Today’s picture is also from last week while Wil and Denise were in town and is two ducks on a pond.

I’m up because my Apple Watch’s vibrations startled me awake and I needed some water and can’t fall back to sleep. Anyway, it’s just under 24 hours and I still haven’t been notified by Facebook that my archive is ready for download.

“If you did not request a copy of your Facebook information, your account may be compromised. Please take steps to secure your account.” I wonder how many people see that message and immediately think their Facebook account’s been hacked? I’d love to think that Facebook is just looking ...

Quick note to that Twitter is explicitly disconnecting Bridgy access. Don’t know if this is temporary or not but syndication and retrieving responses will be wonky for now if you’re using it.

True friendship is when you can reply to each other’s Apple Watch workouts with insults.

I have some more pins I need to collect on and the one I’m going for now is the Photo Challenge pin. Image recognition says there are three ducks in this one, and it was taken while Wil and Denise were in town last week

Attending VST Americas as well. It’s been a busy but productive night.

I lucked out and came across an announcement for this week’s Homebrew Website Club meetup in San Francisco by way of the Indieweb stream and I’m going to attend. It’ll give me an excuse for some structured work on the two websites I’m working on, this one and Customer Servant consultanc...

'“Sysadmin” is just another way to say “professional patcher.” It’s like you’re a roofer, but indoors and with different tar.' - #fmjail


@staticsafe and @chosafine take this week to talk about all of the major computing hardware releases this season. We also have a candid and very 🔥 discussion on just what exactly is a computer.

Shades Of Brown Episode 73: Monthly Arch Linux Installs On A Dell Latitude

I ran across a tweet yesterday that had eight hashtags. If you’re adding that many hashtags to a tweet you really need to go to your room and think about what you’ve done because people get annoyed after any more than three and yes, there are data to back this up.

If I have set things up correctly, I should now be automatically syndicating to Twitter,, and Mastodon. Still don’t know about reactions coming in from Mastodon yet but we’ll find out.

Does anybody out there know of a self-hosted scrobbler server that isn't Nobody's touched that codebase in years and I wasn't able to get it to install anyway.

Please boost?

When are we going to get other companies like #dell, #Microsoft, #Cisco, and so on into the fediverse? I see this as a great step forward particularly for tech companies. Since they have no problems getting their news out. Need to get it out to even more places.

I thought I read somewhere that Mastodon now supports webmention. Is this true or am I mistaken, and if so, does that mean that if I syndicate a post from any URL linked in my profile and with a corresponding rel="me" on said sites that reactions will come in from Mastodon copies?

Freeform playing. Ideas for the sake of ideas. PHone on top of piano, mono, vibrates a bit and sounds weird but doesn't matter too much. Also piano needs a tune, I'm waiting to get paid then I'll call my favourite guy up to rectify that. In the meantime:

We're getting yet more torrential rain today from yet more remnants of yet another hurricane. I wish I could have stayed in bed all day because listening to it is making me very sleepy.[...]

That time you installed a plugin, realize it has no user interface, and you need to change its output, so you have to start digging through the code to find out where it stores the option in the database and then go manually change the value in said database.[...]

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