That sinking feeling when your wife takes your three young children to visit a relative and you, after a quiet day, head upstairs only to find that your toothbrush is missing, meaning one of the kids has been mistaking it for their own for who knows how long.

The Gary Oldman version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is very good—though he doesn't quite nail George Smiley like Alec Guinness does—and the production design is wonderful, but the little plot changes irk me.

I wish people could break their habit of thinking "there oughta be a law" whenever they find something in the world they don't like.

My 11 year old told me she doesn't care about learning keyboard shortcuts on her Chromebook and, frankly, I don't know how to process this. Have I failed at parenting?

So many twitter controversies are really just evidence that our public schools do a terrible job teaching reading comprehension.

On today's, we spoke with about innovation in education and they ways technology can change how we teach and learn. Andy's research is some of the most fascinating and exciting I've come across in a long time.

Slow your roll, Pete. America needs a breather before another Infrastructure Week.

I'm finally getting around to Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain, and so far my hobby of reading classic German works as the ominous opening chapters of an unfinished horror novel is holding up with this one.

It's a strange feeling waking up and not wondering what unhinged thing the president tweeted during the night.

Dear Democrats, please don't let having one of your own in the White House take the wind out of the criminal justice reform sails the way Obama's presidency did the anti-war movement.

Now that it's over, who was your favorite odd character in the Trump administration?

Kind of sad that he never got the opportunity to grow into the presidency.

And just like that, as it always ends with nonsense cults started by con men, the QAnon faithful are forced to realize they got played.

I confess, I'm going to miss Infrastructure Weeks.

For purely aesthetic reasons, if we must have an internet conspiracy theory hatch in a troll message board, become a political movement, and then settle into a quasi-religion, I wish it would’ve been something a bit less stupid. QAnon is the CW superhero show of conspiracies.

It’s the final full day of the Trump administration, folks. We’ve very nearly made it.

It's weird being old enough that the endless cycles of fashion have come around so now the hip young people today are wearing trendy clothes that look just like your terribly uncool parents' when you were in elementary school.

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