What a great manifesto pro remote/location-flexible work from one of the most successful teams during the pandemic! Every argument is perfectly crafted and supported by core values *and* outstanding results.

Apple leadership, your move now.


Encantados de que Alfredo Bautista nos cuente todo sobre en nuestra próxima sesión de meetup, nuevamente online.


Guest post on how to fix the stretched launch screen image when using the new app lifecycle.

Thanks to Daniel Bernal for providing the initial guide and for hosting this article 🙏


@aral what is your take on the Digital Markets Act and what is the best way to engage with policy-makers to avoid having it watered-down? Thanks.

I have exchanged LazyVStack for a regular VStack because the former would skip and jump in the scrolling, while the latter would perform spotlessly. We are talking of maybe ~100 rows of text and shapes, nothing too complex, maybe lazy stacks are only for heavy duty rows? 🤔

I’ve wondered a few times if a tip-jar could be added to iOS apps and I just read this in the update App Store guidelines:
“Apps may use in-app purchase currencies to enable customers to “tip” the developer or digital content providers in the app.”
Is this the first mention ever?

I’ve made available the sample program from my talk at the University of Málaga on performance optimizations for apps. You can follow the example commit by commit and go from a most naive implementation of a scrollable list of posters to a smooth experience.


Handy units converter directly in spotlight on the mac 📏

New video support in GitHub… no more converting screen video captures to animated gif for comments 🥳

This has to mean something… last day of 2020 and 666 ratings for

Running out of space in my 32 GB iPad, which basically breaks many apps off-line mode since it “intelligently” offloads iCloud content, and wondering why… then digging into the storage settings and noticing 10GB+ of system files in 😳

How much funding did you take? $0

What's your marketing budget then? $0

You must have a great sales strategy? We don't do sales

You must use tons of sneaky website elements to trick people? None

You can grow without being annoying and without supporting the adtech.


Trying iPad apps for Apple Silicon in the M1 and the App Store doesn’t recognise a paid app and wants to charge again under the “iPhone and iPad apps” tab 🤔 Going to the purchases shows the app with the cloud download icon though and works as expected 👍

The era of AI-generated click-bait is here:

"Porr says he wanted to prove that GPT-3 could be passed off as a human writer. Indeed, despite the algorithm’s somewhat weird writing pattern and occasional errors, only three or four of the dozens of people who commented on his top post on Hacker News raised suspicions that it might have been generated by an algorithm. All those comments were immediately downvoted by other community members."

Going over the agreement, revising my legal address and being blocked for invalid entry. I check and everything’s fine. Go into the forums and find the answer “just click 3 times to solve the problem”… and it surely works! 😳

TIL you can designate the heir of your GitHub account 😐

Getting feedback from a designer friend on and they totally love it! Totally sold on it. In contrast, I have seen so much whining from the developer community. Each one, with their own biases and priorities, seeing the same thing totally different. Live to learn!

The video from our session with Kai Dombrowski and Malin Sundberg on being using is now available!

They break down all sort of juicy details about the development of their app Orbit, available for and . Check it out!


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