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This will be a very German dinner -.-

mastodon.social/media/v0gmThLY @peter i still don't understand why ppl kill flowers to enjoy beauty. 1 day flowers will strike back.

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Here's a prime example of Google's invasion of privacy:

Family vacation coming up and I'm emailed the details as an attached Word document. Nothing in the email itself or anywhere else.

Google take it upon themselves without my permission to not only add the vacation to my calendar, but also the hotel I'm staying at and with whom.

All this done automatically by way of scanning personal communication.

Is it 'convenient'? Perhaps, but consider the implications.

#privacy #Google #EULA

Some boulevard infoscreen in our tube called Johnny Depp's joke about killing a "bad joke". Didn't hear the joke, but how can it be a bad one if his son complains about it?

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@GinnyMcQueen Yeah Tumblr is going to get bad real fast now that Verizon's fully taken ownership

coding with @vmann - and he is FUKKEN ANGRY!
this can only mean that we're on the right track ;)

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So hey deleting Snapchat and Tumblr today.

What a time to be alive.

Help I am a social media "expert" with no social media. 😂

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@b3yond actually the long gap between spawns IS a big. There's supposed to be a minimum of one baddy on the screen at all times.

I'll take a look. Thanks!

at the in Z-Bau. My talk about went nice, now idling in the lounge and waiting for @vmann & @peter :P

Fellow europeans, if you want a democratic Europe, you should check out d25.community - this instance is focussed on , the initiative democratizing europe.

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Hey folks, so some of us are going to be Hamburg for our day of “constructive disobedience” at the G20 (diem25.org/event/diem25g20-con)

I’m arriving the day before (6th) and we were chatting with @Lea that it would be nice to have a little social get-together with anyone else who might be around. So pipe up if you’re nearby and would like to join :)

CC @JudithMeyer

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@Gargron You know I love you, right? :P

Thanks, as always, for the awesome work, Eugen! :)

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Yo yo yo!

v1.4.6 is released. I have not announced 1.4.4 and 1.4.5 (for a reason) so most will probably be upgrading straight from 1.4.3. For the full changelog, I do recommend looking through those two releases, but upgrade instructions are simple:


Notably, the "NSFW" button has been replaced with an eye icon for consistency, hashtag timelines now update in real time as they should, and spinny text is gone

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the most convincing model I came across is: 'do what you can, take what you need'
Organizing aound commons is there for my fav.
other models for transation:
- capitalism with mutual credit money, and community tockens (you know ?)
And I think the WIR currency in switzerland is also a mutual credit money...don't remember.

- In barcelona anarchists before communistst and then fashists took over where organized through worker unions.

- timebanks

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@paulfree14 Nup. Did you mean 'Patterns of Commoning' by Bollier and Helfrich? patternsofcommoning.org/

Just downloaded patternsofcommoning.org/

I hope I'll get to read it soon :)

@douginamug @Killervalentine3 I think I already have it on my hard drive ;) hopefully I'll get to read it soon!

@Killervalentine3 exactly. And who builds institutions like that? courageous, altruistic people with critical thinking, used to autonomy.

These are the kind of people needed for social change. Let's protect the social security of as many people as possible, so they can discover their strength, become such and contribute to these institutions. Let's build future.

@Killervalentine3 I'm not rejecting parliamentarism as a form of action - or dismissing corbyn & macron, they did a lot against fascism.

I'm just sad that voters lack courage, autonomy, critical thinking.... which would enable them to see who they are running to, and which forms of social organization could be better.

Today will be a day full of interesting discussions about the middle east conflict. *eyesroll*