The quiz for our next session is ready! The part has question on Jetpack, Kotlin, DarkTheme, architecture, notifications, Bubbles, Room, and more. Join us for some fun time with friends.

The "iPad for Mac" app example is a recipe app and the one that's favourited is "marzipan" 😉

3/3 Just use code autocomplete for the new initializer and we can save the day.

All in all, I see a lot of flak about how buggy/difficult to work with is SwiftUI and for the revolution it really means, the software is not that bad. You should have seen prototyping compilers!

2/3 Trick #1: comment out bits of offending code and new sources of errors are revealed. Here the problem shows in the ScrollView, which has changed its API.

The suggested fix doesn't quite work and the current documentation for the initializer is not in synch with the library, so manual inspection with "jump to definition" is required.

1/3 With Xcode 11 beta 3 there are some API changes to (as it's normal with beta software, of course). This example exemplifies one important aspect of SwiftUI though, which is error messages: they can be quite misleading.

The problem here is *not* in the VStack.

Putting together the questions for the quiz for our next meetup session. The iOS part will have questions on Xcode, Catalina, SwiftUI, Combine, iPadOS, Create ML app, and more. Test your knowledge and have fun with friends!

Buried as a lightning-talk in a 2018 session, Apple already introduced many of the principles of with "Layout-Driven UI", which auto-updates to state changes avoiding inconsistencies, paired with interruptible and reversible animations 🧐

TIL whereas iPhone marketing images display 9:41 in the status bar because that was the time the iPhone was revealed to the world on the 2007 keynote, the Apple Watch displays 10:09 because that's how the hands look best in analog faces according to the designers 🙃

MacBook becoming unresponsive and checking activity monitor. What is this facebook thing taking 20% of CPU and so much CPU time? I don't even have facebook open!

For all intents and purposes, facebook is malware.

Join our interactive quiz session next Thu 18th July at Le Grand Cafe Centro for fun and drinks before the summer break.

could also be a nudge for developers to create native clients instead of existing electron apps to improve the UX on the Mac.

Some changes coming to iOS, such as the direct manipulation of the text insertion point or the context menus, are making the platform more desktop-like, which converges with macOS apps.

The bigger picture of the changes to iOS development introduced in is how to make development for Apple platforms converge. It was repeatedly said how easy it was to target apps with and to all platforms.

Announcing on July 4th and 5th and joining the Declaration of Digital Independence.

‪A thorough and demolishing case against Facebook in this podcast by Sam Harris. Must listen!‬


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