hey, I just realized that I became fully-vaccinated two days ago. Yay for not dying!

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