A Brazilian court has authorized homegrown cultivation for medical reasons for a very limited number of patients.

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LGBTQ+ rights documentary, Cannabis Buyers Club debuted at Tribeca Film Festival.

Marijuana reform pioneer, Dennis Peron is the subject of this four-part documentary, named after the private community he founded in San Francisco.

The narrative revolves around one of the 20th century’s most significant LGBTQ+ rights battles. When a new disease threatens his community, rogue cannabis dealer, Peron becomes the leader of a movement to help, cure, and fight back.

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"Enjoy yourselves, smoke up!"

Mayor Eric Adams promises New Yorkers he will not take a heavy-handed approach to dealing with illicit sales of marijuana before sales are fully legal within the state.

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Andrew Baines was apprehended while in possession of a haul worth £10,000, and 30 plants, at his home in Lincoln, East Midlands. His potential sentence was up to 15 years in prison.

Baines was not sentenced to prison when it was discovered that he exclusively provided cannabis products to those who were terminally sick or suffering from cancer.

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The North Carolina Senate has passed Senate Bill 711, the North Carolina Compassionate Care Act, which would allow patients with a range of medical ailments to use MMJ. The proposed legislation will next be considered by the House of Representatives.

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Guam’s regulations for adult recreational cannabis went into effect after the legislature failed to act on them. Legislators had 90 days after the bill’s submission to pass, amend, or reject the regulations.

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An agreement has been reached between two New Mexico tribes and state officials, which acknowledges the tribes’ authority to collect taxes on the sale of cannabis products. These agreements ensure participating tribes will benefit from New Mexico’s newly founded recreational cannabis industry.

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The federal government of Canada will give British Columbia permission to conduct an experiment legalizing the possession of small quantities of narcotics for the purpose of reducing the incidence of fatal overdoses. The trial will run for three years.

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Have you ever considered the notion that smoking joints and eating sushi may be a perfect match?
Even better, you can learn how to roll joints and sushi like a master in this unique workshop session!

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Legislation signed by Governor McKee makes Rhode Island the 19th state to legalize and regulate adult-use recreational cannabis.
The Rhode Island Cannabis Act permits individuals over 21 to possess, buy, and cultivate cannabis.

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TeaPot is a new line of cannabis-infused iced teas that have been introduced by The Boston Beer Company, makers of a number of well-known brands, including Samuel Adams, Truly Hard Seltzer, and Twisted Tea.

Starting in July, TeaPot will be available in a few Canadian regions as the company’s first cannabis infused beverage product. The brand made the announcement Monday.

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On Wednesday, May 18th, members of the Minnesota Senate blocked a vote on whether the state should legalize marijuana for recreational use.
An attempt by Democrats to pursue cannabis legalization legislation was rebuffed by the Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate. By a vote of 33 to 31, the chamber, dominated by Republicans, voted against the motion to consider the measure.

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Another exciting week of events across the global cannabis industry! Whether you are looking to network, learn, or relax, there is sure to be something to catch your interest!

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Snoop Dogg has tweeted that he is interested in purchasing Twitter.

The California rapper followed-up, outlining plans for the social networking site in the event that he were to acquire the platform.

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In an announcement, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said that the state’s first adult-use retail licenses will be made accessible to those who have previously committed crimes involving marijuana.

Individuals who have been convicted of a marijuana-related crime prior to legalization and also have expertise operating a small business will be offered this chance under the Seeding Opportunity Initiative.⁣

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Kashawn McKinley, Director of Constituent Services for Atlantic City, New Jersey suggests the city examine large-scale consumption locations, both indoor and outdoor.

“Cannabis is an entirely new industry that will be driven by conventions. Atlantic City needs special provisions to capitalize on this marketplace,” McKinley states.

Officials in Atlantic City are now discussing the possibility of opening cannabis consumption lounges in the city⁣.

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According to the Cannabis Regulatory Commission’s statement, the first round of retail marijuana licenses in New New Jersey will be distributed to “Social Equity Businesses, diversely-owned businesses, micro-businesses, and conditional license applicants.”

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Switzerland will execute its first adult-use recreational cannabis sales this summer through a pilot project. Swiss health regulators have approved a plan on Tuesday to test the sale and use of cannabis for recreational purposes in the city of Basel this summer.

Cannabis for recreational use is scheduled to begin in Switzerland this summer, but only as part of a restricted and supervised pilot experiment.

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Sacha Baron Cohen has filed a lawsuit against the cannabis company, Solar Therapeutics, for using Borat on a billboard. Solar Therapeutics’ had Borat featured on their 4/20 billboard, which was on display just outside of Somerset, Massachusetts.

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