Hi, @sir. On your "Getting on without Google" article.

Do you ditched Google entirely, or create fake account to use their service?

If not, I'm curious on how you use Whatsapp, Uber/Lyft, services that depends on Google?

Btw, do you still use Amazon?

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@sir gogs.sr.ht doesn't seem to works anymore.

maybe you've moved everything into sr.ht?

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.@sir would you like to share the reason for using tilde in SourceHut? thanks.

@hallo what if we want to upgrade our system resource?

Let's say having 20GB.

I don't find any info here: manual.uberspace.de/basics-res

Thank you

.@sir thanks for the blog post.

Completed 8/10 of all the post. Motivated and got many new perspective.

Thank you for all your contributions to community.

@sir I always love your "X recommendation". Many of them are good, honest, FOSS companies that I never heard of, such us migadu for email service.

Any go-to recommendation for webspace-provider?

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