Spots are running out for our next session on with Olmo Gallegos hosted by DobleMitad and sponsored by Karumi. Are you going to miss it?

Dear @gitlab, after reading this, I am ashamed to be using your product:

We will stop using it as soon as we can manage to and I will stop recommending you to others. Unlike you, we don’t associate with folks incompatible with our values.

Shame on you.


Jake Stika from Next Gen Men tells us about stepping out of the "man box". We need more of this.

In our next session on with Olmo Gallegos, we will give away this book, generously donated by the Ray Wenderlich team.
Just sign up in the platform and show up for a chance to win. It's massive at nearly 700 pages and packed with examples! 🤓

I'm confused about when is required. App Store guidelines are inconsistent. Say you have your own account sign in mechanism *and* social login. Must you implement "sign in with Apple"?

Whether you're a 3D object designer or maker, stop using the STL format and switch to 3MF now!

Not only will you get smaller files, it can also handle and store more information like geometry, units, material & properties, or color data.

Refactor or rewrite? On this topic @protonmail is phasing out their version for a new one based on . We are all looking forward to an improved design (high contrast, finally!), as well as Drive and Calendar 👏

ProtonMail Version 4.0 is the launchpad for ProtonCalendar, ProtonDrive, and even more privacy tools. Watch this video to meet the team who's building it. (Open beta coming soon!)

"Facebook no es un aliado, no es un amigo. Apenas es un servicio realmente útil. Facebook es un depredador. Facebook es la reencarnación de todos los errores que hemos cometido en nuestras políticas y leyes en los últimos 30 años. Es el fantasma que ha venido a atormentarnos."

"veremos que el mundo de las redes y del software va a ser más seguro, más difícil de comprometer [...]por otro lado, los gobiernos y compañías incluirán vulnerabilidades para su propia explotación, creando debilidades sistémicas que serán inevitablemente descubiertas por otros"

A small UIImage extension to resize images, shamelessly lifted off StackOverflow. While images should generally be the right size in the assets for best results, I find this handy for prototyping 🤓

This is the "before" and "after" significant code, now moving the UI-instantiating code from the AppDelegate to the new SceneDelegate.
The bit that got me was to instantiate the UIWindow with UIWindow(windowScene:) as opposed to UIWindow(frame:)

When creating a new project by default you get the following new item in the Info.plist file.
(This is considering you don't want multiple window support, as before iOS13)

TIL if you create a new project in Xcode 11 targeting iOS13, then business as usual for your programmatically instantiated viewcontrollers won't work. One needs to consider the new SceneDelegate lifecycle.
(Only if you don't instantiate from storyboard)

Announcing our next session for Oct 24th, this time on kotlinx.coroutines with
Olmo Gallegos, hosted by DobleMitad and sponsored by

Seriously considering dumping Telegram app altogether due to animated sticker overload. Perfectly fine adults spreading them all over the place for no good reason... I wish I could turn them to static emoji on my view.

‪“...what happens when women do negotiate. Often they end up worse off than if they’d kept their mouths shut... Women who negotiated faced a penalty 5.5 times that faced by men.”‬

‪Raising awereness of key issues one week at a time in the excellent newsletter of Equity leaders

Attackers are spreading fake versions of Proton apps to gain access to people’s devices. Learn how to protect your device from fake Proton apps:

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