I've kinda hit a wall with Dead Cells where I'm repeatedly dying in the same level and not getting any upgrades that are meaningfully improving my chances of clearing it. The progression up to High Peak Castle is so good and like, doled out at such an even pace that hitting a point of frustration here is really demoralizing.

Was talking about random stuff with Lena that ended with me bringing up kofun and they're cool

Nintoku's kofun is so huge you can see it from space and that's rad

I can't be a personality everywhere and extremely don't want to be, either.

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Getting a wave of follows so I should probably be clear that this is just a dumpzone for thoughts please don't expect any kind of real wit or hashtag-content here

i am very excited to leave this damp humid hellhole and be in seattle and cuddle my girlfriend for months on end thank you

I've launched an alternative to my two main Patreon tiers, available on Gumroad! This was requested from y'all after Patreon's many failings and I'm excited to start offering better solutions for everyone wishing to support me. <3


Anyways that's my late thought for the night.

They also do some pretty serious/less funny episodes here and there and they're actually really good? Like on paper the one where Brian dies sounds dumb as fuck but it's basically just half-setup, half-coping with loss in various ways and ends on one of the more genuine moments I've seen in a TV show.

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How do I talk about being up to season 12 of Family Guy from watching it every night for some time now and actually thinking that show is way better than the shit it gets thrown at it.

Like it's not amazing television by any means but it's MEGA low-frills and basically just an animated joke delivery system. A lot of them don't land/barely do but the ones that do give me a genuine laugh and that's more than I can say about like, modern Simpsons or anything.

I don't want to give Twitter the satisfaction of being experienced in 144hz it doesn't deserve it.

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What if I just... never installed or logged into Twitter on this new laptop. What if I stopped myself and only accessed Twitter from my phone from now on.

haven't watched anime in a real long time and i guess i'm getting back into it by deep-diving into Space Battleship Yamato 2199

God bless JP twitter for already figuring out a way to let ppl know if they're safe to follow you.

I'm going to assume mstdn.jp was linked in that ASCII article or something cuz it is crashing HARD.

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