‪57: I'm Good With Blaming The British‬

‪This week we dive deep into language before Charlie gives us the low down on the movie subscription service


New episode!


Grab your drumsticks and throw a cymbal at someone because this week we’re reviewing the Oscar winning film: Whiplash!

New episode!

We're kicking off the new A-Town Book Club with "Hatching Twitter" by Nick Bilton, the dramatic telling of Twitter's crazy inception


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


This week we watch the ambitious, financial flop that @DanLitz originally walked out of in theaters

Did he have a change of heart? Listen to find out!

55: For All You Facebook Lovers Out There

This week we talk follow-up, Dan's big boy project, hot air balloons, and preview the upcoming movies of the year


54: The Crossover Event Everyone’s Been Waiting For - with Dani Wright

This special crossover episode Charlie sits down with @dpwright of @station13 to do a deep dive into : the technical details, the good, the bad, and the ramifications of some of its fundamental decisions


Jaws: Fallen Kingdom (The Meg)


This week we review . A Melvillian tale about a man overcoming his demons to live again, The Meg will surely delight the poets in us all for ages to come. So buckle up in your Naboo ships and prepare to enter the trench!

Got a poll up on Twitter so you can tell us which Water Tower design the people of Hamburg (Hamburgers?) should vote for!


Let your voice be heard!

53: Making Salads We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants


This week we cover social apps Letterboxd and Rabbit before diving into some action from NY.

We then finish off with an exploration of

52: Coffee Cola and New Social Media


Charlie tries , Dan tries . Join us on our accidental social media special and chase it down with a coffee cola!


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