Gerald Gaus died in August. We never got him on, which is unfortunate because his ideas are important & fascinating. So this week we spoke with two of his students, and, about his contributions to liberal thought.

Much of my research lately has been focused on the ways Buddhist philosophy supports political and economic liberty. I'm finding so much interesting stuff that I started a newsletter and a new Twitter account ( you should check out.

The War on Drugs is responsible for, or has contributed to, a tremendous amount of the evil our government inflicts upon us.

Guess Gmail's instant unsubscribe option doesn't show up when the spammer is Google itself.

If you need your Marvel fix, just go back and rewatch all the old films. They're all basically the same anyway.

I published a new essay at today discussing worries about consumerism in market economies and how those worries apply just as much to politics, where consumerism is both more powerful and more dangerous.

My seven year old son just told me he wants to watch a soccer game on TV and I feel like I've utterly failed as a parent.

My 11 year old daughter just now: “Dad, what do you even do? Do you have an actual job? Or do you just write, and read, and talk—like a giant language arts class.”

Really the only thing that can turn 2020 around is Cyberpunk 2077, so wish me luck in talking my wife into letting me buy a Playstation 5. (Because if I’m going to play it, I’m going to play it with ray tracing.)

Over at the Free Market Buddhist, I've got a new essay critiquing the case against market consumerism, exploring the dangers of political consumerism, and showing how market innovation enables the cultivation of Buddhist values and practices.

I still don't terribly enjoy the process of writing, but a day spent producing a good amount of it is quite satisfying.

Today published an important new essay by about an issue the libertarian movement needs to spend more time grappling with.

One problem with being the parent of three young children is you buy a new video game, play through all the tutorials, but then by the time you find an opportunity to play again, you've forgotten what all the buttons do.

Hackers was released 25 years ago today and the planet still needs hacking.

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the release of , the greatest movie of the 1990s. To celebrate, listen to,,,, and me talk about it on the podcast.

If you recognize that "Democracy in Chains" is a shoddy misrepresentation its subject matter, but also believe that "Cynical Theories" is a trenchant exegesis of postmodernism, consider that your evidentiary standards have been warped to inconsistency by your ideological priors.

Buddhist ethics doesn't fit neatly into Western philosophical categories. Sometimes it looks like consequentialism, but often it has parallels to virtue ethics. (Deontology less frequently.) Karma, the Buddhist theory of cause and effect, leans closer to consequentialism.

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