I can't believe I've spent my whole day drawing social media platform fan art.
:joy: :sob: :sweat_smile:

@b_cavello That is bloomin' gorgeous and cute. And also great skill. Thank you!

@dBu_fs Aw, shucks! Thank YOU! I so much appreciate your kind words

@b_cavello will you make a version with a copyright of it? Tempted to use it as my banner in Twitter ;-)

@dBu_fs go for it!
I don't know what creating a version with a copyright of it means 😅

@b_cavello my mistake, sorry!
If I were to use your picture as a banner, a) I'd want to declare your authorship, as a respect thing and also as a "look, there's good stuff, check out B!" but also b) if I use other people's stuff they may get snarky that it was not meant to be used thus. So in that picture you could include (as subtle or as loud as you prefer) your name and a date, or a link to you? Or you could embed one of these, if you prefer: creativecommons.org/choose/

@dBu_fs ohh!
I see! Thanks so much for explaining that out for me. I did already subtly credit myself on the Fediverse patch, but it is certainly appropriate to be more official with it so folks can share. I will work on that!

@ultimape yes yes yes!
I was just talking about this, too: mastodon.social/@dBu_fs/149243
I'll try to formalize it a little, but you're definitely welcome to.
I ought to add it to my website, but if you wanna link: bcavello.com

@b_cavello OMG ! Can I use it on my blog post about how to join and use Mastodon ?

@Alda GO FOR IT!
It'd be cool if you credit (B Cavello), but honestly do you.

@b_cavello Hi ! Can I put this on my blog ? I am writing a post explaining how to install a Mastodon instance :)

@angristan Yes, go for it!
It would be cool if you credited me (N Cavello/bcavello.com), but feel free to share 💖🔥

@angristan Is your post in English?
It occurs to me that it may be better if the text is translated for folks.

@angristan Also I totally typoed my own name: B Cavello / bcavello.com

@b_cavello It's in french. I don't think it's really necessary because it's basic english ^^

@b_cavello sorry to nag - still loving it, still unsure about using it without attribution of sorts in the image :-)

@dBu_fs Just realized I missed this and maybe didn't link??
Wondering if there's a way to maybe put some kinda attribution on the version embedded in the /about pages without it being too forward...
cc @Gargron would that be cool?

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