is over, next year's conference is announced. Time for dinner with friends, and !

@ La Versilia, Milan, Italy

Morning run to the Duomo di Milano

Milan has a serious parking problem, many crossings and pedestrian ways are blocked by cars.

~1 TB of private

Can someone recommend a filesystem which can spawn all these sticks? And ask for the next one, in case one is not plugged in? ;-)

Look at this beauty!


What other kind of merchandise would you like to see?

Congestion and parking in Milan is so bad, that the ambulance can not pass on the way to the hospital. It had to slow down, and maneuver around the parked cars.

It's raining all day in Milan, someone has to appease Zeus with tasty !

The community is very diverse: 4 different people tried a Playlist during packing the bags earlier today. Every attempt was voted down almost instantly.

In the end someone picked the "Elephant Playlist", and we listened to it because of the name.

And now Spotify will push this to me forever, because algorithms...

Schweiz, auf 1801 Meter: voller 4G Empfang

In könnte man sich überlegen ob man Edge hat. Oder gar keinen Empfang.

And of course I will have !

Still though...
(remember, that hash tag needs to be trending this week)

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