This FRIDAY September 17 in Helsinki, AR will be hosting a film screening and artist talk with AR-alumni Remi Sarmini within the context of the Anna Lindh Foundation’s BeMyVoice project for transnational freedom of expression!

Please see the Facebook event for the event programme and RSVP details (COVID-19 restrictions are in place and places are limited).

Artists at Risk (AR) and other arts and international human rights organisations are being flooded by requests for assistance from Afghanistan. We stand ready to help Afghan artists and other human rights defenders fleeing the brutal and repressive return of the Taliban, but call upon the international community to urgently facilitate the mass evacuation and relocation of high-risk individuals from Afghanistan.

Read our full statement at AR:

...We have changed, but how and to what do these changes lead? What prepares us for tomorrow and do the headquarters abroad have an answer to this question? We are talking about this and much more with a member of the Coordinating Council, screenwriter, director, political scientist Andrei Kureichik and chairman of the Belarusian House in Warsaw Ales Zarembyuk.”

See also at AR:

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From the YouTube description (translated):
“What is happening today with the Belarusian protests?”

“The events in Belarus from the summer of 2020 to the present day have inspired artists to write songs and poems, films have already been made based on them, and Belarusians abroad have finally remembered that they are not just emigrants, but Belarusians as well....

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Despite threats (see recent posts at AR), Andrei Kureichik continues his artistic and political activity against the Lukashenko regime with a fearless interview with EuroRadio: (in Belarusian and Russian).

As a playwright and filmmaker, and as a member of the Coordination Council of Belarus, Kureichik is clear that the Lukashenko regime’s brutal persecution of dissidents both at home and abroad will not go unchallenged.

After centuries of colonial exploitation of the global South, billions of people will now die of starvation because they can no longer farm. The displacement and extinction of large parts of life on this planet is happening right here, right now. And what are the reactions?”


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The poles are melting ever more rapidly, the earth is being irreversibly devastated. Indigenous peoples are being robbed of their land, displaced and murdered. We are losing the very things that keep us alive: soils, forests and oceans. The once stable climate is collapsing irrevocably – a 3, 4 or 5 degree hotter world means hell on earth, especially along the equator.

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RISE UP! BERLIN 16.8.2021. “To all those affected, all climate activists, dear committed friends, dear all those who do not stand by and just watch the political „business as usual“, but have been active themselves for a long time or those who want to take action. In August we’ve got something big planned...


Yet another case of Big Tech censoring left-wing/anti-capitalist art and/or political commentary.
Corporate censorship will be challenged.
"Austrian artist who creates political and environmental documentaries believes his videos have been deleted because of their "anti-capitalist content""

AR-Resident Andrei Kureichik Under Threat from Belarus:
Artists at Risk (AR) at the highest level of vigilance.

In the wake of the horrific murder of fellow Belarusian opposition figure Vitaliy Shishov in Kyiv, Andrei Kureichik, a prominent member of the opposition Coordinating Council of Belarus (CCB), playwright, filmmaker and AR-Resident is receiving direct death threats. AR calls for the heightened protection of all Belarusian dissidents.

Akrimi’s contribution to Artists at Risk’s Symposium, “Optimism & Shattered Dreams of the Arab Spring:

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“Tunisia is not a happy democracy that has been interrupted by a sudden coup”. Yasmine Akrimi, keynote speaker at AR’s Symposium of past January, counters the framing of the situation in foreign media, arguing in this interview on Euronews that President Kais Saied’s measures to tackle Tunisia’s “democracy of facade” are actually supported by a majority of the population.

Her residency will take place over the summer and fall, with preliminary plans for a workshop in the fall and an exhibition in Spring 2022.

For more information on Samaneh Roghani, see:

Samaneh Roghani is an Immigré Artist (IA)-Resident at the AR/IA-UNICORN Residency in Malmö, Sweden, supported by Nordic Culture Point, Malmö Konsthall and Brunåkra Temporary, and coordinated by PM as part of the AR/IA-Nordic Network.

(Photos courtesy of Samaneh Roghani)

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We are thrilled to announce Samaneh Roghani as the very first IA-Resident at the Artists at Risk (AR)/Immigré Artists (IA)-UNICORN residency in Malmö, Sweden!!

Roghani is an Iranian multi-disciplinary artist working mainly in photography and video to create multi-sensory immersive pieces that weave personal experience together with universal narratives of struggling for a better life.

We are very pleased to announce that Palestinian actor and director Aws Al-Zubaïdy has joined Artists at Risk (AR) for a three-month AR-Residency in Tunis, Tunisia!

For more about Aws Al-Zubaïdy and his work, see:

Aws Al-Zubaïdy is an Artists at Risk (AR)-Resident in Tunis, Tunisia. The programme is funded by the Artists at Risk (AR)-Bridging Fund with support from Kone Foundation and organised by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) as part of the Artists at Risk (AR)-Network.

"Spyware is no longer simply about gathering and selling personal data of individuals, it is about "controlling the public narrative, resisting scrutiny, and suppressing any dissenting voice."

The presentation was followed by a discussion with EU Commission members and leading journalists, during which Kureichik shared his thoughts on the current political situation in Belarus, his own experiences as an artist in exile, as well as the stories of fellow AR-Residents Saddam Jumaily and Grammo Suspect.

For more information about Andrei Kureichik and his work see:

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Over the weekend, AR-ICORN Safe Haven Helsinki Resident Andrei Kureichik presented his Insulted. Belarus documentary-drama theatrical project at the Pohoda Festival in Slovakia. This reading marked the 200th presentation of the play, which has been at the centre of performances, screenings, readings and discussions around the world in a global wave of solidarity with the Belarusian democracy movement.

“The government not only encourages violence against journalists, it is part of the violence…”

Honest journalism dedicated to accurate and inclusive reporting needs to be protected, with the fight for LGBTQ+ rights far from over.

Zimbabwean protest poet and recent AR-Resident Collen Kajokoto has recorded a poignant video on the importance and defence of freedom of expression. See the AR website for more details:

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