If you or your company rely on curl, consider a support contract. While I enjoy spending my spare time on this, actually getting food on the table is a cool concept! wolfssl.com/products/curl/

"HTTP/3 in curl" is a two hour tour into HTTP/3, QUIC, how to build curl to use it, how to tell curl to use it and a quickie on how the code for it is setup. Enjoy: youtu.be/dKT3vlIw6bQ

Join me tomorrow at 09:30 CEST in my live-streamed presentation and deep-dive "HTTP/3 in curl". More and deeper - with room for your questions. twitch.tv/events/pRL5VNA0Q42mT

Oracle shipped nine security fixes to curl yesterday: linux.oracle.com/errata/ELSA-2 - fixes we announced in **2016**. We've announced several more problems after that for the version they ship...

I'll stream "curl development with Daniel" this Friday on twitch, 9:30 am CEST twitch.tv/events/OevhwygOSjSkM - I'm open for your questions and suggestions otherwise I'll go bugfixing, pull request janitoring and perhaps some HTTP/3 work?

I'll be speaking at FullStackFest in September, in 🏖 Sitges, Barcelona! Come join me and a bunch of actually cool speakers there!

Get yourself a 15% discount with the code BAGDER.


Just a little over a month left now...

Over three days in September. you can enjoy 17 awesome speakers - and me - at Full Stack Fest 2019.fullstackfest.com/ just outside Barcelona, Spain. I'll tell you exactly what HTTP/3 is, how it works and why it is coming.

"The annual #curl user survey 2019 ran for 14 days and ended a while ago. I’ve spent a good deal of time summing up the data, making graphs, tables and creating a document out of what I’ve learned." https://daniel.haxx.se/blog/2019/06/04/curl-user-survey-2019-analysis/

In 48 hours, on June 5th, we'll ship curl 7.65.1. "Just a bunch of bugfixes".

We shipped curl 7.65.0. Two security fixes, 119 bug-fixes by 50 contributors (24 new!) in 56 days. daniel.haxx.se/blog/2019/05/22

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