I completely forgot that for three months of the year England is blanketed in tiny spiders.

The local timeline seems to be filling up with politics, especially American.

Seeing a mention of a "twenty-year-old programming language" and realizing that this means a language that didn't exist yet when I was in college

Every time I see the Onion's "No Way to Prevent This" article trending, I get a chill.

"Reader mode" is touted as a feature that web browsers gain support for, right alongside new CSS properties and faster JavaScript interpreters.

But it just shows how much of a failure web as a platform is in delivering an actually readable content and enojoyable experience — so much that browsers have to rip the content off the web pages and show it in their own clean & usable interface. Talk about web being the future.

Furthermore, you can and should shape the internet to your liking. This doesn't mean excluding opposing thought entirely, but there are professional outlets for that. Internet screamers will not enlighten.

There seems to be some controversy on here re: blocking. My thoughts? Block like crazy. I don't care why. No one (well, almost no one) has a right to your time and attention.

A sure sign the university students are back in town is the dramatic increase in unicycle traffic.

Did you know there was a C64 laptop? (Sort of.)

👋 Say hello to our newest family member, the Commodore SX-64! He’s saying hello to you!

My millennial coworkers are amused by my Amazon orders. Beard brush. A range of coin batteries for kid's toys. Lunch bag. No-show socks. Cable organizers. Replacement CO2 carts for my tire inflator. PARTY'S OVER HERE, FOLKS.

I made a duct tape wallet this weekend. It's silly, but I feel these days like I need to do a low-risk thing where I make something with my hands. No stupid web sites. No hammering things into my walls, where I can make holes.

I'm gonna make a notebook cover next.

Ah! Folks are helpfully tagging their posts with "swlisting", so a filter on that gets like 90% of the posts I want to hide.

Is there a way to filter out sex workers from my federated timeline? I don't begrudge them being there, but I need my timeline to be more SFW.

Unrelated to previous message, have you folks tried Zevia sweetened sparkling water with fruit essence? It's really good.

Basically...I'm exhausted. I hate getting in to arguments, or wanting to argue with someone. I hate being deluged with negativity. I hate being negative. And I don't want to cede that that's just how being on the internet is.

Hello, Mastodonians. I'm wondering: do you have a strategy for keeping up a high level of interaction with people on the web while keeping things pleasant and positive? Are there things/places you avoid or emphasize? What do you do to put your voice out there, but try to reduce negative and ultimately pointless arguments and interactions?

I'm a bit late on this, but my story, "The Observation Log of Ms. Grace McKillip, Retired" is now available free on the Brick Moon Fiction podcast.

The narrator, Sarah Golding, did a brilliant job of bringing my characters to life, resulting in a really special piece of work between the two of us.


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