It's totally irrational, but I feel like I immediately trust UIs with a side nav more than UIs with a topbar nav.

Of course that's just for tooling...if it's for a website then go nuts. Floating bottom right triangle nav you control with the Q, G, and 8 keys ftw.

I think I finished melancholy music. Like all of it. Good.

Building a thing that crunches logs but need to know what formats are most important to support first. If you run a production service what format do you use for logging?

Masto only gives me 4 options so replies with alternatives are super welcome.

chrono's such a good crate. It's nice to have well thought out libraries to depend on.

In a gold rush sell shovels, in the enterprise sell paint for bike sheds.

Hey / fedi, I know there must be hundreds of these but I'm having trouble finding them:

Anyone know a simple log visualizer where if my app logs metrics out in a certain format I can just scp down the log file and see pretty graphs about what's happening? I don't wanna go full APM or run an ingest server or use a SaaS or anything....just want the option to see spikes if I'm looking into something.

I have no idea why this is hard to find. This has to be super common.

Let's skip the next phase of Marvel movies and just have a full-budget remake of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

Honestly, maybe this is what beautiful prolog turns into. Not sure what large scale production prolog even looks like.

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Are there programming languages that use something like an Ontology Language in place of (or extending) a type system?

It seems like giving a direct way to model a "domain" instead of having people hack it into a type system that cares mostly about mechanics would be a huge win.

Tbf the concept is so general that it doesn't really _mean_ much without an implementation...but maybe someone's done work in that space?

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Tektronics vector terminal (made with #inkscape and

I type so much now that my handwriting has atrophied. I can write legibly or I can write quickly, not both. That's why this notebook paper looks like an ink covered cat had a seizure on the page.

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To the horrified spectators watching me pile more things onto a single sandwich: "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. I lived through the Lunchables era."

It's that time of year again.
Where I rediscover Rails and become acutely aware that we didn't have to make web development painful. That it doesn't require 3+ differing specialities to make a login box and text appear on a page.

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My fun project has been sustaining my need for fun for so long that it probably needs to recharge it's fun batteries.

Because of this, I shall find a new temporary fun project. Somehow.

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