I'm really gonna miss Harmontown when it's over.

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♲ @antirez@twitter.com: I suspect that many of us that love very simple languages, are more interested in the overall design, and less in the more local aspects: if you have such view, language complexity looks just an enemy that makes the code more complex.

If you ever want to expose me as the imposter I am, hand me 15 pages detailing health insurance plans and tell me to pick one.

Simplicity wins again. As long as performance is ok with large amounts of data, a struct of arrays with some idiosyncratic access patterns seems to be the way to go.

As always though, only time and benchmarks will tell.

I'm not used to memory being my constraining resource. My go-to datastructures aren't really ideal here and I'm "at the drawing board" which is fun and challenging. People who work in different fields would just know a couple good paths offhand though.

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If I have ever held any sway with you, I'd like to use it to ask that you please, please be kind to other people.

Thank you.

Naming is the hardest part of starting. For some reason it doesn't feel real unless it has a name.

Setting up a Pleroma or Masto instance for those who primarily want to interface with people through their projects ("thinking about doing x", "look at the y I just made!", "learning to z!", changelogs/progress notes, etc.)

Can anyone think of a good domain/name for it?

Maybe I took the "avoid the hedonic treadmill" thing a bit too far.

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Honestly if anyone's gonna solve the impossible programming problem of the century, it's not gonna be a silicon valley startup looking to optimise their subscription-based ingredient delivery service, it's gonna be the guy who makes dwarf fortress because one day he decided to try and implement something like randomly generated recessive genetic disorders in sheep

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Just saw The Lighthouse and omg that was so stressful. Amazingly made movie, but holy woah that was so much more tense than I ever expected. Psychological horror done so well!

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It's November, which means it's National Novel Generation Month, where people write code that writes a novel!

I would love to see more beginner programmers participate, so I just wrote a blog post that highlights some very simple novel generators that were made last year.



Signed up for a Coursera course and plan to do it exactly as they suggest: intently watch the 6 minute introductory lesson and then forget to ever log into Coursera again.

favorite thing about masto is that favorites aren't conflated with boosts. that means i can run around favoriting everything and making it rain tiny dopamine hits on all you lovely people.

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Here's a flow chart of how the fediverse works.

You don't ever see all of the fediverse from one instance. The vast majority of what you see is people followed by people on your instance.

Hashtag searches are limited to that, too.

So if you want to make your bit of the fediverse good, you have to:

1) Boost cool stuff to all your followers on other instances, especially if they contain hashtags;

2) Use hashtags.

#mastodon #meta #FAQ

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I wonder if this is going to work... TECH! NONSENSE! CAPS! FOLLOW ME AND BOOST! 😋

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