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You're a (big) libcurl user and want to tell us about how that is? I would love to have you come to curl up on June 6 and tell us/me your experiences with cons and pros and what you'd like to see next.

If that seems too much, maybe just meet me that week and tell me to my face?

On August 23, I will do a talk about "everything I know and learned about running and maintaining OpenSource projects for three decades" you know, like my uncurled book:

Feel free to join me then by signing up below.


Daniel’s weekly report July 1, 2022
release, libproxy, podcast, curl up, websockets

On July 1st 2017, exactly five years ago today, the OSS-Fuzz project “adopted” curl into their program and started running fuzz tests against it.

curl 7.84.0 inside every box 8 changes, 123 bugfixes, 4 security advisories, by 51 contributors done in 47 days.

Daniel’s weekly report June 23, 2022
national holiday, websockets, release (oops)

Daniel’s weekly report June 17, 2022
websockets, REUSE, analysis, URLs, podcasts

I totally missed to celebrate the 24th anniversary of curl's -A option the other day. Used for decades to "impersonate" browsers and more. Fist shipped in curl 4.5.1, June 12 1998.

Daniel’s weekly report June 10, 2022
curl up, websockets, survey, feature freeze, release date, security

New HTTP core specs - the four of the new RFCs that I will probably refer to the most going forward

.netrc pains - there's no .netrc standard or spec, which makes everyone solve the problems differently and interop suffers. I patched curl's 24 years old parser code...

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