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Erica June :underage:

God bless JP twitter for already figuring out a way to let ppl know if they're safe to follow you.

I'm going to assume was linked in that ASCII article or something cuz it is crashing HARD.

Judging by my JP Twitter feed there's been a significant amount of artists hopping onto Mastodon and that's rad. I hope they setup some kind of instance for art.

My breakfast was meat and chicken skewers and i guess my lunch is a single can of coke so wednesday's on a roll i guess

I don't know where all these follows came up from but hi and I apologise in advance for being a terrible person.

my new prints from @aurahack came In! now to decide where to put them up...

Who's your favorite Star Ocean protagonist mine is Gravis Gamepad

Continuing to be convinced that Twitter is actively trying to burn its platform to the ground so it doesn't have to worry about finding someone to buy them out.

Don't have to worry about maintaining the ship or its passengers if you just fuckin' sink it yourself.


If yr on android get Tusky and if yr on iOS get Amaroq

Masto On The Go~