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2 is released!

Ticketfrei is a mastodon/twitter/mail bot to dodge ticket controllers in public transport systems.

You can set up ticketfrei for your city at - reclaim your network!

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So I had this weird little idea... I think many people on would like it :)

I wrote a small concept, feedback and criticism would help me a lot!

It is a MMORPG about transforming capitalism to a solidarity economy...

Are you sure that you're an anarchist? Show more

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When I'm having my weak moments and just eat chocolate, I am hiding this from the non-vegans, but not from the vegans....

Morals are a weird concept

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I beg to differ.

Saying "humans were here first" is a too simple answer for the questions "who belong the streets to".

It depends who is older, the car or the human. Teenagers should not have right of way for honored oldtimers.

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Ich wünsche allen die dieses Wochenende bei @jugendhackt in Heidelberg sind viel viel Spaß und eine tolle Zeit!

Ich wollte ja eigentlich auch als Mentorin teilnehmen, aber dann ist mir doch was ziemlich unerwartet dazwischen gekommen.

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"You know humans will only tolerate us if we follow their rules," the vampire leader said.
"But it's fun, and edu-"
"Read the box."
"Um. Lego."
"4-99 years."
"You were made three hundred years ago. So stop it."
"This set only says 8+."
"Oh? That's fine."

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( • . •)
/ >:anarchism: u want this?

( • - •)
:anarchism:< \ smash capitalism first

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these haven't gotten enough attention when i posted them on tumblr 100 years ago

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1225 Buslinie 34 richtung Friedrich Ebert platz auch kontrolleure in uniform unterwegs. Also zusätzlich zum Fahrer. Anscheinend ziehen die heute durch Nürnberg

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Hey there!

In the northern hemisphere days are getting shorter and shorter.

Take your time to get outside and let the sun shine on you for a while.

It is important for your well being unless you have a medical condition that's against sunlight exposure.

15 minutes a day will help you to improve your mood and resilience against the coming gray and dark winter days.
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OH: Glückskekse, aber mit nem Streifen LSD-Pappen #wasfehlt

@nbg_ticketfrei u3 Richtung Nordwestring sind kontis in zivil. Höhe Friedrich-Ebert-Platz. schienen ganz nett zu sein lol

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