The new Post UI will be rolling out later this week!

Some highlights:

- Tagged People
- New Reply UI
- Improved Comment Threading
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Profile preview cards
- Live Comment Mode

Next clone ideas:

— JioTok
— JioGram
— JioBook
— JioLink
— JioTwit
— JioPins

Did I miss anything?

What's the app/software that you miss on / that works only on MS ?

@josejfernandez @libreoffice @avndp I agree with this approach. Better phrasing would be along the lines of:

"This is the Community Edition of LibreOffice and comes with no technical support or services. If you or your organization wish to receive enterprise support as well as contribute to the further development of LibreOffice, please look at the products provided by LibreOffice Certified Developers(link to an actively updated list of them)."

This phrasing doesn't implicitly disallow non-personal usage of the free LibreOffice, indicates how much support that version gets (none), and points organizations to service providers that can support the product.

This underestimated the risk, she said, because in most buildings “the air-exchange rate is usually much lower, allowing virus to accumulate in the air”.

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If airborne transmission were shown to be a major factor, some experts have suggested it could be helpful to wear masks indoors, even in settings where social distancing is being enforced.

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I think it's time to discuss about the new direction intended by @libreoffice to build a restrictive / commercial /enterprise edition.

The expanse of blue, peaceful, placid flanked by hues of green calm the mind, rejuvenate the soul. Shared by a friend from the US.

Good Morning
My prayers are with you.
God Bless You Today & Always Abundantly.

So, sometime for music... this became very popular when it was 1st released and you could hear it playing everywhere, while everyone copied the dance moves...

Los Del Mar - Macarena

@viv @gemlog @Iwalkalone @wabbster @bumbleebee @Vishsai

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