That time you started writing a really long, detailed response to something you read, but you have to put it on hold because you really do need to get to work on actual work-related stuff.

Matt Mullenweg has revised his definition of “democratize publishing” to specifically include people of all backgrounds, interests, and abilities, and I think this is noteworthy:

I’ve set aside some time this afternoon/evening to upgrade my two WordPress installs so that they support full unicode and don’t break my pasted Hebrew or emojis. One of them, (this one), is a rather large database with close to twenty years of content in it, and I don’t want to lose an...

In actual “Internet of Shit” news, a smart diaper has been unveiled at this year’s CES. It’s a wearable that attaches to a diaper and sends notifications to your phone to alert you of the diaper being full, among other things. The intended use is so that parents and caregivers will act ...

Oh look! The White House is sharing anecdotes with no sources and playing fast and loose with statistics again, and topping it off with an appeal to emotion. This is called propaganda. But yeah, the media. If you’re still spouting the “But the media!” excuse I am no longer interested in...

“Buttered Popcorn Oreos Are Reportedly Coming Soon And They’ll Change Movie Nights Forever”. No, no they will not, and if you come over to my house to watch movies and I find out you brought them to share I will ban you from my house until you repent of your error.

Skipping the president’s speech tonight. I have more important things to do, like actual work. I’ll just read the transcript and then post it later interspersed with the best Twitter commentary and fisking.

Friends don’t let friends use Microsoft Word for anything other than word processing.

“God will provide” is more often than not a platitude uttered by pious fools who are unwilling to put in the effort to help either themselves or their fellow humans.

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