You know when you’re boppin’ through life just minding your own business, and a song pulls up alongside you and matches your speed? Can’t will it to happen, or invite it; can’t go looking for it; just happens. And eventually you look up and over, catch its gaze, and—this is my favorite part—suddenly you can’t remember *not* knowing the damn thing. It’s part of you now, always has been.

LANCELOT: Barkeep! Pray tell the name of the rum drink thou didst make for me time upon last

BARTENDER: ‘Twas a Dark ‘n’ Stormy, knight

clutched in its arms
mountain persimmons

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I get panicky when I reach for an old album and it’s not on any streaming service, and the CD is no longer in print, and there’s only one very recently created copy on YouTube 😣

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Proud to welcome my first-ever bot to Mastodon. It was originally launched in November 2015 on birdsite.

If you’re into this sort of thing, Mastodon 2.6 provides a native mechanism for showing you own a particular link in your profile ✨️

(🎩 h/t @foozmeat)

the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was adding Apple Pay support to Hover’s checkout page

In other words, in your view is that

1️⃣ A mortal sin, never to be done
2️⃣ Fine, but only with attribution
3️⃣ Not a problem at all
4️⃣ _______________


Art or art-adjacent folks, would it bother you to learn that someone (“someone” 😅) had assembled a small palette of colors based on your work?

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Please try my newest music transcription-and-archival service, Note to Shelf

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