Stop the fires in Brazil
Fed up with inaction? Worried you can’t make a difference? Let’s write to our MPs and get them to take action for us!

*Please share this post and leave a comment on the original post on Facebook when you have written to your MP/MEP*

The only way the catastrophic fires raging in the Amazon can be tackled is through a diplomatic effort applying pressure on Brazil’s

Optimising WordPress pages with minimal effort
This post serves as a bit of a mental note, hence the brevity. I know this is a hotly contested topic, so I'll keep it nice and to the point: here's my quick guide on how to optimising Wordpress (caveat emptor - your mileage may vary). Goals Serve Wordpress pages as quickly as possible Keep&hell[...]

“Worried about privacy? If you’ve been in a pub recently, you should be – because there’s a good chance Sam Amrani knows where, when and for how long...”

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