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my twitter account is yet again under attack and I can't login today...

as a *developer* (of anything at any capacity) - what info do you miss or find hard to get about curl? (considering a new "dev-focused" website/entry)

The curl web infrastructure - this is how we maintain and run the curl web site. Now at 11 TB per month.

My twitter account has been restored. It was hijacked for 45 hours.

Now I have very sad series of DM response left in my account from poor people who were scammed and lost money due to the tweets my hihacker sent...

No word on how it was done.

while blocked from twitter, I made us another curl graph. Number of known vulnerabilities in releases

Friends, my twitter account has been hijacked and is now spewing crap. I've reported it and I've done all I can to get it back but I'm still waiting...

showing error messages is tricky when doing many transfers in parallel and some of them fail. Ideas on how to improve this in curl?

if I could tweet now, I would say something about the work on gophers for curl. TLS for gopher:

This is how I git - a peek behind the curtains of my every day git use when doing curl development.

Everything curl in Chinese - the first book I ever got published (by a publisher) and it comes in a language I can't read...

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