I entered the USA while still in Canada, and then I'm back in Canada waiting for my flight to the USA.

And one thought only the Brits are crazy...

Upside of being sick: according to my watch I got plenty of sleep the last week...

Why we can't have good things, and also why it's a long way to any : the room service just turned on the dish washer - for 2 dirty glasses.

What a waste, and the noise ...

This morning reported: "Trump outraged about a lot in Tweets (except Muslims massacre)".

I wonder how long it will take #45 to claim that this is ... All he has to do is to check his own Twitter feed.

Internet access at home is down, actually for the entire village. Will last a few days until the only cable is repaired.

Good thing I made sure that the home automation works without internet access.

Only notifications are not delivered, but I can get over that.

Nun da das britische Unterhaus kein drittes Mal über den abstimmen wird, sollte man sie vielleicht wirklich einfach ziehen lassen. Harter Exit, so sehr das vielleicht auch weh tun wird.

Und dann schauen wie lange sie denken das war ein guter Zug.


Internet for the entire village at home is down, because someone cut a cable. Prediction for restoring service is one week.

The Internet was once built to survive nuclear disasters. These days all it needs is an excavator.

P.S.: Good thing I picked this week for travel.

After 3 days of flying and driving around (TLV-IST-TXL-Chemnitz-TXL-FRA-JFK), I needed some time to relax. What better than go running in Central Park in New York? Aimed to keep the heart beat at a constant rate, and speed up and slowed down as required.

Not sure self-driving cars can ever navigate in New York, except if they drive ruthless and careless. Pedestrians basically don't care about red lights, and just walk if there is a spot. A well-behaved car will be blocked forever, waiting for all pedestrians to go away.

Listened to the podcast on the way to , and learned that there is a growing number of UK people who just want to get done, and get over it.

No matter if it comes with a deal attached or not.

That is a very dangerous mindset!

The kid started a call to bring all the Tux visiting together.

I think 23 Linux Tux in one picture is a very nice result!

When flying from to you have to pass security again. Hilarious!

I mean, hey, you are coming from Tel Aviv ...

Stage for today: talking at , about data types (still a hot topic, it seems).

The Sony projector does not work with the Mac laptop, therefore we are streaming a full day workshop over the internet to another Windows laptop in the same room.

But otherwise we are down to Earth!

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