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Erica June :underage: @aurahack

@edavies holy shit calm down i was just saying it'd be cool to have an instance for artists to post and share stuff

Extra giggles at that being : underage :

God bless JP twitter for already figuring out a way to let ppl know if they're safe to follow you.

I'm going to assume was linked in that ASCII article or something cuz it is crashing HARD.

@Gargron no i mean i made an acc there and that's cool



Judging by my JP Twitter feed there's been a significant amount of artists hopping onto Mastodon and that's rad. I hope they setup some kind of instance for art.

My breakfast was meat and chicken skewers and i guess my lunch is a single can of coke so wednesday's on a roll i guess

@jeffgerstmann make sure you don't your trapezoids shipped thru UPS i hear their drivers have got a hell of an attitude


I don't know where all these follows came up from but hi and I apologise in advance for being a terrible person.

my new prints from @aurahack came In! now to decide where to put them up...

Who's your favorite Star Ocean protagonist mine is Gravis Gamepad

I framed and hung some pictures by @aurahack on a wall!
Random sizes because I had to use whatever frames I could find/afford second hand. Worked out pretty well I think.