Revisiting the "Algebra Driven Design" book, this time trying to dig through the bibliography. If you have time and interest for a 2 hour and 20 minute talk, Conal Elliot's "Denotational Design: From Meanings to Programs" is pretty awesome:

It's absolutely insane that in the current climate of crazy complex architectures and 3rd party services running your code that I never see "fast iteration time" or "can test and run 100% locally" as selling points on Hacker News or Lobsters.

Simplicity of development and iteration is the main thing that makes me excited to work on my projects and dread working on work. Maybe I just need to get as far away from "the enterprise" as I can.

ultimate stress relief: crank that volume and randomly click on parts of

Daydreaming of going back to being a digital nomad. It's been long enough that I have to remind myself of how lonely of a lifestyle it is.

Yo hardware people: Is there such thing as a laptop that explicitly has long term support and will be manufactured for a while? Or is that basically just not a thing?

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Every other line is like "well...huh, yeah I guess there are alot of songs about buses and horticulture". It's like a little index of topics humanity cared enough to write a song about.

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so, for over 4000 years the people of south-east/east europe tended to burn their villages about every 70-80 years?

very odd. why did they do that? nobody knows.

To be clear, "control flow" is wrong...I just can't think of a better word for higher level generic constructs like that yet.

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Is there a word for based control flow? Like a way to group/describe higher level constructs like deduplication, round-robin, rate limiting, etc.

I need to somehow explain and expose these concepts to non-technical people and it seems like that'd be way easier if I could name the grouping of the constructs in a way that kick-starts some intuition.

I'm six minutes into Tenet and this is already the most absurdly Christopher Nolan thing I've ever seen.

Look, I really like Rust...but every so often I come across a trait + function that's so impenetrably generic to enable some kind of crazy compile-time resolution magic that it makes me homesick for Go.

At least in Go 3 levels of indirection just means following the chain to 3 different places and not evaluating some intersection of possible type resolutions in your head.

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Handling tuple literals? Okay, that's pretty cool, rust-analyzer.

Has anyone used Pomodoros as a unit of measurement? It seems like I might be better at estimating that something will take 2 sets of 4 pomodoros (+ breaks) than estimating it'll take 5 hours. Since the working style is pretty strict, it also seems like you'd be able to correct it as you go/get feedback on accuracy.

Trying to model character desire in a narrative sense for my procgen cartoon generator. I've settled on a literal stack, where each element is a requirement. The ultimate goal being to have an empty stack.

ie: For Dorothy to get home, she must pop each requirement off the stack in order: ["Go Home", "Ask the Wizard of Oz for help", "Travel to the Wizard"].

Twists/character development might nned a pop+push to change focus or alias.

Can anyone think of a story/character where this doesn't fit?

My life decisions are getting stranger and less certain and I don't think this is financially sustainable in any way, but dammit I'm happy. Take that quarter-life crisis.

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WOW. No words. WOW.
Tetris implemented using a custom toolchain (+ attempted GCC backend!) on a custom architecture on a custom wire design on top of OTCA metapixels. What in the French-fried fuck.

My sister and I have an Easter tradition for when we're stuck with family. We secretly agree on a list of phrases beforehand, and whoever can work the most into conversation around the dinner table wins.

Turns out this is even better over awkward family zoom because we can message the next one they have to do in real time instead of a static list.

It's her turn and she's struggling with "cutest cooperative colon."

Finally watched Chernobyl, and it's as good as everyone said it was. Feel vindicated, all you throngs of friends who recommended it.

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