HTTP/3 Explained is now available in English, simplified Chinese and Japanese: - who will bring the 3rd translation and to what language?

The protocols aren't done and there's no browser shipping h3 support yet, but I give you... HTTP/3 Explained!

#TIL that #Vim can open URLs. It's relying on #cURL to do so.

...Which is a bit unfortunate. At least for me. After all I am a wgetarian. *ba-dum-tshh* @bagder

TIL: #curl supports the #HAProxy PROXY protocol for HTTP via --haproxy-protocol (added in 7.60.0)

The registration for curl up 2019 is open! - curl history, present and future plus lots of those internet protocol deep dives.

curl and libcurl are NOT vulnerable to the recent libssh flaw CVE-2018-10933:

@bagder every time I interacted with you relating to curl you were always respectful and considerate. It’s not just that you added a major contribution to the open source software base that we rely on, but that you’ve done it while remaining a positive person.

Thank you for that!

Super thrilled that Dropbox stepped up almost immediately and added 32768 USD to the bounty fund!

the project bug bounty for security flaws: join as a sponsor or as reporter and help us reinforce Internet clients everywhere!

How to receive a HTTP/2 server push with libcurl, in less than 200 lines of code? Check out

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