@avndp I can't speak to LMDE because I don't know if they do things differently, but in Debian Stable the way you'd get new packages is by adding the backports repository for your release to `/etc/apt/sources.list`. backports.debian.org/Instructi

If the version of the software that you want is not in the backports repository, your choices are to package it yourself, wait until it makes its way into the backports, or the easiest way is to install the software using flatpak.

How do you install latest packages in or ?

For example, 2.10.20 of GIMP or latest LibreOffice ?

You can't add repos/ppas in LMDE right?

What's your favorite package manager?

In IT companies casual casteism is rampant, unless companies add caste based discrimination is against equal opportunity, treat them harassment in employee handbook and diversity issue, nothing will change. You’re approving the *discrimination*.

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This would really be a great feature for

One of the best things that Youtube has is the ability for community made subtitles.

I know there are a few ways to create subtitles (with some dedicated apps but nothing compares to Youtube's way).

I suppose this doesn't have to be a Peertube feature, creating a weblate like thing would be just as neat.

If you want to support the network, but don't have any money to donate to Framasoft or instances, you can still seed the videos you like.

See: framacolibri.org/t/participate

Yikes, a scary email phishing attempt for this person’s GitHub credentials. Shows how using a browser web extension for your password manager can help detect this by its autofilling.



Big Tech is the malady. Decentralization is the antidote.

Decentralize, and the advertizing model breaks down. Celebrities turn into mere jerks with over-inflated opinions of themselves. Facebook can only profit if it has billions of users locked in to its walled garden. Without centralization, existential threats become paper tigers.

Due to pressure from members of Congress & the public, Zoom will make end-to-end encryption available to ALL users, free & paid. 🙌

Look out for app updates & one-time opt in details, coming soon: blog.zoom.us/wordpress/

Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

KDE has migrated to GitLab! Most projects are now hosted on KDE's own GitLab instance located at


Read more about how it went and what it means for you at


Here's GitLab's blog post with more details on the move:


India's government banned 50 Chinese apps, which is a good thing to privacy. However, they haven't provide any alternative for social bubble addicted bored teenagers. Which will lead to censorship bypassing to access those privacy violating apps, how ironic.

Entries for the 2020 No-Budget Film Contest close on JULY 4th. There's still time to enter -- film nerds please share medium.com/@enkiv2/announcing-

Did you watch series? If yes, did you like it?

I've watched 4 episodes as of now and didn't really like it much. What about you?

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