On my Rumoriii Radio show, last week I interviewed artist and curator Anastasia Loginova about curating, nature and 'femininity'.

On 1 April -no joke- I interviewed artist Kunrad (Koen de Groot) for the iii artist organisation on the Rumoriii radio show at RadioTonka. -music

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"Code paid by the people should be available to the people! We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under licence"


Found a bag of electronics at a house clear out. This series of phones and tablet had all personal data intact, including SD cards with photos.

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Lists of Generative Artists that leave out women are just too cliche. Who are your favorite Generative Artists and Creative Coders, who are also women? Let's start a list.

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In the same banknote to coin exchange machine it had a modern coin validator the RM5 evolution. It works on a coin profile based on a combination of induction and optics. The profiles are programmable, this one accepts 0.20, 0.50, 1.00 and 2.00 euro coins. This is much more flexible than the old mechanical validators that I have. Detailed photo's of inside available.

Interestingly the Trilogy banknote validator can be configured by filling out a print out card. Even the security level can be set..

Cool, found this Trilogy banknote scanner on the street from an money exchange machine. Datasheet details operation, pinout, etc. Also got the coin distribution and coin detect mechanism.

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Tonight at 21:00 UTC+1, @Bleeptrack@twitter.com and I will present a colorful potpourri of nerdsniping topics at @wikipaka@twitter.com TV! Learn about strange geometry, weird keyboards, unconventional ways to make art, and more! #rc3

Event: cfp.verschwoerhaus.de/rc3-2020

Live stream: streaming.media.ccc.de/rc3/wik

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Japanese artist Kenichi Kanazawa manipulating sand on a steel tabletop.

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The image on my front matter is an x-ray from an old soviet 1kbit core memory with a lens on top. Of course no magnification, the x-rays go straight through.
-ray -memory

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