I have felt... very tired these last few weeks, and not because I'm not sleeping well.

I guess I'm just suffering winter blues...

Covid has changed this perception that in every video/documentary/film I see now, my eyes actively look at/for people wearing masks so categorize it as Pre Covid or Post Covid. The distinction would grow as the years pass by.

Do you want to learn about Web3/NFT/Blockchains/crypto whatever? youtube.com/watch?v=YQ_xWvX1n9 is the best thing I ever saw, over 2 hours of explanation which will help you to become an expert in these topics. Watch it, and share only with close friends and family.

Donate today to keep FSCI services, like video conferencing, instant messaging, social networking that stands up for privacy, running.


#fsci #priavcy #community

Running Snikket on a server and the experience has been very smooth. Good quality audio/video calls and file transfer is a breeze as well. Took a few minutes to set up and gives 95% compliance out of the box.

Thanks @sahil for the help and giving me a server.

#snikket #FreeSoftware #XMPP #decentralization

Most of the military forces or prisons, all around the globe, use Microsoft windows as their primary OS to run several critical software , with their data being extremely sensitive .

Why would an enemy state use Microsoft Windows when it is aware it is full of back-doors, etc etc and that US can have all ears into the enemy state . I simply can not understand this .

@aral @arh @ravi please help me understand .

I am creating a list of personal websites that I like. If you have one, please do reply so that I may add it in :)

Please RT to spread the reach.


Stock is now available on the Libre Tech Shop for liberated computers. You can purchase one on the product page below:


It had been tough to acquire stock for the past few months but I have many units available now.

Hey all you proud website owners out there:

Link me your personal website!

I'd like to redo my own, and I'm seeking out inspiration.

Boost welcome πŸ˜‰ .

I encourage everyone that has a 24/7 machine running at home to set up a Tor Snowflake proxy in order to combat Tor blockages.


#tor #linux #docker #proxy

Fuck you, Apple.
Fuck you, Google.
Fuck you, Facebook.
Fuck you, Big Tech.
Fuck you, Silicon Valley.

And the warmest season’s greetings and a happy new year to everyone else!

πŸŽ„β›„οΈ ❄️ 🎁 πŸŽ‰

The more 'clean' relays #Tor Network has, the stronger/more #anonymous for all.

Bridges = unlisted entry guard (*Not* exit relays).

Becoming a bridge is a safe way everyone can help. If hesitant, try the Snowflake #snowflake extension.

Fun part: seeing how many you are helping.

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@aral @arunmathaisk Another piece of computing history:

As bad as WWII and Hitler were, they're the reason we have strong cryptography today and have the privacy we have in the digital/virtual world. The German army used the Enigma machine, which was heavily researched in WWII and led to a type of "crypto breaking" computing, named the bombe. Data Encryption Standard (DES) was based on the Lucipher cipher from IBM, which was replaced by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in 2001. AES is what we're using right now to send these messages.

While there may not be a *direct* link between Enigma and DES/AES, it surely paved the way for cryptography research in the 20th century.

@aral I have a question for you.. Is your screen always so zoomed in / scaled up ?.

I mean is it ki for the screen capture sessions or your regular use as well.

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