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Some might already know me, some don't. Here's a short and limited overview.

I'm Jeroen and a generalist programmer / system administrator.

Feel free to ask about

Programming: ++

Aside of that, I dabble in

Yep, Mastodon (Fediverse, whatever) discoverability is still a shitshow.

#spectre / #meltdown reality check over at the xorl blog:

"The only real victim that this attack is more valuable than privilege escalation attacks is shared hosting providers. Whether that is virtual machines, containers, or anything similar. Those exploitation techniques break the sole business model of those companies. Huge players [..] are selling exactly what Meltdown & Spectre proved that it doesn’t exist, high quality isolation between shared resources."

From Reddit: PSA: Rust 1.24, currently in beta, has two important changes for compilation speed: first, rustc now parallelizes code generation (with ThinLTO); second, Cargo has enabled incremental recompilation for non-release builds.

From bird site:
"""Your team may have someone who claims that "Git is easy to use once you learn it." Do not let this person near anything customer-facing."""

I wholehearedly concur.

The more I read about #spectre and #meltdown, the less I am worried on #OpenBSD.

Some of the dependencies that Google's P0 paper uses are not available. E.g. OpenBSD's syscalls are actual syscalls with context switches, instead of a shared memory region between kernel/userland.

I'm *not* saying that OpenBSD is immune. And I'm sure that we'll change something because of this.

By the way, be careful updating to freetype 2.8.1, it seems to cause visual glitches for many applications that depend on wrong assumptions in the past. Also affects a fair amount of Electron-based apps due to Skia and code copied from freetype.

Haha, so around ~45000 people are watching Jeff Kaplan sitting quietly in front of a fireplace?

After installing/updating to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the display appears corrupted/flashes green

Fixed in Windows 10 update that will come soon.

But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
— William Butler Yeats

Crytek sues Star Citizen developers for breach of contract and copyright infringement:

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