After four years, Facebook gets its Free Basics. I am sure there is an analog in the annals of East India Company where one Maharaja or another signed a treaty.


இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

Is the key that we are trained to hold two contrarian views at the same time? One when we perceive we are in the "in" and another when we are in the "out"?

Life is different if you do not accept the Law of Excluded Middle. <sarcasm>

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This story fails to explore the riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, It says,"Indian Americans have been among the most liberal subset of Asian American voters." It also states that Trump "marvel[ed] at the visiting Indian leader’s popularity with Indian Americans, including many who had traveled long distances."

I am in the process of reading this rather lengthy interview w Chandrasekhar. You may also find it interesting.

As we proudly note Nadella's opposition to CAA, we should also recall his criticism of Trump's children separation policy.

[Ability to listen to and "interact" with other instances by a non-conforming, banned instance] is a flaw in the current design in the Mastodon software, and to some degree the Activity Pub [...]. There is a lot of people [...] are working on different ways to deal with this issue [...] in by Blogghoran in

Do you know of any recent progress on this front?

TIL that "Nataraja six" is a thing in Cricket. Has there been any WI player with dreads who has hit one? That would be more fit. :-)

Being a Madurai guy, has there been a batsman who has hit a Nataraja six but with the other leg? "Kaal marri aadinar"

Does anyone here know how does CAB bill treat atheists? They are not persecuted in those countries?

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Have you heard about Trunk for the Fediverse? 

...I hadn't - discovered it earlier this afternoon. Very interesting!

Made a series of Toots about it, and since I started a new blog (finally), a blog post with the same content and polish, text formatting, etc.

Find out about Trunk for Fediverse -

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This approach - guest access, instead of standard federation - is useful among social sharing apps as well. Radically diff way to deliver on the objectives of . makes sense in tech world as well.

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Now everybody goes around saying "Of course" when somebody talks about guest access instead of federation. But I was a minority of 1 some 12 years back and one person whose co is advocating a new federation protocol snickered from the judges' panel. And so it goes.

WikiTribune (stylized as WikiTRIBUNE) is a news wiki where volunteers write and curate articles about widely publicised news by proofreading, fact-checking, suggesting possible changes, and adding sources from other, usually long established outlets.

I got on it today. Skeptical but willing to experiment. Join me in this experiment.

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If you think a single person is just too small to make a difference, you should read up on Jadav Payeng, the "Forest Man of India".

When he was 16 he started planting trees on a deforested sandbar. He made it a habit of planting at least one tree every single day - over the course of the last four decades.

His forest now encompasses an area of about 1,360 acres / 550 hectares and is home to not only over one hundred elephants, but also monkeys, tigers and deer.

Be the change you desire!

This being a bastion of Fediverse, I thought there will be many toots about . But I could find only a limited number.

It allows for federation of 1-1 messaging nodes, but with no need for federation. Intrigued? Sign up for a limited time free node to experience Skype-like messaging system at

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The future internet regulation (comparing Twitter, Facebook & Mastodon model)- @aral at the European Parliament-

15. Anand Mahindra and Jaspreet Bindra is looking to create a new kind of Social Network, from India. They prefer that it is built on Blockchain nad uses a different business model, where your data is not sold without your permission. I hope design principles enumerated in this series of toots will help you to develop a proposal for their consideration.

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14. There are other instances that need careful consideration so the point made in toot #6. We have designed a social sharing system that incorporates these points, but we are not yet ready to make it public. But 1-1 messaging system is ready for your evaluation. Take a look at

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