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Welcome to curl 7.78.0

We did more bug-fixes than in any previous release (176). We paid more in bug-bounties than during any previous release cycle (4,200 USD) and we thank more contributors in the RELEASE-NOTES than ever before (83).

My son Gabriel just finished his infosec education programme and is looking for work:

Thrilled to be on this week's episode of @GitHub's ReadME podcast: "curl: 25 years and 200 releases later"

I wish mastodon's web UI did "proper" threading and conversations similar to how tweetdeck works, then I would use it a lot more...

@tykling @lattera @MacLemon can you folks check if your expectation for how curl would work in practice actually change after the patch in question?

I don't see any difference. Are you misunderstanding where/how the kernel munging is visible? Or do you have a very different jail setup? would be great if you can add your specific jail setup and if/how it breaks with this patch against latest ports ftp/curl.

@bagder "but will it curl?"

I often speak about the perils of doing design decisions on my own without feedback. Flogging me on social media is easy - but where were your constructive feedback when I asked for it and discussed it in the proper curl dev forums?

Giving away an insane amount of stickers - I asked. You responded. I intend to deliver on my promise. This is where we are.

curl 7.77.0 "200 OK" - - Including three security fixes. Go get it.

Live-streamed release presentation on twitch coming at at 08:00 UTC:

Tomorrow I will launch the curl user survey 2021 with a bunch of questions to users to learn what you think about curl, its future and its features. This annual procedure is really the best and only way we have to get feedback from users at a wider scale.

"I could rewrite curl" - Collected quotes and snippets from people publicly sneezing off or belittling what curl is

curl -G vs curl -X GET: - One of my most voted stackoverflow answers moved over to me for safekeeping

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