The nice thing about old tech like radio is that, unlike my HomePod, it doesn’t randomly need 30 minutes of debugging before it starts playing music.

“The naming of things is a difficult matter / It isn’t just one of your holiday games / At first you may think I am mad as a hatter / when I tell you a channel must have three different names”. - T. S. Eliot using Slack

Apple’s News app includes Apple’s news digest, and unsubscribing is not an option. I’ll stick with apps where I’m in control.

Used to be that my iPhone had a dungeon folder of Apple apps I’d never use. Then they fixed that! Now I have a dungeon area on my watch only with no folder.

Forget Qi, I want a phone that can recharge from the AED machines in airports.

Anyone have a guess for macOS 10.15’s name? I’m going with “Salton Sea”.

Astronomers took a photo of a black hole so I’m wondering if they can find a bunch of Radars I filed with Apple.

The elevator at work got stuck for a while this morning and the building staff apparently rebooted it. Now I’m hoping it’s not on the internet somehow.

🆘 Red alert! 🆘 The family whose kids kept me awake for the entire flight to Tokyo are on my return flight!

It’s that time in travel when I’m embarrassed by the other Americans at the airport.

Success! Not many tourists get the experience of visiting the service department at Bic Camera.

Also I don’t have much time because I have a train to catch.

The next part of my Japanese adventure is trying to return a defective item to an electronics store.

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