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Cute Blue Tigershark

weird headspace stuff, dysphoria ment. Show more

Here's Winter, my beaky dragon boy :3

hell, Daggerfall was my first experience with the series as a whole

the only elder scrolls games i've ever played are Daggerfall and Skyrim

i feel less bad about developing that allergy to the estrogen patches

apparently it's actually pretty common

12 from 500 on twitter too

it's funny really


i'm a follower away from 100 here apparently

maybe I'll stick with a muted brown for Amber's eye color

I just need to decide on her eye color

any suggestions?

Love this bat girl I got from sorimori <3

Her name is Amber and she's a cutie

ahh the things I did on birdsite today

selfie, eye contact Show more

have i posted my dragon sona here yet?

cw: scopo Show more

apparently i already updated my age tho lmao