Why is it 88 degrees in Florida right now? It's February. Down here taking care of a covid long-hauler family member and I'm _melting_ just doing normal errands.

I don't wanna write an "app" for your app store with all this crazy boilerplate and specific quirks just so you can control integrations...I literally just wanna consume a couple webhooks :(

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Congratulations to Perserverance, the latest Mars rover! Just touched down!

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you are now aware of en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedi
It "describes a variety of simple clues one can use to determine what language a document is written in with high accuracy." Interesting.

TIL when making bagels you literally boil the dough in water.

Still the best "turn it on and hack" song ever. It's the Ravel's Bolero of Electronica. youtube.com/watch?v=Wr_wFh46V7

Does "ambassador" have a special meaning in cryptography or networking? I'm seeing it as a variable name all over this codebase with zero comments or context. Search engines just getting confused.

I feel like I'm 1 quick feedback loop away from being human right now. Too bad those are so hard to come by.

Couldn't control my ps4 from my computer because the USB sockets for both were for Hosts not devices (like the controller). Turning my raspberry pi zero (which has a USB that works as a device) into a forwarder so I can send HID reports from my computer to the pi over tcp, and have it forwarded to the ps4. Seems like it's gonna work.

1) Introduces extra latency and feels hacky but should be fine?

2) Amazing I couldn't find a piece of hardware to do this.

My god USB seems to be a mess. Are all hardware protocol specifications like this? Tbf, it's the first time I've really dove into it so maybe I'm just unfamiliar.

Those who think happiness cannot be found in objects have never owned a panini press.

Just did in 3 hours on Rails what I did in 2+ days w/ a Rust API and Vue. It's not the right tool for everything, but I miss the boilerplate crushing goals and ecosystem of Rails when it comes to standard web apps.

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When a speaker of a particular language is confronted with something they don't understand they will use another language as a stand in for the part they don't understand, such as an English speaker saying "it's all Greek to me". This process creates a directed acyclic graph of unintelligibility.

You always wonder why Taco Bell opens at 8am until you wake up CRAVING whatever a Quesarito is.

Just got nerd sniped a bit. Anyone have a favorite resource explaining how Human Interface Device Classes over USB works?

I may not know what you're talking about, but I sure know the keyboard finger-waggings needed to get it to work.

async/await creep is the most frustrating thing I run into on a daily basis. I just wanna keep things simple, but once one thing is async _everything_ is. 🙃

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