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Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven

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Some might already know me, some don't. Here's a short and limited overview.

I'm Jeroen and a generalist programmer / system administrator.

Feel free to ask about

Programming: ++

Aside of that, I dabble in

Just replaced my TP-Link router/AP with an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X and AC-AP-Lite. This is the stuff I wanted for years without having to use a custom ROM. Recommended.

There we go, 5 more Kiva loans. Surpassed 100 loans today.

Mmm, instead of From Software's Shadow Tower it might also be a Tenchu sequel?

So From Software teases something new? Is this a Shadow Tower sequel/reimagining?

oh jesus fucking christ this is the best description of humanity ever

Nice, searching for "the game awards" on Google even has the nominee lists on the right-hand side in the knowledge section.

Interesting video on the topic of crunch and mismanagement at CD Projekt Red:

For others, if you find your Linux WiFi MAC address is randomizing, you might need these configuration options:

The bottom two might need to change to "stable" (as per nm-settings(5)).

Am I in the minority of actually liking the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 voices?

Every time you write code that requires Chrome or CEF or Electron, just remember: you are giving Google control over you and your users.

You are letting them dictate what you can and cannot do. You are letting them view your user's potentially private activities (URLs are always sent to Google without Debian's patch set).

You are becoming a part of their toxic culture, their neocapitalism.

Remember that.

"Meeple Like Us is engaged in mapping out the accessibility landscape of board-games, providing comprehensive accessibility teardowns of popular titles."

Holy Ship! My team and I at Altitude Games have been (and are currently still) working hard on this game and finally, you can give it a try!

Set sail with an adorable and quirky crew of animal pirates, collect treasure, upgrade your ship, and fight epic bosses! This game is in Early Access/Open Beta so it's still in development - perfect time for you to leave us your feedback. 😁

We teamed up with Big Fish Games as our publisher to make this happen!

The 2D art team and I worked on concept art for the maps/BGs, characters, and ships; UI art/icons; textures and turnarounds for 3D models.

Available on Google Play here:

#gameart #holyship #pirates #gamedev #mobilegames