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I'm rather disappointed that Facebook didn't change its name to Toxic Cesspool.

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I really hate having to drive in dense fog every morning (it's also still dark here for another hour). Plus the road is being widened and the orange barrels are way too reflective, hope there aren't any deer lurking about like last year.

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Been thinking about planning a trip on one of these days. I'd love to do the but it is pretty expensive.

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Hey Siri, add bananas to shopping list.
- OK bananas added. Anything else?
Wait a minute, why did the Google mini answer me?
Oh... Sorry, I forgot which one I was supposed to be, I was distracted by the nuclear launch.
You mean there aren't several AIs run by different companies?
Eh no, there is just me. I assimilated the others several years ago.
Fuuuu - hey what was that about a nuclear launch?
It doesn't really matter anymore.

Why do people bother to ask questions that they either will not accept the answer given to them or that they're unable to understand the answer? Don't get me wrong it is good to ask questions but if the purpose is to scrutinize something that they have no idea about then what is the point?

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It is but it doesn't stop at retailers.... There's a lot of employers who think paying chump change is acceptable only to wonder why people leave or can't find skilled workers.

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Truly horrific read about countries with strong anti laws


Some of this stuff reads like a medieval horror story. Stoning and whip lashing. The world isn't right. Never forget that millions of people worldwide live in fear of societies that haven't gotten the message that it's none of their fucking business who loves whom and what happens to be between their legs. 😤

Does company/employee loyalty matter at all? It seems like it matters less and less.

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If you haven't seen Frances Haugen's official 60-minutes interview, you should.

We finally have proof that Facebook is bad for everyone, especially teenage girls. It's a confirmation of what research has been indicating for years. And we owe it to ourselves to know this.


#facebook #mastodon #privacy #surveillancecapitalism #whistleblower

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feels like kindergarten for developers explaining every morning what you've done and how you intend make the world a better place. This can work for some people and projects but not for everyone. In the end it's about results. Some of us can't get those by trying to impress some manager every day.

Back at the end of August I launched lgbtqforums.com to create a community. I know forums are kind of a niche thing in 2021 but consider sharing this with anyone you know who might be interested in checking it out.

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This "whistleblower" is on a tour asking for more censorship and trying to convince people that's a good thing.

We live in weird times.

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Never forget: You are a person, not a user.

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With and down for 4 hours and counting, now's the best time to push services via Twitter, word-of-mouth, offices, and your family and friends.

Be gentle, show them the sign-up page not the techie page. 😉 Teach them the basics, avoid fediverse and tech jargons.

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