"Copilot works so well because it steals open source code and strips credit"

In case you needed another reason to ditch GitHub and Microsoft! 🤬


FixPhrase – open-source, patent-free what3words alternative

‘Space bubbles’ between Earth, sun possibly could reverse destructive climate change, MIT researchers say... or

We could just stop destroying our environment and build better cities!


Record-breaking heat wave envelops much of U.S. and intensifies

{Insert $ThisIsFine Meme}


Article: Inside this Indian eco-school which proves sustainability can be stunning


Article: 5 Tips for Creatively Going Green With Your Business


Article: ‘It’s not all on you’: Billie Eilish appeals to Gen Z at her first-ever climate event


I knew the movie was bad but I wasn't prepared for how *bad* it was 🤣 For shame!

: ‘Corner Office’ Review: Jon Hamm Plays the Anti-Don Draper in a Surreal Workplace Satire

👆 This looks good 😊


: is all about power. You have more than you think.
Climate change is all about power. You have more than you think.


Fuck you, She'll. Sincerely yours 🤬

"Shell posts record profit on high energy prices and trading boost" while people can't afford to heat their homes or fill their tanks to go to work.


*these* (-ed) If only we had Elon Musk to buy Mastodon and give us an 'edit' button... ()

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Fuck! Somebody tax the hell out of this humanity destroying bastards. (yay! )

If you are coming over from Twitter: welcome. Oh, and parental guidance is advised on this side of the social sphere. Strong language ahead!

"ExxonMobil and Chevron posted surging first-quarter profits today. nytv.to/8BxyG"

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Have you mowed? I wish Milton Keynes Council would at least leave a strip of 'wild' instead of indiscriminately mowing down everything!

"Gardeners encouraged not to cut lawns in May"


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You should watch this and if you are not angry by the end, you should have a good look at yourself in the mirror: youtu.be/dDtLZ-l_ItE

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