I am now appropriately dressed, I can be seen in public. I got some new Penn State t-shirts today so now I can go out in public looking like a local. I’m not sure how well this selfie came out but if it’s a good one I’ll start using it as a profile picture. First selfie of 2019. I now have the perfect disguise for the area. Always and forever an Ohio State fan though. Go Bucks!


I’m taking the new #Indieweb WordPress by @pfefferle and man, this is really, really nice. I haven’t played with all the options yet but if you want to take the theme for a spin you can get it from GitHub. I’ll write more about it once I’m done putting it through its paces. More Indieweb themes is always better, more accessible themes is even better than that. This one is made of semantic HTML, Microformats, Microformats 2, and schema data. I haven’t explored the templates yet but it has full post kinds and post formats support as well.

201 McCormick Ave, State College, PA 1680170°F Mostly Clear


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Tech enthusiasts: My entire house is smart.

Tech workers: The only piece of technology in my house is a printer and I keep a gun next to it so I can shoot it if it makes a noise I don't recognize.

Haven't done a #FollowFriday in a while but it looks like it's time! Thank you @poetgrant for reminding me!

@emsenn for their persistence in stance on a given topic

@blaubachn for their great convos relating to NodeJS

@geniusmusing for their relevant comic references

@DistroJunkie because they're tired of IT and need some love!

@fribbledom for their opinions regarding style in coding

That's all I can think of today!

tech... in one disgusting tweet. Ugh.
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I saw this pop up on a Facebook page I USED to follow. Seriously? They have nothing better to do than to make fun of women?
This is one of the few reasons it's so important for me to become a developer.

#WomenWhoCode #womenIntech

Ladies and gentlemen, we have federation! You can follow me on the fediverse at “@Amanda@www.arush.io” without quotes. This way I have one less place to syndicate to. Looking forward to it.


Hey I'm trying to make rent happen and after this work week, will need anywhere from $500 - $700 after some previous setbacks. And if you can't donate, can you please boost this?


When SMTP developers meet in real life they greet each other with a secret handshake, consisting of a misspelling of the word hello and listing their skills

Thanks to everyone who helped make the first #CopyleftConf a success; the #FOSDEM video team, speakers, volunteers and of course, attendees!! Please let us know what we can do to make next year even better.

Re-sharing because it was a good commercial showcasing good people (who have likely kicked my but online) and good tech.
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Just aired: Our #SuperBowl commercial.
When everybody plays, we all win.
microsoft.com/en-us/empowering #SBLIII

Still some of the best advice for programmers:

Don't be clever. Be obvious.

A 604 word post outlining one of my tactics for dealing with clients who refuse my accessibility recommendations: adrianroselli.com/2019/02/a-st
(featuring Neil)

I think the thing I like least about winter is that both strawberries and cherries are unavailable. I’m craving both right now. And by cherries, I mean the ones that feel and taste like very small plumbs. I can eat those things by the bowlfull any day of the week.

This weekend has taught me that, like so many things in life, being part of the is not the most straight forward thing you can choose to do, but if you really want to be there, you’ll find a way.

It’s time to clip my nails again because they’re getting in the way of typing. Also, today is my birthday which means I can do whatever I want. I have ten beers left, and since it’s my birthday I’m going to start drinking them by 9AM simply because I feel like it, and if stuff gets done... arush.io/94417-2/

Firefox: “You are about to close 33 tabs. Are you sure you want to continue?” Me: “Well not really but since you’ve decided to throw a temper tantrum and hog every resource you can find I suppose I have no choice but to close everything down and then re-open everything and log back into... arush.io/94416-2/

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