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So I had this weird little idea... I think many people on would like it :)

I wrote a small concept, feedback and criticism would help me a lot!

It is a MMORPG about transforming capitalism to a solidarity economy...

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All those intelligent sexists.

"I mistrust women and feel like they are not capable of stuff & decisions & all of that."

then they learn that sexism etc. is deemed pretty stupid, & their self-image is in danger: "whoah, I don't like women - but that's only for stupid people, isn't it?"

so finally they come up with quite an intelligent move:

"I'm not sexist, I just hate ALL people. So I can still think I'm intelligent & good, people just failed me."

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Aqu铆 encontraran mis experiencias. No soy ingeniera inform谩tica, ni t茅cnica, ni nada de esas cosas de computaci贸n, pero un d铆a me pregunte: 鈥溌縫odre instalar un linux en esta notebook vieja para que vuelva a funcionar?鈥 (porque windows dijo que aunque mi xp era original ya tenia que tirar mi notebook a la basura para comprar una nueva con su respectiva nueva versi贸n) 隆Y por supuesto que pude!
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puuuh. Extracting Tracebacks to send them via mail goes really deep into the python rabbit hole. >.<
learned a lot.

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This diagram is by far one of the most instructive I have seen on this topic of software errors.

饾殐饾櫡饾櫞 饾櫞饾殎饾殎饾櫨饾殎 饾櫚饾殔饾櫚饾櫥饾櫚饾櫧饾櫜饾櫡饾櫞

I wish it could gain some currency in the #softwaredevelopment world, and not just DoD systems engineers.

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I had a great time at #34c3
Thanks everyone for making this possible!

For next time, can we please have an team on the same level/quality/agency as the cert for dealing with cases around abuse and harassment? We need this.

#ccc #cccongress

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"If you have come to a planned ending and it doesn't seem to be working, run your eye up the page and the page before that. You may see your best ending is somewhere in there, that you were finished before you thought you were."

-- from Draft No. 4 (On the Writing Process), by John McPhee, page 60

perhaps with a connection to our writing in ?

@paulfree14 hey, are you at ? would be nice to meet you :) there is also the meetup currently going on iirc, but I'm not yet sure if I want to go

The session on had a nice hands-on session with the existing clients...
A nice effort to replace plaintext mail with encrypted mail.

Lots of interested ppl here :)

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Bei ChaosWest hing ein Banner mit "Meine Heimat, meine Liebe". Wir waren dabei, das Banner abgeh盲ngt wurde. Danke f眉r den Anrufer und den Hinweis. #34c3

Aren't we all a bit radical

I got the moral consciousness of a video game hero, so pls never give me any power, kk?

I'm not rly a fan of clothes

So excited that we'll finally have our round 2day :3

With @sid

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hey! if you're a trans person with bills to pay, hit up the Hypatia Software Org! they have a cash assistance and laptop distribution program that have helped me make ends meet 馃憤