Super thrilled that Dropbox stepped up almost immediately and added 32768 USD to the bounty fund!

the project bug bounty for security flaws: join as a sponsor or as reporter and help us reinforce Internet clients everywhere!

How to receive a HTTP/2 server push with libcurl, in less than 200 lines of code? Check out

reminder: curl fans and hackers hang out in the IRC channel on freenode. Join us for more fun!

That is awesome list of stickers on your laptop.

By the way, hi hacker, Daniel 😆



I'm experimenting a little and you will occasionally see different content here than what I post on twitter

Its really cool to see the creator/developer of curl on the fediverse, the same fediverse that relies on curl.

@bagder thanks for all your hard work!

we''ll ship a brand new curl release tomorrow to cheer everyone up!

One hundred and forty. Days. And not a word. Clearly they must be working their asses off on my visa application...

At 125 million players, Fortnite probably enters the top-10 list of users with curl in most installations.

Fortnite is using libcurl. Is there a credit/ending screen or somewhere in-game where it says this? If so, can anyone make a screenshot for me? (for a presentation of mine)

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