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For you parents out there, please pay attention to this PSA from Ann Reardon at 10:15 in the video.

Fucking hell, just realised MMMBop is from 1997. These brothers are now 42, 39, and 37.

Oh time...

So what's the process in the USA of getting an obviously biased judge removed from a case?

Seriously, fuck Elon Musk and his takes.

If you want to know why, just see his idiotic take on the Russian war on Ukraine and a possible "peace".

Seeing the amount of products Google has put in the graveyard over the years, tell me exactly why, when I have to recommend SaaS solutions within the organisations I work at and deal with, I should recommend their products?

One downside to is that I sometimes nail the series, but then have failed because of finding the *exact* entry in the series. Some sequels are really more visually alike than you think. 😞

Anyone have contact details for abuse/privacy folks They conveniently do not list them on their site nor does their online form help at all.

Everything in WoW Shadowlands makes me ask the question: why do you dislike your players so much?

So many mechanics that suck the joy of playing right out.

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Which means you lose more currency and yet again more currency.

Stuff you normally find in itty bitty teensy amounts. Like 1 or 2 on a mob. And you lose easily over 200-300. 🤷‍♂️

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The designer that thought WoW Shadowlands needed a Dark Souls-like corpse run mechanic to recover currency really needs to take a good hard look at themselves.

With the jailer 5 debuff, it's nigh impossible to get to your corpse or sanctuary before dying at least 2 more times.

Even after the Bank of England intervened with their £65 billion buying of government bonds, it looks like the GBP is falling against the USD/EUR again.

Funny how some UK financial news mention USD, but not EUR, despite being EU being largest trading partner of the UK. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Wait, what? Sony paired the PS5 disc drive to the motherboard? What kind of braindead idea is that from a repair perspective.

Ah yes, new Italian prime minister already going heavy on the "us" vs "them" rhetoric.

Classic fascist playbooks. Have enough of that bullshit in my country already, thanks.

Remastered version of the Wrath of the Lich King cinematic. Still one of the best cinematics in gaming history, I think.

JA21 haalt even de typische conservatief Christelijke punten van de Republikeinen uit de VS aan als het gaat om die aanpassing van de transgenderwet.

"Wat als een persoon misbruik zou maken?"

Typisch TERF-gedrag. Tevens een slippery slope fallacy.

So my opinion on Return to Monkey Island will be the same as for Thimbleweed park:

Great story, aesthetics, music - thoroughly let down by the ending.

I wonder why people configure Postfix' smtpd_tls_protocols and smtpd_tls_mandatory_protocols by listing all they do not want to support (e.g. !SSLv2 !SSLv3) instead of doing >=TLSv1.2

Uservoice has got to be one of those systems you send your end-users to in order to give them a feeling of "we're listening", whilst you simultaneously ignore them.

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