On holidays already? Not yet? Whatever the case, why not join a relaxed conversation with fellow professionals around mobile? Check out our session next Wednesday! 🤓


We got the slides and video for our last session with Mustafa Yusuf online at our repo: github.com/MalagaMobile/sessio

Now there are exactly zero excuses to get started on that side project to conquer the world! 🚀

Announcing our next session with a new format 🙃 Virtual hangout!

Just come and speak up your mind, ask burning questions, or just exchange ideas. Open to all in the community.


By popular demand, we are updating the time slot for this session: new time is 18:30 to 20:30 GMT+2. Don't miss out this great opportunity to exchange with our guest on what it takes to build your own apps.

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Next Thursday is our online session with Mustafa Yusuf, author of "Lingo - Pocket School" and the "The Task App" on how to build *that* side project. Join for free while there are spots left!


Question re: video meetings: is it polite or impolite to leave your camera feed on? I get the muting thing because it prevents feedback and background noises. I think it fosters better connection to leave the camera on, but then if I'm the odd one... I don't know 🤷‍♂️

Announcing our next online session with exceptional guest Mustafa Yusuf, author of "Lingo - Pocket School" and "The Task App": “Build that Side Project”. Insider tips on how to get from idea to the App Store 🤩

The video from our meetup session on architecture with Rafael Ortega Lupión is now available:


Zoom is trying to clean their image by enabling EE2E to all their users. You only have to confirm your phone and surrender other personal data too 😑


We are sold out for our next online session on software architecture for using principles with , by Rafael Ortega Lupión from sync. If you are interested, do sign up for the waiting list, there is often movement one or two days before a session.


Our next online session, this time on architecture with by Rafael Ortega Lupión, will be next 18th June. Get your free spot before they run out!


Talking to my friends in tech and most of them are holding the same opinion: no need to go back to an office... ever

Announcing our next meetup session: modern architecture with Rafa Ortega.

We continue to organize online sessions. All content will be in English and everyone is welcome. Book your spot today!


I hope I can get the iOS14 beta on the iPhone 7, which is my secondary device. Most probably, and new versions will require the new macOS as well... wondering if my 2013 MBP will take the new macOS 🤔

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Ever since I started doing development I've wanted to take the WWDC week off but I never did/could. This year I will finally do it... yet I don't see myself binge watching videos all day... then again maybe I'll do just that. What will you do for ?

The video from our last session with @MrChrisBarker on is now available. Check it out for a deep dive into SwiftUI's amazing capabilities… and shortcomings too!

Cuteness wins, or the story of how Duolingo fine-tuned their mascot for a gentler approach to language learning


is yet another step in an ever tighter vendor lock-in but... it's just right in every other way! One click and you are in, hiding your real email address and letting you provide a username of your choice. No signup form to go through, no password manager hassle.

My most used shortcuts:
* cmd+f for search in current file
* cmd+shift+f for search in project
* cmd+shift+j for locating the current file in the Project Navigator

And you?

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