Taking a 2 week break from social media (fediverse, reddit, lobste.rs, hn, youtube, etc...). If I don't respond, it's because I have all notifications turned off. See y'all later.

I need a set of tests for external clients to run against to prove they conform to a spec. I've been calling them "integration tests", but is there a better word for it? I'm not testing my software as much as creating an automated spec checker for other people's software.

woah, microgram precision scales are expensive

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Portland unemployment rates by neighborhoods 

That very clear line down the middle is 82nd Ave. West of 82nd is considered "close-in" and part of the hip part of Portland. East of 82nd is the only affordable areas of the city left that populations that have been displaced due to gentrification have moved to

btw, new temporary cool thing obsession: Process Mining.

Only a few hours in, but Ghost of Tsushima just seems...kinda boring?

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Fediverse admins with significant amount of media (images) hosted on your instances;

I am doing some preliminary research for hosting an instance of my own fediverse software and am curious where do you all host media files, how many GBs approximately, number of users on your instance and what's your monthly cost?

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Found another subject with no learning material between "import the python library" and "learn the conventions of 3 unrelated mathematical fields so you can read the first paper".

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@badtuple This also is related:... Life cycle analysis databases have GUI frontends for tracing manufacturing, byproducts, etc. lcacommons.gov/lca-collaborati

I wish I could see a stack of the raw materials that went into some of the things I consume. Not just ingredients. Like for my energy drink, what goes into isolating the b12+niacin? What's discarded from however they extract the caffeine and flavoring? What reagents and discharge is left over from those processes?

I have to think that my energy drink is basically untenable/unreasonably expensive unless it's made in huge quantity via industrial processes.

Exhaustion, guilt, and juggling the mutli-apocalypse 

The world needs to stop falling apart so I can take a break. With all the protesting and juggling the 9 current apocalypses I haven't been able to just relax and hack on something fun in so long. And when I feel myself wanting to prioritize that I just feel guilty because it's selfish when everything else effects other people.

The fact that it's a fantasy about "starting one" and not "joining one" is probably a huge hint that I shouldn't do either.

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Dept of Homeland Security has issued orders to restrict the air space over #PDX from July 16 thru Aug 16.

location - Portland, Oregon near BATTLE GROUND VORTAC (BTG) from the ground up to 1000 feet

reason - Temporary flight restrictions for Special Security Reasons


The fences are ours now. We have adopted the fence.

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Portland, OR. Federal violence. 

Federal officers who do not have badges or answer to local authorities and state officials have been found in Portland Oregon, pulling protesters into unmarked vans.

Today the Acting Homeland Security Secretary released an extremely scary letter condemning protesters as lawless anarchists destroying the city.

I am fucking terrified.


Welp, incase people outside the city haven't heard: Portland is getting setup for a federal crackdown. Acting DHS is already in the city, and military vehicles are being driven in. Straight up AMAZED this isn't at the top of news aggregators.

It occurs to me I should just ask: Anyone know of a declarative language for describing subgraph structure and constraints?

There must be many, I just haven't sifted through the results/research to find them.

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