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AGPL was a bold pick for the Mastodon license. It means that anyone running the software is obligated to share any changes they make with people who use it - even if all those changes are on the server side, and the users are just people who visit the site. This is much more restrictive than regular GPL, which doesn't count it as "distribution" people only access via the web.

Corporate entities are going to stay the hell away from any AGPL code. I guess that's the point.

If you're interested in hearing an album made with nothing but an outdated smartphone, check it:

Every bit of this was done on my phone. The tracks, the album art, the liner notes, even the upload to Bandcamp. Neat huh?

Feel free to download it for $0.00. I'm cool with it. 😊

#NASA Frontier Development Lab applications open 'til May 19!

The Frontier Development Lab is designed to pair space researchers and #AI industry experts to create innovative solutions to some of the most extreme challenges humanity faces: predicting #spaceweather, asteroid #planetarydefense, and #resourceallocation

Apply now:

#FrowbackFriday I spent 10+ hours on social media website fanart, so here's a revised version of that with a more general tagline.
(full size available on my website:

There are 81 instances with greater than 50 accounts.

Oh, hey! #SF #SouthBay #SanJose #BayArea Folks:
I'm going to be at The South Bay Conference on Gender (and video games) tomorrow. Maybe I'll see you there? #genvidcon

Let's try again, this time with feeling:

I may need an emergency commission made for me from today until Monday mid-day (CEST), I need it by 14.00 the latest.

It is banners and header for my Twitch channel.

My already commissioned artist has run in to some trouble, and may refund

My budget is $200.

If you are an artist and have time to help me within this timeframe, please send me a link to your previous work so I have a few to look at tomorrow.

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #twitch

Are hashtags in CW labels searchable? #testtagging Show more



@b_cavello Similarly, trying using the ☠️ to denote less active account instance usage (or maybe it should be a slumbering emoji?)
cc @b_cavello @b_cavello

@dBu_fs Ha! Sorry. It me. I just need to finish updating all my profile stufffff

more info:

@nic_olenomicon Ugh. I bet. I don't drink, so I find "optional" functions like that pretty stressful. It's not your job to be friends, if they're not willing to do the work to level and be friendly

i wish i had my baby teeth back. those were the good 90s teeth

Food $200
Data $150
Rent $800
Twitter alternatives $3,600
Utility $150
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying

im an anti-vaxxer: i stronly believe that 'vaxxine' is not the correct way to spell 'vaccine'