All the community events that are coming this dub-dub and so many digital lounges. It makes me feel like there’s just no way I can keep up!

Then I remembered this jewel from @dimsumthinking from a couple of years ago... as fresh as new!

Excited about what's coming for the iOS platform this coming dub-dub? Join us and let's experience it together 🥳

Thanks to Globant for the collaboration!

No importa si eres junior o senior. Todos tenemos mucho que aprender para hacer nuestras comunidades más diversas, igualitarias e inclusivas. Esta conversación entre Jorge Ortiz, Diego Freniche y Céline Dedaj está llena de buenas ideas para ir andando el camino 👏

Me (in a solo project):
- linting is overrated 😤

Also me (in a new, messy project):
- thank God there is linting 🙏

Again me (back to my solo project and after 3 days of full-on linting):
- this could use some linting 😇

I think the code editor landscape is having similar troubles as browsers.

One (VSCode) has grown so much out of proportion which would be fine if it wasn’t backed by a corp with infinite appetite for user data.

Remember the TextMate language grammars that work across different editors?

The web as an open standard is a massive let-down. Not a week goes by that I don't have to use Chrome to get a site to work. I use multiple browsers: Safari, Firefox, DuckDuckGo... but eventually all paths lead to Chrome 😩

I guess sci-fi movies have been doing a great work at preparing us for the most capable machines. It is important not to gloss over the details of how we get to those machines though, as this is the time to set the expectations of what is a well-designed system.

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This survey on the current capabilities and scope of AI was answered by ~1.5k US adults. Only 16% passed. Most mistakes attributed AI far greater capacities than are currently possible, such as general purpose intelligence or machines that can program themselves.

I Am Mother is a post-apocalyptic sci fi film made in Australia. With its three main characters all female; 2 human and 1 robot (the titular Mother), it definitely passes the Bechtel Test. If you're willing to let Mother and Daughter count as names on a technicality that is (they do fit the premise).

#films #SciFi #BechtelTest

There’s these people I respect for their ideas... yet I have trouble getting past their constant swearing and profanity. How does swearing help? If anything, it makes arguments weaker, because they become emotional and biased, rather than thoughtful and insightful

It is truly remarkable what the Swift team did: radically depart from Objective-C, yet be fully interoperable with. The trade-offs that went with it and the regrets, but mostly... what a strong vision from the start! It all makes me appreciate even more. Must watch!

Gig economy workers are being abused by their platforms, which surveil them routinely. If you care about algorithm transparency, kindly consider signing this petition.


Please boost:

A screen reader for Linux (GUI) is being developed in Rust. If anyone knows Rust and would like to help, or to just view the great work taking shape here, see:

#a11y #accessibility #blind #screenreader #coding #rust

Let’s meet up in person again! Announcing a get-together in Málaga next Thu 18th November. No fixed agenda, just bring your own topics or simply enjoy some conversation in a casual environment. Meeting held outside, face masks kindly requested.Can’t wait!

@protonvpn a recent article on VPN transparency and trust from reveals that “ProtonVPN, whose app uses customers’ email addresses for advertising”.

Would you kindly elaborate on this, please? Is it possible to opt out as a paying user and long-time supporter?

What a great manifesto pro remote/location-flexible work from one of the most successful teams during the pandemic! Every argument is perfectly crafted and supported by core values *and* outstanding results.

Apple leadership, your move now.

Encantados de que Alfredo Bautista nos cuente todo sobre en nuestra próxima sesión de meetup, nuevamente online.

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