Whoever decided to sell moon pies at the register at the liquor store is an evil genius.

“The wine is gluten free and vegan”. I.. uh... what? There’s another kind?

Looking forward to seeing many of you fine people next week at WWDC!

Sheesh, May 20 and we’ve had enough snow that trees are losing branches. I nearly got hit by one while driving.

Just watched “See You Yesterday”. Forget superhero movies, I’ll take the inner city time travelers any day. Best SF I’ve seen in a while.

I was searching for a WWDC related message in Mail and found this. Got kind of misty eyed over it. This was when I was still trying to figure out what Cocoa was.


I'm the new admin of the unofficial WWDC 2019 Slack team. If you want to join in, DM me an address to use. No WWDC ticket required.

iOS devs, is there any way to stop a phone from asking me for sandbox passwords? I’ve already logged out in Settings. atomicbird.com/share/Photo-201

I’m thinking I could take iOS’s speech recognition framework, recognize text from a video, feed the results into the speech synthesis framework and replace the original audio track. Don’t ask why, if it isn’t obvious then you’ll never understand.

I didn’t watch the big thing last weekend, or the other one, but the chatter has me wondering: What’s the statute of limitations for spoilers?

The nice thing about old tech like radio is that, unlike my HomePod, it doesn’t randomly need 30 minutes of debugging before it starts playing music.

“The naming of things is a difficult matter / It isn’t just one of your holiday games / At first you may think I am mad as a hatter / when I tell you a channel must have three different names”. - T. S. Eliot using Slack

Apple’s News app includes Apple’s news digest, and unsubscribing is not an option. I’ll stick with apps where I’m in control.

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