And the PayPal issue is still open without any reply.. What a terrible company

Did you know? You don't need to be a programmer to join the LibreOffice community, and The Document Foundation @tdforg. Everyone is welcome! Pulkit Krishna is helping out with marketing and documentation, for instance:

Anyone using app? If yes, how do you sync it and see in desktop? Any way?

Scientists rename human genes to stop MSoft Excel from misreading them as dates

#TheVerge #Excel

.@oensource has a great article on Nextcloud - how to build your own G-Suite alternative!

PeerTube aspires to be a decentralized and free/libre alternative to video broadcasting services.

Microsoft accused of sharing data of Office 365 business subscribers with Facebook and its app devs

Any DRM-free movie recommendations for me to check out?

Feel free to recommend audio shows too, but I've already got a decent listen-list of those...

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For my new followers: One thing I like to toot about are recommendations for DRM-free (audio) shows like Wolf359. I want to show that draconian copyright enforcement via proprietary software are unnecessary for top-notch entertainment!

I see this as a necessary knot to untangle for a software freedom future!

And besides, these shows fill niches I've seen some of you desire that the mainstream rarely fill.

I publish these recommendations to

its wild to me that even the act of learning has been turned into a "industry" from which capital is extracted

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Do you run your the web browser on your desktop maximised, fullscreen, or windowed?

Top 3 favourite GNU/Linux distros go!

Boosts highly encouraged! There's a twist with this one ;) #boostplz

PS: The twist has nothing to do with Linux or open source

Looking for a #FreeSoftware solution for editing and managing RAW photos?

Take a look at #darktable.

@avndp Chairman Mao Zedong and Dr. WEB Du Bois! Du Bois made a bunch of visits to China in the early 1960s; here's a more formal photo from the same event

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